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Upper level aggregates ad, bc and adbc. From 2005.45A.55D, from.4A.6D. From 2005.4B.6C From.71B.29C From 2005 adbc.55ad.45bc from adbc.67ad.33bc backcasting aggregate indexes in new classification Cannot apply single weighting matrix to aggregate low level index series through past base years Must recast the weighting matrices. Ppi for iip and cpi for Retail trade) quality assuring the concordance matrix back in time how to identify those parts of the classification where the concordance is likely to be very different back in time? A.6E.4f.4E.4F.2g.8G (Wireless telecommunications).2e h quality assuring the concordance matrix back in time we need to identify such classes, and use whatever information possible to guess what the concordance might have been in earlier base periods. In the case of wireless telecommunication it is likely to have had a lower weight of all telecommunication in 2000 (e.g. C.3 G) and perhaps a zero weight in 1995 In the case of nace, such guesses might best be made at the european level (at least for Western Europe) Conclusion Importance of maintaining time series length in classification changes If nsos dont.

May be for several variables if generated from recoded unit record files (e.g. From annual structural statistics). Concordance only handwriting truly valid for the period in which it is compiled. But often only one concordance matrix is possible, particularly if using register variables. Re-weighting and linking for past base years in new classification, assuming the existence of only one concordance matrix, how far can one reasonably backcast a time series, say index of Industrial Production? Key issue is that past base years are reweighted in the new classification and series linked (as should be the practice in the current classification). Weak points in the concordance should be investigated to improve quality. Example: Concordance between old and new classification at 4 digit level based on dual coded register at 2008. Subset of new classification 4 digit codes (a, b, c, d) relates to subset of old classification (e, f, g, h). A.6E.4F,.4E.4F.2G,.8G,.2e. Must reweight and link to form aggregates between base years.

methods of oral presentation

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Issue could become worse given upcoming implementation of new industry classifications. Activities since june 2006 steswp, formation of Eurostat task-force on implementation of nace rev. Key issue being addressed of how to backcast series on new classification basis. Micro vs macro methods and associated assumptions and issues of quality. Want to maintain current time series length as a key requirement. Re-weighting using and linking for past base years in new classification, concordance matrices provide a link between the old and new classification for economic variables. May only be for register variables (e.g. Turnover, employment) if macro methods are used.

methods of oral presentation

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Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, powerPoint Slideshow about 'maintaining long time series through industry classification changes' - niveditha. An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / movie licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, background, steswp 2006: oecd paper comparing current length of national series for iip and linking / weighting methods used in index compilation. Variation in practices across countries and concern over some index compilation methods used, in particular lack of linking between changes in base periods. Concerns for comparability of data across countries, and many versions of full historical series most likely exist.

Abstracts dealing with commercial products or services must have a scientific emphasis and should not be submitted for promotion purposes. All abstracts must use correct grammar and punctuation. Proofread carefully for formatting, spelling and grammar. Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. Unless special arrangements have been made with the Program Committee, all expenses are the responsibility of the speaker, including travel, lodging and conference registration fees. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Maintaining long time series through industry classification changes PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, maintaining long time series through industry classification changes 1 / 13, maintaining long time series through industry classification changes oecd short Term Economic Statistics Working Party richard McKenzie oecd background steswp 2006: oecd paper comparing current length of national series for iip and.

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methods of oral presentation

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Oral Presentation: Natural toxins: fungal and aquatic toxins. Title of Presentation: read guidelines below before uploading abstract! Upload your abstract with complete presenting author type and co-author information. You must follow template guidelines. Click here to download the template guideline.

Abstracts cannot be more than 250 words! Abstracts sent via mail cannot be accepted. Only completed abstracts with all synthesis required information will be considered. Paper titles or abstracts without complete contact information will not be accepted. Abstracts containing graphs and charts cannot be accepted. Do not include references, credits or grant support. Do not include keywords.

What Type of Presentation: Poster Presentation, each registered presenter is allowed up to 2 posters in the vertical format of. Wide x 4 ft tall (91.44 cm wide x 121.92 cm long). Submit each poster abstract separately according to the template guidelines below. Additional posters may be submitted and can be presented if there is space. Oral Presentations, please submit to your preferred session.

Abstracts will be reviewed by all session chairs and you may be asked to present in a session other than your preferred session. Oral Presentation: novel and emerging contaminants of concern in food and the environment. Oral Presentation: Advanced and new instrumentation. Oral Presentation: Natural products and supplements. Oral Presentation: Sample preparation: new and novel techniques and methods. Oral Presentation: Veterinary Drug Residues, oral Presentation: Environmental and human health. Oral Presentation: Special Topics in food and the Environment.

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If you wish to submit an oral presentation, check the appropriate oral circle below for the session you are submitting for and make your submission by March 30, 2018. . you will be contacted by the Program co-chairs on or by April 30, 2018, if your talk is accepted or you will be asked to present it as a poster. If you wish to submit a poster presentation, check the "poster" circle below and make your submission by April 20, 2018. You will be contacted by the Program co-chairs on or by may 11, 2018, to notify you of your acceptance. Each paid registrant will be allowed to present up to 2 posters in the vertical format. You will be contacted by may 31, 2018, to be informed if there is room for the additional posters. Presenting Author's Name: Presenting Author's Email Address: Presenting Author's Organization: Presenting Author's mailing Address: Presenting Authors City State zip: Presenting Author's country, phone number: Name wallpaper and email of person filling out this form, if not the presenting author.

methods of oral presentation

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have its any questions regarding your presentation please feel free to contact the ewri staff. We look forward to seeing you in Durham. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact. Scientific Program nursing World Conference nursing Conferences International events workshops usa europe asia pacific middle east Magnus Conferences. Scientific Programs, home, scientific Programs, keynote, keynote, keynote, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral Presentation, oral. Keynote Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation Oral Presentation. Deadlines for submission: Oral Presentation - march 30, 2018. Poster Presentation - april 20, 2018.

should be used. Most viewers will stand about one meter away from your display and should be able to read your poster without crowding up to the partition. A minimum font size of 20 points is recommended, and larger is better. Remember that this should apply to your graphics as well. You should be able to read graph legends and scales from a distance of one meter. Do not simply bring a normal sized copy of your proceedings extended abstract. Important Note : If for any reason, you are unable to attend the conference and deliver your presentation, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate session or Conference organizer to make alternative arrangements.

This will provide you with an opportunity to meet your session chair/moderator, and make certain that your PowerPoint slide is appearing correctly. Keep in mind that Conference staff are not available to print supplemental materials or visual aids. Presenters are responsible for these items so please arrive prepared. Poster presentations, poster presentations will be allotted a 4x4 space for their posters. Any format that fits in the available space is acceptable. Some posters are prepared as one, large sheet and usually mba brought to the conference rolled up in a tube. You may need to locate a large-format printer for this purpose,. G., at a copy store.

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Oral presentation, all oral presentations are limited to a total length of 20 minutes. This allotted time is intended for 15 minutes of actual presentation time, with an additional 5 minutes allowed for questions and answers. Time may vary dependent on final number of speakers in your session. Visual aids are encouraged in the form of Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows, and presenters are urged to bring the slideshow files to the conference on a usb flash drive. Plan to ring the files associated with your presentation directly to the session room. By arriving early, presenters will have the opportunity to ensure that their files load and appear as expected during the session. When preparing PowerPoint files for your presentation, try to save the slideshow in a reverse-compatible summary format. The computers at the conference may be utilizing an earlier version of Microsoft Office, and therefore, may not be able to open or display certain files optimally that are created in a newer version. Please arrive at the session room approximately 15-30 minutes before the start time.

methods of oral presentation
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  1. fanta, ondřej; Burdíková, zuzana; Jelen, karel, label-free optical Methods for evaluation of mechanically exposed Proteins in vein.

  2. Clarity of presentation (Introduction, Objectives/Hypotheses, methods, results, conclusions). written or oral presentation as a means of making the body of academic knowledge or creative exploration accessible to other. executive manager of the Inahta secretariat wins Best Oral Presentation at htai 2017 for her presentation of a collection of Inahta.

  3. All oral presentations are limited to a total length of 20 minutes. Oral presentation of scientific research article/paper. Designed, written and presented by: saeed zarein-dolab phd e-mail: sdolab@.

  4. place of Oral Presentation Competition, biological and Medical Physics division, comparison of Dose Accumulation Methods for Radiation. study on factors contributing to caesarean section deliveries in Maluti hospital - lesotho Mpoeetsi makau, ministry of health, lesotho. In addition, students will give an oral presentation on one of the techniques mastered.

  5. Methods of measurement several methods for measuring body temperature are available. Oral presentation : Methods of Molecular Simulation 2008 (Heidelberg, germany enhanced Sampling via markov state models, Error. techniques and methods Oral Presentation : Veterinary Drug Residues Oral Presentation : Environmental and human health Oral Presentation. Two written texts; oral presentation (video recorded and evaluated.

  6. Oral exam, Presentation of acquired knowledge via paper Assessment methods and criteria explanation (lecture, presentation, briefing. Below, we offer some tips from our own experience to help produce an oral presentation that does your research justice. the modality of oral presentation, according to the published program will have strictly 15 minutes for the presentation and.

  7. The oral presentation : quality, clarity, and accuracy. The effectiveness of the presentation : time management, organization. Management of hospitalized oral surgical patients: Drug Administraton. Student's performance analysis, systematické pozorování studenta, oral presentation of self-study.

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