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Let's explore the rain forests closest to home first! Temperate rain Forests Here in the United States we have temperate rainforests. . The pacific northwest of the United States is home to some of the most breath taking temperate rain forests on earth. The highest elevations in the Smoky mountains in east Tennessee are considered by some to be temperate rainforests as well. Generally the trees do not grow as high, the quantity of species is not as great and the size of the forests are almost always smaller. When you think of a temperate rain forest you should think of moss shrouded branches and rocks. . The constant cool temperatures combined with high annual rain fall couple to produce extremely wet conditions most of the year. .

This high level of moisture in the air allows certain plants and animals to survive. Temperature The temperature of the rain forest varies little your by season. . In fact the difference between the annual highs and lows can be as little as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain by definition a rain forest should receive at least 80 inches of rain per year. . There are certain regions of the rain forest belt that receive the rain more consistently than others. Seasons Unlike the temperate zones experts of the United States and Europe, the rain forests of the world have only two primary seasons, the wet season and the dry season. Section overview Types of rain Forests we will look at both types of rain forests, tropical and temperate. We will explore the differences and similarities of the two types of rain forests. Think there are only two types of rainforests? . rainforests can be broken down further into. Lowland, flooded, montane and mangrove.

winter homework

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Nothing goes to waste in the gpa jungle! Rivers, every rain forest has it's rivers. From the mighty Amazon to the tiniest tributary, rivers make up the life blood of a rain forest. . Home to creatures great and small, the river system of each forest literally drains off the vast amounts of rain that fall annually. . In some cases the rivers are permanent, in other cases they form after heavy seasonal rains. Many species of fish, mammals (fresh water dolphins reptiles and amphibians call the rivers home. . Some creatures rely on the river for only parts of the year, others rely on the river for their very existence. Humidity considering the amount of annual rain fall as well as the presence of lakes and rivers the rain forest generally has a high humidity level. .

winter homework

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Seen here, the buttress of a tree actually forms pyramid shapes to help stabilize the towering giants. . The buttresses of the trees are utilized by many creatures oliver as homes! . be careful where you walk, the giant Bushmaster may be hiding in the buttress of that tree you are standing next to! Over time the leaves and branches from the trees above have fallen and formed a mat of rotting organic matter. . In spite of what you may think the soil down here is actually very poor. . There are literally millions of organisms per acre that breakdown the fallen vegetation and literally consume it! . The trees consume all of the nitrogen and other elements produced by the decomposition of the fallen plant matter. .

The under story is really the domain of the invertebrates! The forest Floor, descending further down in our journey we encounter the forest floor. . If you and I were to take a walk in the jungle we would spend most of our time on the forest floor. . Large mammals such as tapirs call the forest floor home, give the dense vegetation many parts of the forest floor are nearly impenetrable. . This fact often limits the size of the mammals that live here, even though most of the life is found here, the majority of it is small, such as insects and other invertebrates. The floor is a dark place, the sun from above has been all but blocked out by the dense layers of the canopy and the emergent layer. . even the middle of the day seems like nothing more than a moonlit night on the forest floor. The base of the giant trees that form the canopy, and the emergent layer can be seen on the forest floor. . These giants are often held up by something known as a "buttress root system".

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winter homework

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Many species of insects and reptiles also dwell in the canopy. . due to the fact that many plants resumes produce flowers and fruit at this level a high concentration of pollinating creatures are busy making sure the plants can produce flowers. . Much of the canopy is home to plants like bromeliads which actually capture the falling rain water and hold it in "cups or vases" that provide drinking water to a host of creatures living way up in the air. New research for is being conducted to determine how many types of plants and animals live in the canopy. . Some biologists believe that as much as 70 of the living organisms in the rainforest live in the canopy.

The under story is a relatively dark place. . Light has a very hard time penetrating the dense canopy layer above. . Because of this lack of suitable sun light many of the plants that live in the under story are low light plants such as ferns and mosses. . The humidity is generally high in the under story since the sun does not penetrate to dry off the rain that falls from the canopy. While there are some creatures that live in the under story of the rain forest it is more difficult to find birds and mammals at this level. .

 There is only a hot/wet season and a hot/dry season. Lack of deciduous trees, (trees that do not lose their leaves) the laye rs, emergent layer, as we begin our exploration of the rain forest layers we are starting at the top. . Literally emerging from the forest are the tallest trees. . These ancient giants have fought their way to the top. . The forest floor is darkened by the shadows of these giants, making it difficult for new trees to find enough sun, water and room to grow.

By making it all the way to the top the giant trees get the benefit of unlimited tropical sun. . no need for sun tan lotion with these trees, they soak up all the uv rays the sun has to offer. Because most plants need the sun to produce energy, the most successful trees often produce the most flowers and fruit. . The largest of these giants can reach almost 200 feet into the sky! . Some of the largest trees are estimated to be over 2,000 years old. The canopy, try to picture a dense layer of thick green leaves, branches and tropical flowers. . Much of the forest life can be found living high above the ground. . you might normally think of birds and other flying creatures living up here, but did you know that many mammals also call the canopy layer home? . we are just beginning to discover how complex this layer of the rain forest really.

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A tropical rainforest has four distinct layers, we will explore each layer together! Emergent layer, canopy, under story, forest floor. There are features in a strange rain forest that help make the forest unique. . Some of these features are: rivers and streams in a rainforest can also dark be considered one of the structural features. The climate of a rainforest is one of its main features. This climate includes the rain, humidity and temperature. No winter as we know it in the United States.

winter homework

Can't find towns a report card? Your teacher or school office will have your oen on file. Have you decided to do a report on rainForests? The staff of rainForest, adventures is here to help you get an "A". This section of our website is intended to help students who are working on school projects related to the actual rainforests of our planet! Section overview, introduction to what a rain forest really. A rainForest is different from other forest types because of the unique structures, and weather found in the rainForest that are not found in other types of forests. These features include layers that are inhabited by unique plants and animals that do not necessarily live in other parts of the forest. Light and water levels also allow certain plants and animals to exist in the rain forest where they might not be able to otherwise.

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