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Working directly with media advisers to manage messaging via traditional media and social media. Xero, asia-pacific region, developer evangelist, jun. Skills tools: Salesforce, java, swift. Managed the partner ecosystem for Xero third-party developers who integrate with Xeros apis. Inbound inquiries and certification of high-value partners who are listed on the marketplace. Outbound relationship building for developer partners, brand management, marketing and strategy for the developer ecosystem, public speaking, event management.

Elham ansari the best lawyer in court. Some of the company customers: Behtotal company the official representation in iran and business partner of oil behran company Elam petrochemical country, diba pelimer company, mehregan pelimer company, dorsa shimi company,arman shimi company, arman shimi company, tavan mechanic company, shimi sanate falat qare company, ericson. This company has branches and office in Dubai for logistic and regulatory documents. In the end we hope to make process, national oil project. Industry telecommunication, automotive industry and public companies. Office of the hon. Minister Philip Dalidakis, victorian government. Senior Adviser Innovation and the digital Economy, jan 2017 Present. Advise the minister and senior stakeholders on priority issues and solutions. Areas of policy responsibility included telecommunications infrastructure investment (including regional connectivity ict sector development policy with resume a particular interest in cybersecurity, fintech, innovation, and startup sector. Cross-portfolio collaboration and briefing of Members of Parliament and staff on announcements and areas of interest within my portfolio responsibilities.

business partner resume

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Elmira shahin, master degree in foreign language, commerce expert and foreign correspondence farnam taheri, clerk and collector with 3 years experience. Mr shamsizad, transport expert and clerk in Bandar abas port jamili, transportation expert and loading containers khoshhal, transportation managemen tips, jahani, expert order gpa and foreign trade, fluent in English and foreign correspondence. Soltani, expert order and foreign trade with 5 years experience. Yasin, clearance expert in the west customs of country, piranshahr customs bahram rezaee, registration employee with 15 years experience. Mr ansari nia, registration employee in Tehran with 5 years experience. Mr hamid noruzi, customs expert in all Tehran customs. Lawyers for fallow customs dispute in court mohammad ansari, retired officer in court.

business partner resume

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Pelasi, registration employee and follow all correspondence in custom of Bandarabas port with 8 years experience. Mr Nejati, registration employee temporary license shipping, radio license standard organization in Bandar Abbas port with 10 years experience. Moein, registration employee temporary license shipping, radio license standard organization in Bandar Abbas port with 8 years experience. Bezval, registration employee temporary license shipping, radio license standard organization in Bandar Abbas port with 8 years experience. Parsa in charge of finance gpa in Bandar Abbas with 3 years experience jeyvand in charge of finance and business in Bandar Abbas with 5 years experience. Afshar in charge of finance in Tehran with 5 years experience. Shahriari in charge of finance in tehran with 3 years experience.

Reza khodayari oranj, registration employee with 3 years experience. Saeid khodayari oranj, registration employee with 3 years experience. Amir asali, marketing director with 3 years experience. Mohammad khodayari marketing expert and business with 3 years experience. Elnaz khodayari chemical expert, inspection standard, sampel approval, fallow standard organization and reference laboratories with 3 years experience. Ruhoddin fazeli, clearance expert in Bandar Abbas port with 15 years experience. Hadi aqazade registration employee with 10 years experience.

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business partner resume

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Safe purchasing, if your offer is accepted by both parties or you have completed the buy it Now process, you will receive a notification advising you of the next steps. This process is managed by Crazy domains and/or its partners to provide safety and security, ensuring you get the domain you are looking for. Shahin Tarkhis Iranian company, customs deliberation and clearance, the first company in which reserved the clearance commission card after revolution in 1372 and official member and union inspector brokerage workers and brokers of general administration of customs of Islamic republic of Iran. This company have been able to clearance, business consultant of public prestigious company, national telecom project, oil project, commercial, industrial and private by the years of uninterrupted activity. This company is one of the most successful And active companies in customs and daily clearance transport and delivery goods at destination the key to success of our company is trust, honesty, accuracy, fastest operation and submit the best solution to protect economic interest. Centralized specialist management set in customs of abase korean port, emem khomeini port. Khoramshahr port, bushehr customs, anjali port, the west customs of country and Tehran customs, with expert,strong communication, intelligence, capabilities by the use of the best provision and utilization of customs experts, commercial, banking industry, insurance, transportation and enable us to be the best one.

This company is honored to submit a set of services such as create a membership, registration system, business order, be ficiencies, commercial affair, order good, petrochemical, import license, cargo, inspection, set of shipping documents, shipment and endorsement document. Here is the history and description of staff. Ezatollah khodayari oranj with 25 years experience, the clearance expert, foreign recommendation, obtaining permission, set of shipping document, ministry of industry, received deduction, value, commission, custums dispute resolution, fallow standard organization, standard inspection, customs reference laboratories in Tehran. Ali akbar khodayari oranj with 28 years experience, the clearance expert, foreign recommendation, obtaining permission, set of shipping document, ministry of industry, received deduction, value, commission, customs dispute resolution, fallow standard organization, standard inspection, customs reference laboratories in Tehran. Behruz shahin clearance expert with 35 experience in all customs, received deduction, value, commission, customs dispute resolution. Homaun matini with 30 years experience in all customs. Asgar khodayari oranj with 22 years experience clearance expert in khoramshahr and emamkhomeini ports.

Built and managed e-commerce presence including a retail platform expanding product listings and inventory management to ebay, m, yahoo! Stores, and Major league baseball. AutoBill Auction, hired to rebuild the most promising product from a dot-com incubator with the intent of selling the company in six months. Led a product team of two programmers and four designers. Developed small business inventory software connecting physical storefronts with a secondary marketplace and real-time pricing data through ebay, yahoo!, Amazon zShops, and more.

Successfully sold the company to American Express as part of its open small business tools. Personal Spider, persistent semantic search engine originally designed for nasa extra-planetary missions reapplied to crawling specific web verticals. Lead a development team in Python, Tcl/tk, linux, and mysql cluster programming. Persistent search and real-time notification libraries created to alert scientists and business leaders to new events of statistical significance. M, wore many hats as the first employee in a shopping comparison engine. Helped create algorithms to estimate a total purchase price including sales tax and shipping costs. Managed search index accuracy as we expanded from the computers category into photography, consumer electronics, music, and movies. Helped improve data normalization across products through vendor relationships, detailed product specifications, and complementary third-party data sources).

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Led two industry summits bringing together major search engines and web publishing hosts to define best practices and promote collaboration among 20 peers. Created web widgets to extend the reach of Technorati data to publisher sidebars while diversifying traffic sources as major search engines attempted to compete in pdf our space and direct traffic to their own offerings. Authored microformat specifications to better understand unique objects such as people, businesses, events, product trunk listings, reviews, and other objects of interest within a web page. NexTag, improved the search discoverability of NexTag product listings by rewriting product templates for xhtml.0, syndicating product data via rss.0, improving partner apis, and standardizing site css and javascript. Direct profit and loss responsibility for unpaid referral traffic. Callan Associates, led the company's expansion into new asset classes through improved data, software, and analysis tools. Attended executive steering committee meetings to identify gaps in technology and data coverage based on the changing needs of our institutional investment clients. Expanded investment manager and underlying portfolio data with custom data gathering and analytics solutions in private real estate, reit hedge fund, venture capital, and socially-responsible investment verticals. Aeosports, technical co-founder of a premium sporting goods e-commerce website.

business partner resume

Web consultancy and strategic planning company helping businesses keep pace with the changing Web. Specializing in digital payments, social web platforms, developer networks, html5, search engine optimization, social sharing optimization, mobile web experiences, and online video. Past and current clients include American Express, general Electric, viacom, louis vuitton, ebay, twitter, mozilla, m, and the government of Hong Kong among others. Act as a third-party product leader by setting strategic goals for the organization in cooperation with upper management, sell the business change to major stakeholders within the company, lay out a development plan through engineering or acquisition, secure key partnerships, and assist internal staff. Lead engineering teams in php, python, javascript, and html5 development. Microsoft, product lead on a team of eight employees tasked with creating a centralized web feed data store and related api services for use across Windows live properties. Worked across multiple organizational groups to create product requirements, technical requirements, prototypes, and product roadmaps capable of scaling from a 10 million user beta test up to a 500 million user full deployment. Technorati, product manager resume focused on improving the total size, freshness, and quality of the technorati search index by delivering publisher-friendly features and creating new industry partnerships.

on top of the latest Facebook php, js, and backend frameworks. Develop first-party plugins and extensions for deep integration with WordPress, magento, and other large publishing and ecommerce platforms. Social plugin distribution (like, follow, send, Embed Open Graph structured markup and sharing, author attribution, and social conversion analytics. Speak on behalf of Facebook at developer conferences in the. Topics included mobile development, app localization, facebook login, social sharing design, and Newsfeed ranking factors. Author platform strategy and competitive assessments for an internal audience.

Niall Kennedys Resumé, niall Kennedy is a software engineer in San Francisco, california. My career includes writing code, shaping products, and building platforms to engage developer audiences. Google, google facilitated payments on third-party websites and apps. Google pay, google pay api, and W3c payment Request api. Twitter, develop sdk, cms, and workflow integrations needed to include content published on Twitter in an article, a website, and natively on ios and Android. Work with large partners around the world to integrate Twitter, periscope, and Periscope content into their apps. Manage restful apis backing content display and Tweet authorship including single Tweets, timelines, hazlitt collections, search, and web intents. Facebook, lead a team of engineers building first-party ios and responsive web applications and libraries to drive customer adoption and refine sdk offerings.

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Coach Advantage tennis, teaching a variety of players from age 4 to adult tennis skills in both individual and group settings. 0rganising Holiday camps, recruiting coaches, advertising and promotion, booking court time, planning time tables, developing course content, liaising with hltc committee, parents and guardians. Advantage tennis School Program; liaise with school staff, develop course content, communicate with parents or guardians, work alongside pe staff to achieve their goals (entering school teams in to tennis tournaments). Program includes Primary and Secondary. junior Competition Organiser; small marketing and advertising, work within lta rules and regulations, booking court time, liaising with parents or guardians, recruiting tournament staff, managing tournament entries, running the tournament official on the day. racket Stringing and Merchandising;. Grips rackets shoes and clothing. running Junior Match Plays; U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, girls and boys competitive match Player; Mens and Mixed first player, outside tournaments manage Advantage tennis Website manage Advantage tennis Social media first Aid provider.

business partner resume
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Biotalent Canada Professional Services-Get expert advice on various bio-economy specific business challenges. sell the business change to major stakeholders within the company, lay out a development plan through engineering or acquisition.

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