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Both these provide quick access to people who can be paedophiles or those who try to get money. Even adults can be lured into such traps and it becomes much easier when it comes to children. One of the first steps towards monitoring the usage of the Internet is for the adults to learn about the basics of computers. One should know basic tasks like checking the Internet history in a computer or tablet, setting up applications that would automatically monitor the same, setting up limitations that would prevent a child from using Internet beyond a certain period. Earlier, one used to visit a professional in order to learn the basics of using a computer but it is now possible from the comfort of. There are several videos that would guide an assuming adult into a confident person when it comes to tracking the usage of their children. There may be occasions when the children can be quite cunning and find ways to overcome the limitations. Yet, adults have to be one-step ahead.

Once an adult steps into the situation, the problem can stop almost immediately. Even if it does not, then the adult can take further steps like informing the authorities about the person causing trouble. The Internet has the potential to induce addiction problems in a child, as it has become a common background for various kinds of drugs. Unlike policing that can be done on the streets, Internet policing is quite difficult. This lends an easy option for those trying to sell harmful substances, as children are less aware of the same. Ways to monitor Usage of Internet. Thankfully, the digital age has also provided adults with plenty of avenues to monitor the Internet usage of a specific person. This can be done with or without the knowledge of the person concerned. Adults should resume be made aware of the presence of such facilities in order to start tracking or monitoring the usage of their children. While a child may get access to the Internet for the purpose of a school project, it is quite possible that they may get deviated along the way and end up spending time in some of the darker areas of the web. Online chat rooms and social networking sites are some of the common areas where children could be lured into the dark area.

argumentative essay on sports injuries

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This may involve changing aspects like the email address or the phone number. Steps can also be taken to improve the safety of the child at home through means like beefing up the locks. It is also advisable to inform the local policing authorities in order to prevent further misuse by mom the stranger/strangers. The Internet has become a huge hunting ground for paedophiles. Online harassment is also a common issue faced by children on the Internet. It is possible for a child from the junior high school to face harassment from their seniors. Even though the bullying may seem like harmless fun, it has the potential to have a drastic impact on the childs thought process. Such bullying and online harassment also have the potential to escalate even further into actual physical trouble for the child.

argumentative essay on sports injuries

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Steps to take at the sign of Trouble. Trouble through Internet can escalate quite quickly and it is essential for parents to monitor and identify the same as soon as possible. Even though parents should always believe that their children are safe on the Internet, it is essential to keep an eye on the activity. This helps in making reviews instant help if signs of trouble occur. As stated above, that can be plenty of situations that can transfer into a dangerous entity for a child, who is actively using the Internet. One of the first areas of concern is an interaction with a stranger on the Internet, as a child can give away potential data like their location or phone number. There is a significant possibility of the stranger using such information in order to gain monetary, physical, or other forms of advantage over the child. If such activity has been detected, it is important for the parents to change the data as soon as possible.

Since the Internet has every possible content right from educational videos to pornographic content, it is up to the adults to monitor the usage of children on the Internet. If they are trying to hide their Internet usage patterns or even the screen, then it is an obvious sign of trouble. Areas to concentrate in such conditions are the Internet history, which will reveal information about any personal conversations or the kind of websites that they are visiting each day. Depression, the child may be quite happy when they are allowed to use the Internet, but they can become quite depressed when access is restricted. This is a sign that their Internet activity needs to be monitored, as these children are on the verge of addiction. Most parents are under the assumption that the Internet only has pornographic content that may be harmful to children, but there are individuals who try to take advantage of unassuming children into deep trouble. Such individuals may try to take advantage of these children over an extended period of time through regular contact. Once that contact has been taken out of the window, it may lead to depression. This is a strong sign of online trouble for a child.

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argumentative essay on sports injuries

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Signs of Bad Internet Impact amongst Children. There are some obvious signs of a child who has been badly affected by Internet without their knowledge. It is advisable to act immediately in length order to bring the child back to the real world. Some of the top signs are: Excessive time Spent on the computer. One of the immediate signs that a child is being hit by Internet trouble is spending excessive amounts of time on the computer.

Specifically, they would be browsing various sites at many times over the course of the day. Even though these sites may not appear to be harmful, superficial looks can be deceiving. Most of the common sites like google and Facebook take up a lot of data from the user and turn them into tools for advertising. Over the course of an extended period of time, this can have a decisive impact on the spending habits of the child. Secretive use, it is advisable to let a child access the Internet, but there is a sign of trouble when the child is demanding the secretive use of the same.

Loss of health. Theft of belongings or identity. The Internet is a place where a child can come across every form of individual and this even includes those who try to take advantage of the weak. Since the Internet is a place of few restrictions, such individuals roam around freely seeking belongings or identity. The latter can even happen in the form of popular businesses, which tried to take the information submitted on the Internet and create a digital map of an individual. Children can be exposed to paedophiles, who are increasingly taking the route of Internet in order to achieve their quest.

Addiction, since there is almost every form of information including entertainment available on the Internet, it is possible to spend hours together without finding the need to get a change. Everything from text to high-definition videos are available at the click of a button, thus making the Internet as the hotbed for entertainment content. However, addiction to the Internet can have a damaging effect on a childs social skills, as they would interact less and less with real people. Loss of health, this is a particularly damaging issue that does not show its ugly head straight away. Instead, constant browsing can have a crippling effect on the eyesight of a child, who has a lot of years ahead of them. There is also a significant contribution by the Internet to the growing obesity rates across the world, as more people are becoming couch potatoes rather than having the chance to go out and get some physical exercise. Even though the impact of Internet on a childs health may not be apparent straight away, the consequences can be damaging over the long-term.

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Unlike a couple of decades ago, children are now exposed to the digital age. They are capable of doing things like handling an ipad and going through the different options better than adults can. The Internet has made the situation possible, but it also throws up several reflects that need to be avoided. Obviously, adults can be guarded about this element and the same cannot be said about children. Growing Concerns about Internet Use, the Internet is now the default source when it comes to finding information on any other aspect in life. However, this can also throw up several issues. These pdf are some of the common issues that anyone using the Internet may face: Theft of belongings or identity, addiction.

argumentative essay on sports injuries

The digital age has been quite influential, as it has helped humans go to the tihar next level. Today, almost everything has become digital and this has made it easier to do stuff. Time is of the essence and going digital makes it possible for anyone to complete a task across anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. The Internet has been a key part of this period, as it has become the go-to place for every kind of information. Perhaps, one could say that the digital age began with the Internet. While there are many positives about the Internet, there are also some pitfalls just like in any other aspect of our life. Adults are mature enough to be able to handle the different extremes thrown up by the Internet, but even this may not be true under all situations.

the argument made by the opponent and putting together the writers idea. Refuting other Arguments, the process of rebuttal is already underway and the success of the same depends on the strength of the examples and facts provided. For example, it is easy to recommend that consumption of a specific kind of meat can be bad for health. However, this argument does not help refute opposing arguments unless it is backed by a strong example or data. This may come in the form of a scientific research, which shows that the meat is harmful to health. Conclusion, every great essay has to end with a great conclusion. Reinstating the primary points of the article and even coming up with more evidence will strengthen the essay even further. Essentially, the article happens to be a summary of the argument. Argumentative essay example #1, internet for Children and the need to monitor Their Use.

Just as furnishing the statements and facts, the selection of topic is a key factor in the success of an argumentative essay. It is possible to dive into a large selection of topics that cover elements like news, morality, and even ethics. The essay has a tendency to succeed when the readers can easily relate to the topic. Coming up with the Explanation, the explanatory section is where the writer comes up with his or her own ideas or opinions regarding the topic. Here, the writer may be required to take a stance and it is imperative to stick with the decision throughout the content. If there is a sign that the writer is not 100 sure with the position, it may lead to consistency issues later on in the essay. The ideas or opinions from the writer alone are not going to help make the essay stand on its own. Instead, a strong set of examples need to be provided in order to back good up the claims made by the writer.

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A lot of william people are usually stuck and lost for words when it comes to an argumentative essay. However, this happens to be one of the best forms of coming up with content to support an argument. An idea can be presented in a convincing fashion using the argumentative essay. What Is an Argumentative essay? The argumentative essay needs a key set of skills that can help anyone agree to an opinion or an idea. However, it has to be developed using a strong set of skills and examples. The success of this content depends on the strength of the research or example provided. A key factor behind the failure of an argumentative essay is the lack of credible facts to support the idea or opinion. Picking the topic, the writer needs to take a topic in which they are capable of providing strong facts and research data.

argumentative essay on sports injuries
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