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Use images and videos. Today, blogs are quite attractive and mostly, bloggers are using attractive images and videos to support their content. An image can explain things well than ordinary words. Use images instead of feeding words like fillers. No doubt, still you need to write a lot, but its better to keep your words in picture frames. But never use copyright protected material. Its against online ethics and bad for the health of your blog.

Slangs will make a bad impression of your blog and you will lose a good story number of readers. Similarly, try to be neutral and unbiased on issues like gender, caste, culture and religion. There are many other sensitive issues as well, which should be treated with extensive care. Enjoy your writing, never take it as a burden and try to keep enjoying. Writing is a great expression of intellectuals. So, if you think you can use the power of words, then believe in yourself and write passionately. Your immense affiliation should reflect in your writings. A blog is the parallel name of passion and interest in writing. Never try to write for time pass, if you cant maintain your blog permanently. The very soul of your writing is your determination and commitment with the work.

daily diary writing

Writing daily diary an effective method of studying vietnamese

It might be possible that your reader has more information than you. If it is so, then it will be quite difficult for you to make an escape! If you dont know the dates or exact period of some event then leave. Try to give some other details, which you know the best. Nobody is perfect in this world, and if you skip something, your readers will not criticize you. Avoid slangs, unethical language, write a blog if you can, but dont use slangs make and such language, which can be criticized among the masses. If you keep using slangs and unethical words in your sentences, then they have other choices.

daily diary writing

Now, look at Martha's diary and write about her daily routine

Producing a great blog is not a big art; neither there are some handwritten rules available. No doubt, there are some dos and donts, which you should keep in mind if you want to be on the top. Blogging is all about passion! If you have the guts and flair of writing, then you can do it easily. Research is good for your blog. Research well the topic for which you are doing a blog. Research based or scholarly content has its own unique significance. Topic can be any, but it should be well-researched and properly executed. Dont write on something for which you are not sure about.

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daily diary writing

Write your diary

In contrast with a personal diary or a journal, a modern blog is written well in where copywriting style. Its exclusively made to educate, inform, entertain, and provoke readers. No matter what the niche is, a blog is usually aimed at something informative and interesting to catch attention of employer's the online readers. Today, blogging is quite in, and people use to do it as a part time hobby. Its a way of interacting with people and sharing new ideas on the wide horizons of internet. To master the art of blogging, you need to write blogs on regular basis.

This way, creative writing can trigger you to pull your best efforts in your content, as it will be published and publicized massively. Start with any idea which you may like. You can start up with any idea of your own interests. You just need to embed useful words and then fabricate them according to your topic. It can be a fashion blog, a sports blog or a blog related to health issues. There are millions of topics, which you can present in your piece of writing. So, start writing now and prove your intellect!

Your Own mood diary - find a space to Write. Whenever we talk about a a diary, the image of leather bound, exotic diary and quill pen comes to mind. Your diary can be simple - just a spiral notebook, bits of paper, your cell phone, or note cards - whatever you can find to write. It would be great if you could keep a little notebook with you. Or, the technology addicted among us could scribble notes into our phone or tablet as well.

Keep your diary private and safe. By keeping it private you can talk about whatever you want. Just take a few minutes a day or each week to reflect. I hope you find your own catharsis and monitor your mood and life events by keeping your own mood diary! Mood keywords: self-image, sad, crying, guilt, satisfaction. Sources: 1) Anne Frank museum Amsterdam Website, "The diary of Anne Frank 2) bbc radio 4 Website, "Malala's diary /programmes/b01nw6wp Image Credits: main image: maksim Kostenko m (used under license inset images in main image: public domain images of Anne Frank and Malala yousafzai from. Blogging is not difficult, neither so different from the rest of the writing. It is a new dimension to the modern way of writing. Blogging is a term, which is widely used for such content that is posted on millions of websites online in different regions of the world.

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Anne needed wrote her diary during the nazi regime in Holland, and it helped her in passing time during immense persecution. Her diary now stands as an echo of her life and is used for inspirational"s. You can read Anne Frank's diary and about her life at the following link: The diary of Anne Frank - from the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. Malalas heartfelt diary for bbc urdu is the most recent famous example of how a diary was used to get through horrible times. Malala yousafzai wrote a diary blog during the taliban atrocities in the Swat region of pakistan. She narrated her diary from a childs eye and how her life as a girl was affected by the violence. Her diary conveys her inspirational story to the whole world. She also received the nobel peace Prize for her her outspoken observations she recorded in her daily diary. Here is a link to more information about Malala and her diary: Malala's diary on bbc radio.

daily diary writing

When you parenting write your mood diary find a quiet time and space away from other people. Sit down with a cup of tea and begin to reflect on the day or week's events. Remember that you don't need to write a lot - a sentence, a paragraph, a page. Just the process itself helps you detach. You will also find that putting your thoughts and feelings on paper allows your mind more space for the future. Inspiration: The Anne Frank malala diaries. Both Anne Frank and Malala yousafzai used their own diaries to reflect on events in their own lives.

is that the same triggers keep bothering us, and we just cant help. Writing them down helps you in keeping track of the negative and positive feelings. This data would help you in analysing when you feel high and low and what makes you feel. You can also look back at your diary over time and smile upon any happy events in the diary. Detach From events, your mood diary helps you detach from events. Writing a diary makes you a narrator, and you can observe your life from a novel perspective. This objective view puts you in a better position to analyse the situation.

Catharsis, in tragic dramas, catharsis is the release of pent up emotion which propels the plot forward. You can experience the same release in your own daily life when you write a mood diary. Your daily or weekly writing lets out the stored emotions, and helps you observing personal events trunk from a distant perspective. Most of the time when we feel low we cant always point to the precise reason. By describing the events in your life over time you can begin to identify events or patterns that lead to your drop in feeling. This is when the real problem begins. A mood diary allows you to turn your feelings turn into words, and they become tangible entity.

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"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn." -Anne Frank. Jotting down a daily or weekly mood diary is an amazing way to make sense of our experiences in life. Mood diaries help us because they offer us catharsis, a way to keep track, and an ability to detach from our woes and tribulations. Both Anne Frank in Holland during World War ii, and recently malala restaurant in pakistan, used diaries to help in their own tumultuous young lives. In the case of Anne Frank, her diary became the record of her life events. Malala used her diary to reflect on the life-shattering violence she witnessed. I recommend that you keep your own daily or weekly mood diary because it offers a space of mental retreat and reflection - even from the most turbulent life events.

daily diary writing
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Over the last three and a half centuries diary writing has developed to reflect and shape changes in the conception of self. Writing the diary made me realise that what I wanted was to be freelance, loosed from office duties and routine.

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  2. This is a sneak and peek into aakashs daily diary and a few excerpts. There you see a good habit of aakash. WIth our diary entry writing app, you can record daily ration to keep track of calories. Now, hands up who has ever tried to keep a daily diary in the past?

  3. You will find holidays, historical events, birthdays and. kept a daily food diary lost more than twice as much weight as those who did not record their food. The American journal of Preventive. digital diaries, and online writing pads, etc., the culture of diary writing or making daily diary notes has come to a sudden halt.

  4. Diary, science magazine recently released a study on the effects of diary writing for college and high school students. the name, daily, diary (TDR10-, daily, diary, or tdr10-DD) for this tag with permission from and to acknowledge our collaboration with. Writing Prompts for March. We provide events that are related to each day.

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