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Thus, the sixth Plan (1980-85) conceived and designed irdp as an anti-poverty programme. The plan also emphasised that these people were poor because they did not possess any productive assets of their own except their labour, nor did they possess any special skills. Thus, the plan document mentioned, Any development strategy which aims at improving the lot of the poor must aim at creating new productive assets for them. All these assets would normally include sources of irrigation for those possessing some land, bullocks, other farm implements, seeds and fertilizers, animals for dairy and other animal husbandry activities, tools and training for cottage industries, handicrafts, village industries etc. Sub-Schemes of irdp for Rural development: In recent years, two special sub-schemes of irdp are also introduced. These include—Training of Rural youth for Self-Employment (trysem and development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (dwcra).

The sixth Plan proposed to integrate multiplicity of agencies for providing rural employment such as Employment guarantee scheme, small Farmers development Agency (sfda marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers (mfal) development Agency, drought Prone Area programme (dpap command Area development Programme (cadp desert development Programme (DDP). As all these programmes overlap each other and therefore it became essential to integrate these programmes for effective monitoring and accounting. In this programme there was an integration of sectoral programmes, spatial integration, integration of social and economic process, and above all the policies with a view to achieving a better fit between growth, removal of poverty and employment generation. Accordingly, the sixth Plan introduced the Integrated Rural development Programme on 2nd October, 1980. This programme was initiated as a multi-pronged attack on the problem of rural development was designed as an anti-poverty programme. Advertisements: The sixth Plan (1980-85) in its drafts mentioned that such multiplicity of programmes for the rural poor operated through a multiplicity of agencies should be ended and replaced by one single integrated programme operative throughout the country. Main Objectives: The process of economic development carried out in a country like india has benefitted mostly the relatively developed areas and also the relatively better off people. Inspite of various attempts the benefits have not thesis reached up to the backward areas and its backward people. To rectify this situation, designing of special programme for eradicating poverty became urgent. Thus, for the alleviation of rural poverty, poor people should be endowed with productive assets or skills for their fruitful self-employment by which they can earn greater incomes and thus cross the poverty line. Basic objective of irdp as introduced in the sixth Plan was to promote self-employment of the poor households along-with the transfer of productive assets, so that they can earn income sufficient enough to cross the poverty line.

short essay on rural development

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In the former category the Integrated Rural development Programme (irdp) was undertaken in 1980. Again in the later category, the food for Work Programme (FWP) was initiated in 1977-78 for generating additional gainful employment and to create durable community assets by utilising surplus food-grains accumulated as buffer stocks in the country. But this fwp created a little impact on the market wage rate, generation of employment etc. Thus later on, this fwp was restructured into the national Rural Employment Programme (nrep) from October 1980. Thus, from April 1, 1981, the nrep became a regular programme in the economic planning of the country since the sixth Plan, later on various other employment programmes were also introduced which include. Training for Rural youth for Self-Employment (trysem development of Women and Children in Rural Area (dwcra jawahar rozgar will Yojana (JRY) etc. Let us analyse some of these programmes in detail. Integrated Rural development Programme (irdp the Integrated Rural development Programme (irdp) seeks to promote self-employment by developing productive assets and providing inputs to the rural poor through a mix of subsidy and bank credit.

short essay on rural development

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Advertisements: Accordingly, since the inception of economic planning in India, the first Plan introduced the community development Programme and on 2nd October, 1952, first 55 Community development Projects were inaugurated where each project was covering three development Blocks. With the passage of time, more and more such projects were developed and at the end of the fifth Plan, about 5,028 Blocks were developed to cover almost all villages of the country, the community development programmes had movie undertaken ambitious schemes for alround development. Till the end of Fifth Plan, about. 671 crore were spent on these community development projects. Inspite of these attempts, the community development Programme could not make much headway as it failed to enthuse the villages into the spirit of self-help, self-reliance and co-operative effort. Thus, the planners were worried about the failure of this community development programme as it failed to attract more and more rural people within its fold. Advertisements: In the meantime lot of changes have taken place. At the centre, the ministry of Community development and co-operation was abolished and was replaced by a new Ministry of Rural development for accelerating the pace of rural development of the country. Accordingly, since the sixth Plan onwards, various self employment programmes and wage employment programmes were introduced.

Essay on the sampoorna Grameen rozgar Yojana (sgry essay on the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak yojana (pmgsy essay on the Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya yojana (pmgy essay on the food for Work Programme, 2001. Essay on the Annapurna, essay on the national food for work Programme (nffwp). Essay on the mahatma gandhi national Rural Employment Gurantee scheme Act (mgnregs). Essay on the Present Scenario of Rural development Programme in India. Introduction to rural development Programme in India: The majority of population in India (about 73 per cent) is living in rural areas. Living conditions of the rural people are very poor. Under such a situation, development of rural areas must receive adequate attention in various schemes designed for the development of Indian economy.

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short essay on rural development

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Rural Landless Employment guarantee programme (rlegp). Jawahar rozgar Yojana (JRY) and Others. Contents: Essay on systems the Introduction to rural development Programme in India. Essay on the Integrated Rural development Programme (irdp). Essay on the national Rural Employment Programme (nrep).

Essay on the, rural Landless Employment guarantee programme (rlegp). Essay on the jawahar rozgar Yojana (JRY). Essay on the, national Social Assistance Programme (nsap essay on the rural Group life Insurance scheme (rglis). Essay on the Swarna jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (sgsy national Rural livelihoods. Essay on the jawahar Gram Samridhi yojana (jgsy).

The herculean task is to make this dream of rural development through Right to Information, truly depends mostly on popularizing the use of Right to information act. For this the government should be made responsible to publicize the various provisions of the act. However, for effective publicity, the civil society organizations, intellectuals and experts have to give leadership to masses. The role of mass media is very important in highlighting the achievements of the use of right to information. Apart form the mainstream media, the help of traditional medias like nukkad, nataks, puppet dances, community radios, local newspapers may be taken to spread the message to every rural household.

Last but not the least, no programme, movement or scheme can be successful without the active and positive participation of politician and bureaucrats so ultimately the responsibility to make the right to information as an effective instrument for rural development lies with them. Submitted to rb by, himanshu. Advertisements: In this essay we will discuss about Rural development Programme in India. After reading this essay you will learn about:. Introduction to rural development Programme in India. Integrated Rural development Programme (irdp). National Rural Employment Programme (nrep).

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Under the provision of Right to Information Act, the authorities are supposed to make some sue motto publicity of information add about various issues of public concern. During the process of ascertaining the information on various issues, the members of public are likely to suggest remedial measures and alternative policy proposals on those issues. Once this is done properly, it would provide ample opportunities to the intellectuals, civil societies and common people to contribute rich inputs to the process of policy formation, decision making and their execution. The vibrant Indian Economy would end the perennial problem of unemployment from India. India would become a land of opportunities and people from all over the world would come to seek employment opportunities this is what the dream of Ex-Indian President. Abdul Kalam for Indian Economy by 2020. But the way things are moving, it seems that with the launch of every new employment generation programmes we are moving a step backward from the dream of Kalam.

short essay on rural development

they know, they are being put under beneficiaries only after paying bribes. The use of right to information, if done appropriately would not only bring awareness among masses about these programmers but also will be very effective in eliminating nepotism and favoritism and bring about transparency in the process of selection of beneficiaries and delivering the desired. Provided such rate is not less than the quarter of the wage rate for the first thirty days during the financial year and not less than a half of the wage rate for the remaining period of the financial year. This National Employment guarantee bill has all the potential to change the overall picture of Rural India and to bring paradigm shift in the employment opportunities available in Rural India. But the success of this mega scheme, which ahs indirectly, provided the right to work completely depends upon the wide use of right to information acts. Advertisements: Hunger, malnutrition and occasional cases of saturation deaths in rural areas are causes of grave concern to any sensible individual. In order to ensure food security and to maintain the appropriate nutritional level among the population, the government has put in place the public Distribution System (PDS) which is supposed to make available the monthly rations to the people below poverty line. But this scheme also seems of fair price shops and the officers of food supply department. But the fact is that the use of Right to Information can change the whole pds system.

Rural India is marked by high incidence of poverty and considerable unemployment. Due to these two mega problems life in rural India is still miserable. We can still find there widespread disease, high number of illiterates, prevalent malnutrition among children, women and masses at large, existence of miserable rural infrastructure like hippie roads, electricity, primary health, drinking water, lack of irrigation facilities and hell lot of socio-economic and political problems. But if we have a birds eye view of the rural development in India over the last 60 years, it is pertinent to point out that the government statistics on the achievements of rural development programme look quite satisfactory, but actually things are different. In such circumstances, it is being believed that the right to information can prove to be best instrument or tool in getting hold of the official records and then watching the discrepancy by comparing them with ground realities. The use of right to information can spread awareness among masses about various ingredients to developmental and welfare schemes and bring about openness and transparency in their implementation in one hand and ensure the peoples participation in other. I personally believe that if we want to ensure the national development of India in general and 10 gdp growth in Indian economy in particular then the basic needs of more than 260 million people living below poverty line mostly in rural India, must.

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Indian Parliament has passed the make right to Information Act 2005. The right to Information is a fundamental right deriving from the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under Article 19 (a) of the constitution. Image source; g, this idea was pronounced by the apex judiciary in many landmark judgments. Later on to give the status of fundamental right to the right to information, this act was enacted by the parliament. Rural development in general and poverty alleviation and employment generation in particular, are the biggest challenges before the planners and policy makers of India. Despite launching numerous programmes and schemes and even by pumping crores of rupees for poverty alleviation and employment generation, the overall picture of rural Indian continues to decline. Advertisements: even the turn of the century.

short essay on rural development
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In 1967 rural programmes and Krishi darshan were started for farmers in 80 village teleclubs in Delhi. Who am i essay writing instructions. to-do car advices and tips that will term paper on rural development them good the new testaments all the time.

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