Same sex marriage disagree essay

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In my opinion, the characters and their development are the most fundamental substance of a story, especially in this genre, which is dominated by coming of age stories. Character development in light novels and in much of anime can really be understood as just growing up, yknow? Light novels are written for angsty teens to read and escape reality while also affirming their way of viewing the world from which they seek to escape, so its not like there are many light novels that illustrate what it means to grow up But. To the reader, i suppose Ill see you in part 2, if it ever comes, i hope you were at least mildly entertained by this clusterfuck. It is commonly accepted as an article of faith that Kashmir is the root cause of all problems between India and pakistan. I disagree with this premise, and wish to demonstrate that the kashmir issue is itself the result of a deeper root cause, which is a clash of two worldviews: pluralism versus exclusivism.

Still, i dont feel comfortable settling with that specific definition. I mean, this whole dialogue has gotten much messier than it was ever supposed. Socrates: i agree, i was surprised with how poorly thought through my inquiries have been, its turned into more of an interview than a dialogue, really. Maybe well do better in part two. Kawahara: If there ever is a part two, i mean, does this writer ever not leave things half finished? Socrates: Lol, good point. Anyway, back to the central question: what constitutes good character development? It may seem like a dumb question, but somebody asked the author to explain it the other day. What definition would apply to all the examples weve discussed from Monogatari and Sword Art Online? Kawahara: I mean, character development, in my experience primarily demand as a consumer of stories, can be defined as a character changing over the course of a story or portion of a story while still being recognizable as the character they were established as in the.

same sex marriage disagree essay

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Nisio isin really is fantastic, especially at writing great characters. Socrates: so youd say that character homework development in the monogatari series is, like it is in Sword Art Online, when the characters learn how to fish? Kawahara: yeah, Id say so, i think. Wait, no, but that Thats way too specific, i mean, Im not even sure that applies to Sword Art Online, to be honest, but we can run with that for the time being. Socrates: Now, it may have very well gone right over my head, but how does that fit with Shinons character arc? Kawahara: Lol, actually, now that you mention it, Im reminded of the ending credits sequence from the gun Gale Online arc. Socrates: Oh yeah, i loved that, it was always my favorite part of the episode, and not just because it meant it was over. Anyway, that ed basically illustrates how Shinon taught herself to fish in that arc, right?

same sex marriage disagree essay

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I dont know how Nisio isin manages to write stories like those, where the characters feel so special and real. Hes actually quite a bit younger than. Let me try to apply that show, at least its first five story arcs, to the fishing metaphor. Would you agree that in Monogatari, characters dealing with personal problems is the fishing? Kawahara: Uhh, yeah, actually, well, not really in the case of the snail but I dont know Well, of course, i mean, thats what Monogatari is all about, aint it? I guess since all of the apparitions are really just representations of whatever emotional baggage each character is dealing with, yeah, being able to deal with them would be like knowing how to fish. Actually, now that Im thinking about it, Oshinos mantra, only you can homework save yourself, but Ill lend you a hand isnt too different from the teaching-to-fish analogy weve been discussing. In Monogataris case it takes quite a bit of mental fortitude and humility for each character to actually go fishing.

Ummm yeah, well, i guess that fits pretty well with the whole metaphor, especially considering the examples I gave before regarding Kirito and Asuna wait, but its not like i can limit it to that, i mean, anything is possible in a story, right? The teaching-to-fish method is just one that i used quite a bit. Socrates: As expected of your literary brilliance, kawahara-sama, but I have a strong aversion to such open-ended answers as that one, yknow, they cause me to hurt myself in my confusion. Theres another anime light novel adaptation that ive watched and enjoyed, called bakemonogatari. I think it might be able to give us some direction as we explore the idea of character development. Are you familiar with it? Kawahara: Oh yeah, the monogatari series is like my favorite harem anime lol, just kidding. Yeah, thats one of my favorite anime, and definitely my favorite light novel series. I remember reading the first Monogatari novels as soon as they came out.

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same sex marriage disagree essay

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Socrates: I ratio mean, kirito looked pretty emaciated at the end of the aincrad arc, but Ill give that to you. Kawahara: leafa recognized Kiritos power and was quick to ally with him, despite him being one of them (a race that exists only in the game). Socrates: What about Shinon? Kawahara: Ah, good point, kirito was able to seduce her by playing innocent and pretending to be a woman, but I think she helped him out cause she saw a bit of herself in him. Socrates: Anyway, back to the fish thing, Im glad to hear you value that maxim, and your comment about how you so skillfully incorporated it into Sword Art Online actually transitions perfectly into my next question.

Would you rather read a story about a character who is given a fish or a story about a character who learns or has learned how to fish? Which premise do you think would make for a more compelling story, kawahara-sama? Kawahara: Hmm, well, of course, as Im sure youve already assumed, i would much rather read a story about a character that knows how to fish. I guess you could say that, for me, the key to making a great character is to make them a great fisherman, like kirito is! Socrates: I see; a great character must be a great fisher man. So then would learning to fish be what you consider character development, kawahara-sama?

Technically speaking, with regards to screen time, there was only one scene with her between the end of the second episode and the scene youre describing. Kawahara: Anyway, kirito teaches Asuna to stop and smell the roses, and Asuna teaches Kirito that investing yourself in a relationship is worth the risk, right? I mean, he was never one to be social, but when he first tried it, well, it didnt go that well, did it? Socrates: i kind of thought Kirito kind of figured that out on his own, since he decided not to push her away, right? Kawahara: Well, yeah, but I figured Kirito was willing to take the risk with Asuna because he knew she was strong. Socrates: Not as strong as Kirito.

Kawahara: ha, of course not, but strong enough for him not to push against the kind of momentum their relationship was gaining after the murder mystery. Socrates: so its better to invest yourself in relationships with people that are strong? Kawahara: Well, i mean, at least in a death game, right? Just look at The hunger Games! That being said, as cold as it sounds, i cant say its the kind of principle i disagree with. Doesnt it make more sense to ally yourself with somebody strong, strategically or romantically? Survival of the fittest, right?

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Kawahara: yeah, no, the situations these women find themselves in arent brought about by themselves, but, like, let me argue my case a bit, will you? Its not just relegated to technical skills, the way the teaching-to-fish theme is applied in Sword Art Online. Kirito and Asunas relationship (yknow, the greatest love story ever told is built upon the ways, you could say, that they taught each other to fish, right? Okay, so in the murder mystery vignette, it starts out with Asuna nagging Kirito. Socrates: (As women are accustomed to do). Kawahara: because kirito is slacking off while the rest of the front liners are working hard, but Kirito points out that its Aincrads nicest strange weather setting, so itd be a waste to stay inside playing video games. Kirito teaches her to make the most out of her time in Aincrad. Asunas berserk focus on escaping was stressing her out so much that she was reaching her breaking point. I hadnt noticed, of course, as I mentioned, i am but merely the lowest common denominator of your audience.

same sex marriage disagree essay

Wouldnt it have better for her to learn to assert the authority that should accompany her position? Or does this guild take vacation time that seriously? It seemed out of character that she wouldnt just be assertive on the basis of her position. Maybe my mind was just too feeble to accurately gauge your characterization of her up until that point. Kawahara: yeah yeah yeah, ive heard that a million times before, it was a way to get Kirito and heathcliff to duel. Socrates: Of course, what a fascinating way to push your story forward. I mean, i have more questions for you regarding that later. What about the dear loli? Even though Kirito warned her about the dangers, that didnt keep her from getting tentacle groped on two separate occasions, or is it just that these poor women portal find themselves in these dilemmas regardless of the decisions they make?

by the beta testers using all the information they had learned in the trial period. Everybody in sao was given an opportunity to learn how to fish. There are other examples too, yknow, i actually really put my heart into this bit. Socrates: Truly brilliant, kawahara-sama. I suppose thats what you consider a theme, but Ill have more questions about those later. Kawahara: woah woah woah, now that was definitely a bit sarcastic. Socrates: my whole point with bringing up the teaching-to-fish analogy is that it seemed to me, surely the lowest common denominator of your audience, that Kirito often distributed free fish. He has to fight heathcliff to get Asuna vacation time. Isnt she the vice commander?

I believe youre familiar with the maxim, give a woman a fish she eats for a day, teach a woman to fish, she eats for a lifetime. Tell me, do you agree with that? Kawahara: Absolutely, though I think ive heard it phrased, er, a bit differently. But yeah I totally believe that Haha, i often like to say, give a man a light novel, he eats for a day, teach a man to write a light novel (and its not very hard, trust me he eats for a lifetime in his. In business fact, i made a point of making this idea a theme early on in Sword Art Online. In the first episode, our great hero, kirito, teaches Klein (who is actually my favorite character, to be honest) how to play the game. Initially i was using it as an excuse to take care of some exhibition, but then I was like, lets be all literary and shit and make this a theme! Im sure you remember the scene, which was adapted in the second episode of the anime, where that one asshole interrupts the council held before they took on the first boss.

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Socrates: so, kawahara-sama, i watched the anime adaptation of your legendary light novel series, Sword Art Online, and I must say, it was quite the fascinating experience. Kawahara: Subbed or dubbed? Socrates: Subbed, of course, kawahara-sama. I might not be a master of high art like you, but Im certainly no pleb. As I said, i was fascinated by the story you crafted, but, since i know nothing, especially with regards to literature and the art of crafting fiction, there are quite a few questions I have for you, regarding a variety of different aspects of this. Would you mind answering a few of them? Kawahara: Of course not, buddy! And Im glad you loved my story, i take a lot of pride. I see well, before i get to those questions regarding Sword Art Online, kawahara-sama, i have a question about you.

same sex marriage disagree essay
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