The need to preserve forest essay

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They give oxygen to people and animals. They are a source of paper. In other words, trees are used to make paper. Trees also block the way of upcoming floods on their way. They also serve as food to some animals. (Example: dinosaurs and giraffes). They also provide/produce fruits for.

If we didn't have rain forests, we wouldn't have the specific kind of plants for medicine that we might need. The best ways to preserve food are to: Freeze the food boiling or blanch food at high temperatures Use alcohol, acid, and salt and sugar essay in high concentrations Exclude air Remove moisture. Yak play an important economic and societal role for the native people of Tibet and southern China. 95 of the worlds existing yak population lives in the qinghai-tibetan Plateau. This yak population are an irreplaceable resource for the native populations. Due to the yaks ability to survive harsh winter, they account for 90 of the livestock for people in the qinghai-tibetan Plateau. In addition to being livestock, yak by products also provide cloth, shelter, food, and travel for native peoples. Unfortunately, presentation yak are being killed off because of habitat loss and poaching. If they are depleted to low enough levels, the native peoples of the qinghai-tibetan Plateau will suffer. Because trees are important.

the need to preserve forest essay

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Because world it is the bear's natural habitat. Why do you need a bed or a house or a car? Reuse paper, recycle, and keep fires out of the forest oh and yah keep cars away so the gas doesn't set that whole entire forest on fire. Merchants who want their food wares to last longer put preservatives on them to retard spoilage. Unless you have a steady supply of food all year round, you have tostore food when you can get it to have something to eat when thefood isn't growing. Trees provide oxygen for us to survive. They also provide homes for animals and slow down things like run off to prvent silt build-up. They also need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

the need to preserve forest essay

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Forests also help to regulate the climate, they hold soil in situ and prevent errosion. Their fallen leaves add nutrients to the soil which enriches. Forests provide a habitat for many different mammals, reptiles, bird, insects and a variety of plants, besides the obvious trees. Oh yes and they look nice, would you want to see nothing but buildings stretching to the horizon and beyond in every direction? Humans need to preserve wildlife because If we don't the life cycle will be ruined. For example, if all the humans in the world kill all the sea krill, then the blue whale will die and the sharks and dolphins will acumalate because they won't have an enemy(blue whale). If we don't try to save the wildlife here we all might die. It is important to preserve renewable resources such as soil andforests. This makes them more useful to the various activities thatman engages in without being worn out.

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the need to preserve forest essay

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Preservatives suppress their growth making the food edible longer. Forests can grow anywhere there is adequate soil, moisture, a tolerable range of temperature, and the means of dispersal of seeds. There are many types of trees worldwide that exploit specific ecological and geographic factors within these general constraints. They keep the habitat that they live in and often where their source of food. Because it makes oxygen so we can breathe And privacy. And some people live in forests.

Finally the most important. So we can breathe as desk the person above me pointed out! all green plants photosynthesise and remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxgen back into the air. We (People) need Oxygen in order to stay alive and we produce carbon dioxided which is poisonous to us in high concentrations. So you can see that without plants (forests included) we would eventually run short of Oxygen and suffocate in out own waste carbon dioxide. Forests also provide wood for timber and paper manufacture. Many trees provide fruit and useful chemicals (Quinine and Aspirin originally came from different types of tree bark).

Of course, to the educated person enough but doesnt feel the importance of our world. There are a number of products that can be extracted from forests (mainly wood and food resources) in perpetuity if they are harvested sustainably. Forests also provide recreational activities that are important physically, aesthetically, and psychologically for society. Preserving forests not only protects plants and animals but reduces erosion and protects water supplies. Preserving rainforests is very important, as they give us oxygen, wildlife and much, much more.

They are being cut down for their resources at an alarming rate, and experts predict that if this continues at such a rate, the rainforests will be completely gone in just a few years time. Forests survive naturally because they have their own cycle. Decaying plants and leaves and foods (berries, dead animal meats, ect.) on the forest floor act as fertilizer ot promote the growth of other plants. You can preserve forests. Use of plastic, because other things than people also like to eat. Examples are fungi and bacteria.

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To have a constant supply of that product book even when it is out of season. Food is preserved to increase the shelflife of food in order to save money. Because i said. Actually because there is a huge chain of living things. So if an animal goes extinct then the animla who eats it will go extinct and the animal whp eats it will go extinct and on and on and. We fit in where ever the animal we eat is (if we eat fish and they go extinct we will be sad and hungry). So if you dont preserve wild life you will be hungry sad and mainly i wiull be mad at you! All i can do is to educate myself first about the importance of our en I may now educate young minds about what i have learned, not only the young minds of our generation, but also to some related nor important persons in my life.

the need to preserve forest essay

Did you know that Salt used to be the major preservative used in preserving meat on a long voyage? If we don't, wildlife will die sooner, there will be less oxygen report and more co2 which means the ice cap will melt quicker. NBecause like all monkeys they are some of the smartest creatures on earth and have provided scientists with valuble insight. Also the monkeys were here before us and deserve to stay. No, you do not need to refrigerate preserves after opening, butsome brands recommend. However, the high amounts of sugar act aspreservatives to help the food last. A variety of reasons:. To extend shelf life. To assist in transportability.

killing innocent frogs, bugs and animals. They cut down trees and don't shed a tear when bears, frogs, insects and all the variety of animals suffer with the loss of their lives. Both beaches and Forests are equal entertainer for picnics. Now thechoice of destination for picnic should depends upon the traveler'sinterest. Kerala, the god's own country is maintaining equalimportance for both Wildlife tourism and beach Packages. However, for adventure lover's the best picnic destination will beForest which gives wide choice of adventures including Trekking, Rock climbing, night Camping and many more. Much of the food we purchase and eat contains some sort of preservative. Food needs to be preserved because it does not take very long for it to go bad.

They provide for their families by turning jungle lands into pasture for cattle and fields for crops. While much of the popular media would attempt to convince you that big business is responsible for the loss evernote of jungle lands, the reality is, most of it goes to the locals, who cut down the trees and sell the wood in the cities. While big business is not directly responsible for most of the loss of the jungle lands, it is responsible for increased life spans and population growth. We must learn that when we take our cures into the jungle, we have a responsibility to also take our population controls. Edit: This answer is ridiculous. The natives and population nearby would never in history have been capable of cutting down the rainforest at the rate that is happening currently. A few trees a day, but with big business, suddenly a hundred trees are crashing to the ground day by day.

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Trees produce oxygen for our planet. They keep essay the soil from washing away. 1 person found this useful, some people are trying to blame the diminished size of the jungles on big business. The reality is, many of the natives of jungle lands are living longer now because of modern medicine. People from industrialized nations go to 3rd world nations and provide medicine and other resources which result in increased life span and decreased infant mortality. The result is an explosive population. Those people build homes by cutting down sections of the jungle.

the need to preserve forest essay
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I have a star Trek garden with 21 Star Trek named daylilies and many plants to attract butterflies. All i can do is to educate myself first about the importance of our forest. Then I may now educate young minds about what i have learned, not only the young minds.

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