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Youll benefit from it twice: you save your health and save lots of money. Moreover if you dont smoke, you look healthy and nice; your body and hair and clothes smell nice; your teeth are white and your smile is brilliant. Always choose your health! How teenagers get rid of smoky smell. You shouldnt be a magician or extrasensory individual to find out, whether your kid smokes or not. Many parents say: Breathe now!

For a pack it makes 104. Yearly; if you pay. it makes up to 160. Sixth: dont fall into a tobacco trap. Smoking is a trap: you can easily fall into it, but it is hard to escape. And then it is not you, but your cigarette rules. Remember, nicotine contains in every cigarette and dahl cigar, and it forms nicotine addiction. Be free essay from tobacco. Control your life by yourself and dont let a cigarette control. Seventh: if you already smoke from time to time or do it constantly, it is high time you gave up smoking.

best autobiographies for teenagers

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Not smoking doesnt mean to be weak, not quite a grown-up or a white crow. If your friend offers a cigarette, you mustnt take. You may homework and you must refuse. Not smoking means you choose health. The true friends must understand and respect your choice. Fifth: dont waste your money for smoke. It would be better, if you save them and spend on something interesting, for example for some fashionable clothes, a new computer game, the internet club or a disco club. For information: if smoking one pack a week, it makes a big sum annual: if you pay.

best autobiographies for teenagers

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Second: you need to understand, that despite the advertisement, movies and serials, where the best heroes can be smokers, the majority of teenagers, young men, adults and sportsmen dont smoke. Third: take exercises or go in for your favorite kind of sport, or choose sport dancing. Youll benefit from it in three different ways: it is mattress good for your health; you will have a good timing; you will find new friends with common interests, sport for example. Forth: you can get to know new people and find new friends, but stay free and independent from anyones way of life. You dont need to smoke to keep somebody company, if your friends or other people smoke. Smoking or not smoking is your own choice, but not your friends. They cant decide such things for you, its your decision.

Arguing against possible protests, you can always explain the tough position about smoking: to be kind - sometimes mean to be severe. Smoking kills, and this time there must be no place for euphemism. Remain inflexible in your attempts to fight against smoking among teenagers. Smoking teenagers will become smoking adults soon and will suffer from smoking hazards in future. Instead of waiting for a trouble, start the war against smoking today. If you love your children, remain adamant in your intensions. One day the kids will thank you for your insistence and efforts on the way to overcome this terrible and killing habit. Follow these rules and save yourself and your close ones from this addiction. First: you must know the true about tobacco and smoking, and our web project will help you.

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best autobiographies for teenagers

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A mother is embarrassed: she has known her son and daughter were smoking. A smell of cigarettes in the room helped person her to clear up the mystery. There were empty packs and cigarette ends in the slop bucket. Anxious she told her husband, a non-smoker, about the incident. The parents signed up the children to take the rehabilitation and support program to break them of the habit of smoking. If you dont succeed in catching your kids smoking, try to find out, who they communicate with and where they spend the time after school.

Somebody will surely tell you, if your teenagers friends smoke or not. There is no need to ask your son or daughter for not communicating with their smoking friends, thats useless. Instead invite their friends to your place, show them reels from the video or the internet picturing irreversible negative influence of smoking on human organism. Hand them books describing smoking consequences, or invite a doctor to their class at school or to the parents' meeting in order to discuss the smoking hazards. Organize parents and ask the school direction and teaching staff to fight against smoking. There must be neither smoking area, nor non-smoking area at school. Smoking must be completely forbidden instead.

First of all smoking kids suffer from changes in functions of central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Such children become impulsive, hot-tempered, unrestrained, inattentive. Gradually they get addicted to tobacco, feel discomfort without a cigarette and get nervous. All thoughts are about the only thing to smoke as far as possible. American scientists found out, that smoking teenagers have a bad memory, they experience problem with learning texts.

It is proved, that 50 percent of smoking schoolchildren study not well. The organism of a smoking teenager has troubles with metabolism, especially with assimilation of vitamins a, b1, B6, B12, vitamin C gets destroyed. It becomes the main reason which slows down common development and retards growth. As a result young smokers often suffer from anaemia and myopia. Smoking causes inflammatory processes in nasopharynx. Early smoking worsens hearing, thats why smoking children dont hear low sounds very well. Lethal dose of nicotine for adults a pack smoked at once. How we can prevent children of smoking. There are several ways here.

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The community of many developed countries has paid attention to this fact. Now they try to put down the image of a smoking hero. The cinema offers new successful heroes, who follow healthy life-style. So, the main factors pushing children to take a cigarette are: All-round cigarette advertisement (teenagers have the impression, that smoking is stylish Pressure from peers (if you dont smoke paper you are a weakling bad social atmosphere; Mere curiosity and imitation. A child is not the absolute copy of an adult. All systems and organs of a child are still in process of development. So is the condition of metabolism, which has some features dream typical for a young organism. That is why children or teenagers are considerably more sensible and open to injury by any hazardous substances including tobacco poison, than adults.

best autobiographies for teenagers

When the friends report and upper-form pupils smoke, how cant you smoking with them really? It is the main reason, why girls start smoking. They smoke, because their friends smoke. This is how social dependence works. It works not only with teenagers, but with adults as well. He smokes, i should smoke too, i shouldnt differ from him, or he may have a low opinion. In the third place stays tv and cinema. It is not exactly known, why at present these media have created a super hero, who smokes.

im adult already, im already smoking! And he doesnt realize what a sorry spectacle he presents at the moment. Why then a cigarette became such an attractive thing among teenagers? First of all there is a stereotype of an adult man in our society a smoking man. If all men around a child, including relatives and familiars, are smokers, he will take it as a normal behavior. He grows up and starts smoking as well. And he wants to grow up as fast as possible. It is a true fact if the family members are smokers, the chances that children will also start smoking increase by 50-60 percent. For seconds, we should take into account the peers.

In the group poll only 15 percent of teenagers told of smoking with disapproval, but added at the same time, that everybody is smoking, therefore we have to get used. After the fist cigarette the respondents didnt feel any addiction to smoking. But when they got disappointed (after a quarrel with friends or relatives the wish for smoking appeared, as they believed it helps tree to get rid of distressing thoughts (about suicide, for example). The same thing happened with teenagers with inactive attitude to life, strong depression or pessimistic habitude. Many smokers started the count of cigarettes in time of their youth or even in childhood. Everybody knows, why a boy aged 9-10 years old starts taking a puff at his cigarette and puffing smoke without his parents knowledge. It is clear he wants to look like adult, like a tough guy.

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Smoking and children - is a very serious problem, not only medical, but also social, and year by year it becomes more and more complicated. In accordance withwho (World health Organization) statistics almost 90 percent of adult smokers began smoking when they were teenagers, as they wanted to look like adults. In many countries one third of teenagers are smokers. The considerable part of them started smoking at the age of 7 to 10 already. It is sad but true, that the number of smoking people increases at the expense of girls in recent years. Moreover the number of girl-smokers exceeds the number of boy-smokers. Teenagers dont realize hazards of smoking, because they constantly observe adults smoking easily at their presence. 83 percent of confidentially questioned teenagers aged 12-15 years old, who had already tried to smoke, characterized their feelings from the first cigarette by such phrases as: the head is spinning, clouded add consciousness, burning pain in the stomach, feeling sick etc. But when teenagers were asked about the same in the presence of their mates, they corrected their answers according to their peers reaction, grossly exaggerating so-called kef, but they couldnt explain their feelingsdistinctly.

best autobiographies for teenagers
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