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In her revelation of their childish wisdom, we cannot help but be reminded of the mentally deranged behaviors report of adults to war and essay destroy each other for beliefs or worse, for power and profit. This is a film that every global leader should see. It is a film that should be shown before un conferences and certainly to those who are involved with unicef. Bailey has won for Best Documentary of the year, at the Inside film Awards Australia and the film has won additional awards. As the film becomes known surely the wins will continue. It shouldnt be missed for the children, the themes, and the editing. It is that good. Amazon asin templateiframe image.

next movie review

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The lens captures; it is what. In focusing only on the childrens viewpoints at this age before their plunge into puberty and adult mayhem, bailey has exposed our hypocritical polemic: we often claim that the children are our future while we behave completely counter to that reality in our policies and. by giving them voice, bailey underscores that our children globally carry the weight of our mistakes and madnesses on their shoulders for the rest of their lives. What we are bequeathing to them is especially unjust for they did not come into this world at their pleasure, but at ours. Oftentimes, the blows and miseries that we have been dealt are being passed onto them like the game of hot potato. They will be caught and punished for our malevolence and inability to work through ours and the previous generations issues. I am eleven official trailer 2014 from, i am Eleven on, vimeo. One cannot watch this film and miss this message, whether or not that was baileys intention. In her revelation of this diverse group of youngsters we get that they are making a unique homework and immeasurable contribution to our understanding of what values we should all uphold.

next movie review

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The film encourages us to good always recognize the great and mysterious paradox of varying cultures, societies and religions: we are very different, but we all are the same within. Essentially, we yearn to live in harmony within and without. I am Eleven, documentary film by genevieve bailey. Photo taken from the website. Perhaps the greatest endeavor that bailey has accomplished is that she has given these eleven year olds the opportunity to recognize the power of their own voice and the importance of their ability to express their thoughts apart from adult interference. Bailey has kept the adult interchanges to a minimum and in the one instance that she has included an adult discussing a child, the result is extremely revelatory about the relationship between the two. (I will not ruin this for you as you look for it). These scenes are accomplished with great good will and humor with an underlying pathos.

Siham from Morocco expressed her desire to be someone, a teacher or a nurse. And Billy from the uk with unassuming and unabashed wisdom distilled his perception of life: when youre an adult your voice changes again and then you get married to the woman you love and then you get children and grandchildren and then boom, it all. Bailey has done a masterful job of editing, unifying the childrens points of view around categories revealing their similarities and their divergences. . With her close-ups, she creates an intimacy which focuses us toward the inner identities of these children so we are able to empathize with them on a very basic level despite our age differences. As we see them play in their unique environs amongst their own treasures or lack of them in their own dwellings, we are drawn to strip away the cumbersome attitudes that separate us and for a few moments we return us to a time when. In this stripping of contrivances and maintaining an austere cinematic simplicity, baileys work is genius. Because she has pared away and kept to the basics, i am Eleven thematically reminds us about what fundamentally matters to all of us on this planet.

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Would the filmmaker be able to make them feel comfortable enough to express their inner wisdom and truth, the essence that is masked in adulthood by layers of experience and the social veneers of defensive protection? When bailey embarked on her 6 year journey around the world filming and speaking to children shredded whose one common denominator was that they were 11-years-old, she didnt know the answers to these questions. Much of her experience was serendipitous. We are fortunate that her courage and risk taking led her on this journey for what she has produced in this jewel of a film is both shatteringly beautiful and poignantly real. Baileys strength is in her selection of children and her ability to create an atmosphere of acceptance to allow them to swim in comfortable emotional waters without the need for restraint, even though we understand that her hand as editor has shaped the overall work. Each of the children from the us, the uk, bulgaria, china, germany, india, etc., demonstrates a frank openness and humor that belies the effort and time she took to cultivate their trust.

I am Eleven an award winning documentary film by genevieve bailey. The children were chosen randomly by bailey and their background spans a variety of economic classes as well as cultures. For Sree kutty in India, it was the first time experiencing an interview and seeing foreigners. Oliver from the us is a ballet dancer, something he acknowledged is unique for someone his age. Remi from France considered himself a citizen of the world, labeling as absurd people who differentiate between humans depending upon race. Jamira, who is Aboriginal, expressed how she enjoyed being special and different to everyone else in Australia. Goh who is in Thailand takes care of elephants and rides them.

And the ever-reliable kate winslet has more freedom to bring the lesser known character of joanna hoffman to life, imbuing it with a quiet dignity, but with an intensity that equally matches Jobs own when push comes to shove. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has a very well regarded reputation for producing tight scripts with razor-sharp dialogue and the wise choice to distill Walter Isaacson's fine autobiography into three distinct eras is a clever narrative ploy provides the opportunity to go a little deeper, rather than. While there's no doubt that, steve jobs is a dramatized portrayal of events, the often conflicting recollections of those presented (probably unassisted by the pressure by many still in the game to deify the Apple co-founder) the film appears on the surface to. Steve jobs biggest success is the way in which allows the viewer to get inside jobs' head, witness some of his worst behavior, and yet still feel empathy for his single-minded drive to revolutionize the world. Related Articles, i am Eleven award winning documentary by genevieve bailey.

Photo from the film website. Do you remember when you were eleven, what you thought: your dreams, your expectations of life, your joys and sadnesses? It is an age where there can be innocence and the mixed blessing of not realizing the fullness of the responsibility of adulthood waiting just around the corner. Eleven is the age that director Genevieve bailey chose to demonstrate on a global stage  by canvassing and filming the lives, emotions, and thoughts of 22 children in 15 countries who spoke in 12 different languages in her award winning documentary film, i am Eleven. What were their attitudes about love, life, youth, marriage, religion, and growing up? Where and how did they live? How honest would these kids be in an interview?

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In flashback too, we see jobs falling out and ultimate removal from the company he helped to build, his resentment towards the past, including the men and women who designed the Apple ii and which kept the company afloat through Jobs' flights of fancy, and. In death, just as in life, jobs remains a polarizing figure, a man the of intense contradictions, with equal amounts of intelligence, wit, and generosity, all countered by equal measures of defiance, malice, and selfishness. Make no mistake, this isn't a hollywood whitewash. Some younger, more naïve apple fans might even be a little shocked at what they see. Steve jobs is a warts-and-all character exploration of the man who built Apple, whose dogged refusal to accept reality trashed the majority of his personal and professional relationships and nearly bought the company down, before ultimately building it back up to one of the most. Go to top of the next column. While it's immediately obvious that Michael Fassbender isn't endowed with the same convincing physical attributes compared to Ashton Kutcher, his nuanced portrayal of the man goes a long, long way to making the audience believe he could just be jobs reincarnate. Proving his Oscar nomination was no mistake, fassbender finely balances the role of the public genius frequently teetering on the brink of mania, but also allows you to feel empathy for the man who describes himself as being "built with crippling imperfections." Seth Rogen seems.

next movie review

Follow me on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato and become a fan at m/CW44CouchPotato. Read all my movie reviews here 2018 cbs broadcasting Inc. Powered by m vip by viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our Video services Policy. Hollywood is never content to let a good idea go, with a weird love of doing things in twos - see. Deep Impact and, armageddon, antz and, a bug's Life, and, jobs and, steve jobs. But while the previous biopic on the life of Apple founder Steve jobs - a glorified tv movie that was rushed to cinemas barely a year and a half after his death, the latest biopic comes with some strong backing, based on the 2011 biography. With many of the real-life figures providing input, such as Apple co-founder Steve wozniak, long-time personal assistant joanna hoffman, and Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs contributing to the screenplay, steve jobs is probably the definitive cinematic word on one of the most visionary, plan the most influential. Told through three key formative moments of Apple's history over 15 years - the launch of Apple macintosh, next and the imac G3, which in turn finds the Apple co-founder Steve jobs (Michael Fassbender) at different stages of his life through the prism of his.

curl my toes in the theater as I watched the killers carry out their bloody mission. The intensity, suspense and creepy maniacs make up for the amateur camera work and soap opera acting. I found, youre next to be more scary and braver with the shock and gore than previous summer hits like. The purge and The conjuring. I wish the acting could have been more up to par, but I can live with it considering how scary youre next is at times. If you are a true horror fan, Im sure you will get a kick out of youre next. Overall, i give youre next 3 out of 4 potatoes.

I could see this jittery camera work turning off some essay movie patrons. Working in television, i have become immune to the wobbly footage, but even I wished director Adam Wingard would have invested in a steadicam for some of the action scenes. Also, the acting is horrible, which is what you would expect in a low-budget horror movie. If you have a huge ensemble and youre paying your talent peanuts, you cant expect the cream of the crop when it comes to the casts acting prowess. I actually giggled. Youre next when a few of the family members delivered their lines. Luckily, the suspense and gore makes up for the lack of acting and camera work. The masked villains come at the family not with guns, but with simple weapons including a crossbow, machete and a firemans axe. I dont know about you, but an axe slamming into the side of someones head is much more frightening than a gunshot.

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Filed Under: CW44, cw44's couch Potato, movie review, movie review you're next, movie you're next, scary,. Powell, tampa, you're next movie, you're next movie review, imagine the movie, home. Alone, but instead of dream the wet Bandits trying to break into your house, its a group of animal-mask-wearing killers. Swap out kevin McCallister for the most unlikable, privileged family on-screen this year and you have. Youre next ; a brutal new film that doesnt shy away from the gore or intensity as a trio of psychos attempt to take out vacationing family one by one. Youre next sat on the shelf for two years and the reasons are apparent. The shaky cam we have seen in smaller films like. The Blair Witch Project and, quarantine is in full effect in, youre next.

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