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Ripe mangoes will always have a strong, sweet, fragrant and fruity aroma around the stem. A ripe mango has a smell somewhat like melon, but also like pineapple, with a little hint of carrot thrown. Ripe mangoes smell wonderful and sweet. If it smells like you'd want to eat it, you're in business. Since mangoes have a high natural sugar content, they will ferment naturally, so the sour, alcoholic odor is a distinctive sign the mango is no longer ripe. Stay away from mangoes that smell sour or like alcohol because these mangoes may be overripe.

On the essay other hand, if you do not plan on eating the wallpaper mango for a few days, you may want to choose a mango with firmer skin and allow the mango to ripen some at home. Ripening mangoes is discussed the a method below. 2 2, inspect the mango visually. The ideal mango should be football-shaped, so you should choose mangoes that are full, plump and rounded, especially around the stem. Sometimes ripe mangoes will have brown spots or speckles, which is perfectly normal. Do not pick flat or thin mangoes because they are likely to be stringy. Avoid choosing mangoes with wrinkled or shriveled skin because they will no longer be ripe. Ataulfo mangoes, however, are often very wrinkly and soft before they're perfectly ripe, so try to learn about the different varieties before deciding. The differences are covered below in a subsequent section. 3, smell mangoes near their stems.

write about mango fruit

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Outraged, the girl dragged a sack of rice—the product of her fathers hard work in the fields—outside, cut it open, and realized she was no longer able to essays move. Pina disappeared, and was never found again. Her mother, months after recovering from her illness, was in the garden when she found an odd-looking fruit. Peeling the skin, she saw it had a hundred eyes, and realized her wish had come true). We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, method 1, picking the right Mangoes 1, touch and feel around the entire mango. Ripe mangoes will be slightly soft to the touch just like avocados and peaches, but not soft or mushy enough to where your fingers sink into or through the skin.

write about mango fruit

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Horrified, the king killed the magpie. Much later, an old woman vowed to commit suicide after a lifetime of abuse; she ate a mango that wasnt poisoned, and was good given her youth back. The king could never bring himself to eat a mango, however, as he was overcome with guilt about killing the bird who had given him such a gift. 1 Pineapples, laziness, And Conceit The story of how the pineapple came to be is a folk tale about a beautiful-but-lazy little girl named Pina. According to legend, the little girl was so selfish that any time anyone asked to borrow any of her things, she would say she couldnt find them. If anyone asked her to do any work around the house, she would say she couldnt find the cooking utensils or the cleaning supplies. When her parents and her sisters became extremely ill, she shouted at them and harassed them until they prepared her breakfast and went to work in the fields, accusing them of being lazy and useless. When her ill mother asked Pina to boil some rice for her, she went through her usual routine of saying she couldnt find anything. Her mother lamented that if she had a hundred eyes, she might actually be able to find things.

The monks promptly tried the berries themselves, and suddenly found they had a much easier time staying awake during their evening prayers. The monks shared the knowledge with each other, and soon everyone was partaking in the coffee berries to stay awake in church. From there, coffee spread to the Arabian peninsula, and a single goatherd changed the way we stay awake. 2 poison And Eternal Life From a mango. A legend that is told throughout the tropics is the story of how a magpie flew to the heavens and brought a mango seed back to his king. Once the tree bore fruit, the king ordered an old man to eat the first piece of fruit. That single piece of fruit had been poisoned by the venom of a snake that had dripped onto the tree as an eagle carried it overhead, and the old man died.

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write about mango fruit

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And, like all things deemed pagan and heathen, strawberries were soon absorbed into the Christian mythos as the fruits of the virgin. She was apparently a little jealous when it came to the strawberries—it was said that vision she required all strawberries be left for her. So strict was this rule that it was also added that anyone who approached heaven with traces of strawberry juice on them thief would be denied entrance to paradise for eating this new holy fruit. As if that wasnt weird enough, theres another explanation for this myth. When a baby died, it was said they ascended to heaven disguised from potential darkness as a strawberry.

So anyone who ate strawberries might well be eating a baby —clearly, that in itself made it advisable just to stay away from them. 3 Coffee for evening Prayer, ethiopian legend credits a boy named Kaldi with the discovery of the coffee berry. Kaldi was a goatherd, and was out watching over his goats one day when he noticed they were eating berries from a tree. After eating the berries, the goats became energized and would refuse to sleep at night. Kaldi took some of the berries to monks at a local monastery.

The fruit, in turn, feeds those he left behind and sees them through the rest of the famine. An alternate story involves a man who sacrificed himself for his family; after he was dead, a tree grew from his testicles. The gods—all 44,000 of them—tried the fruit and found it wasnt just edible, it was tasty. Once they found out where the tree had grown from, though, they vomited up the fruit and the seeds, spreading it across the islands. 5 Figs For Hospitality, after her daughter was kidnapped by hades, Greek goddess Demeter wandered the land looking for her.

During her travels, she stayed at the house of a man in Attica, in southern Greece. He welcomed her into his home and treated her kindly, and she thanked him for his hospitality by giving him the first fig tree. Fig trees thrived in the fertile lands around Attica and Athens; here, dionysus also has a strong connection with the fig. His name means friend of the fig, and this is not an innocent reference in the least. The fact that the figs appearance was similar to that of testicles certainly didnt go unnoticed by the Greeks, and in fact the words for figs and testicles were the same. Part of the yearly festival to dionysus included carving a giant phallus from the wood of a fig tree and carrying it around town. 4 Strawberries And The gates Of heaven. Strawberries were originally said to be the fruit associated with the norse goddess Friga. But things didnt start to get really weird until the spread of Christianity.

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Both went into labor at the same time, but a wise giant interfered. He went to tree the Elderberry bush, touched her, and told her to bear her children ; she, of course, went on to give birth before the Stone. This is why humans only live a short time, and why elderberry bushes are make often seen growing on graves and in cemeteries. 6 Breadfruit, famine, and Testicles, according to hawaiian folklore, there are a couple different ways that the breadfruit tree was said to come into existence. In one version, a devastating famine seizes the island of waiakea and takes the life of a man named Ulu. When Ulu dies, priests tell his family they should bury him beside a stream. A tree grows from his grave overnight, and in the morning his family finds it bearing fruit.

write about mango fruit

Before she died, she saw the now-red berries of the mulberry tree, and said that they will forever be a testament to tragedy and love. From then on, mulberries were reddish-purple. 7 Elderberries And The death Of Man. The Tsimshan are a group of Native americans that lived on the. Pacific coast of Canada. Their myth of the elderberry bush serves to explain why humans live such short lives, and in fact how our life spans were determined. According to legend, the Stone and the Elderberry bush were arguing over who got to bear children first. The Stone proposed a deal: If she gave birth first, humans would essay have a long life. But if the Elderberry bush gave birth first, humans would have a much shorter life.

a garden in the west, the golden apples were said to cast their radiant glow across the sky as the sun traveled below the horizon, creating the beautiful colors of the sunset. 8 Mulberries And Blood, according to the legend of Babylonian lovers Pyramus and Thisbe, mulberries were once white, but turned red when they were stained with blood. The tragic love story starts when the pair were forbidden by their parents to marry. After carrying on their affair through a crack in the wall between their homes, they decide to meet in a field beneath a mulberry tree. When Thisbe saw a blood-covered lion drinking from a nearby pond, she dropped her shawl and fled in fright. Her lover, finding the shawl and seeing the bloodied lion, feared the worst, and killed himself. His blood stained the white berries of the mulberry tree, and when Thisbe returned to find him dead, she too took her own life.

An Arapesh myth says that the head belonged to a man who killed a woman for walking ahead of her husband; the man was then, in turn, killed and beheaded by children. A myth from the Admiralty Islands tells of two brothers who steal a canoe from the devil to go fishing. The devil chases them, and they hold him off for a while by throwing the fish they caught into the water; eventually the fish run out, and the younger brother cuts his older brother into pieces, and makes it to shore with just his head. In Burma, the donor of the head is a man decapitated by a king who has grown tired of his pranks, and in New guinea, the head is surrendered voluntarily by a fisherwoman who removes her head to allow fish to swim into her, then. 9 Apples And The wedding Of Hera. According to Greek mythology, the first apple trees best were created by gaia (also ge the earth, as a wedding present for Hera. The first apples were golden, and the tree was put under the care of three minor goddesses called the hesperides and a hundred-headed dragon named Ladon.

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When you eat an orange or a pineapple, chances are you probably dont think about how the fruit came to be on this Earth. But it turns out that people have been thinking about that for centuries, and many of the origin stories for various fruits are pretty dark. Were not sure what kind of people first associated severed heads, mom testicles, death, famine, and cannibalism with some of our favorite fruits, but were pretty sure we might never look at a fruit salad quite the same way again. 10 Coconuts And severed heads, there are a number of myths about how the coconut came to be, and, like most good myths, they all involve violence. If you look at it the right way, the features of a coconut can take on an eerily human appearance with two eyes and a mouth. So clearly, it grew from a severed head—and the stories that say just that are so numerous, we have to wonder if theres some truth. In New Britain, the severed head came from a boy who had been completely eaten by a shark —save for his head, which was buried and sprouted into the first coconut tree.

write about mango fruit
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  4. They're also grown in Mexico, throughout south America, and in a variety of tropical locations. Shop Lawn & Garden Fiberglass Fruit Picker head(TR20090). This mango layer cake is a beautiful concoction of vanilla butter cakes layered with sweet and sour mango curd, whipped cream and loads of fresh mangoes.

  5. Making an exotic fruit smoothie is time consuming. Thats why weve pressed the goodness of sweet mangoes and apples into delicious bars. How to pick a good Mango. There are roughly 1,100 varieties of mango grown in the world, with the majority of the fruit coming from India.

  6. Free shipping on Eligible Items. When you eat an orange or a pineapple, chances are you probably don't think about how the fruit came to be on this Earth. But it turns out that people have.

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