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Paintings he said, should reflect the elements and form of the 19th Century mexican painters. The group would call this "folkloric" style of painting "Mexicanism" and it would be reinstated back into the world of "fine art". The Americans labeled this movement the "Mexican Renaissance". In her second self-portrait, "Time Flies", frida employs the "Mexicanism" style. In this portrait the motif has taken on a very "folkloric" style with vivid and varied colors. Simple cotton peasant clothes replace the sophisticated Renaissance velvet dresses that adorned the subjects of her previous paintings.

In his lifetime, diego rivera was considered the " Master of Murals great ". He painted numerous murals mostly in Mexico and literature the United States. Frida would often accompany him to the site where he was painting his next masterpiece. More than once Frida appeared as a figure in his murals. While diego painted murals that were measured in several square feet, in 1945 Frida painted her own mural on canvas that was measured in just inches, 24" x 30" (61 x 75cm). She called it "Moses" or "Nucleus of Creation". The inspiration for the theme of the painting came from a sigmund Freud book that she had just finished reading: " Moses the man and Monotheistic Religion ". The mural style of the painting was inspired by diego. Her Mexican roots: Frida was involved in a circle of Mexican artists and intellectuals who were devoted to the beliefs of the artist Adolfo best maugard. In a 1923 book, maugard wrote about returning Mexican art to its native roots.

a person that i admire essay

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The elongated features of the previous portraits are now true to form. Subtle signs of influence by diego william rivera are evident in her choice of color and background and the stylized tree and larger branches in the foreground. Frida and diego were married on August 21, 1929. After their marriage, diego encouraged Frida to paint in the style of the mexican popular art, a "folkloric" style of painting. He suggested that she paint the indigenous and working class people of Mexico as he did in his own murals. From that encouragement came the painting "Two women". This painting very closely resembles the characteristics of a rivera mural the bright colors, the style and the figures. It's almost as though it were a close-up of a section of one of river's murals. A lot of the characteristics of this painting would be used in many of her paintings that followed.

a person that i admire essay

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Because it is the most original" he said. The other three he said, " seem to be influenced by what you have seen". He told her to go home and paint another painting and he would come by and see. After seeing the new advantages painting rivera told Frida: "you have talent " and encouraged her to continue painting. If rivera had not responded to her paintings with a positive attitude, it may well have been the end of Frida's career as a painter. In 1928, Frida painted a portrait of her younger sister, "Portrait of Christina, my sister". The style and motif of this painting is in sharp contrast with the dark gloomy renaissance portraits of the previous year. In this portrait, the background colors are light and airy and the dark heavy renaissance gowns have given way to white sleeveless attire.

After recovering from the bus accident, Frida learned that diego was painting another mural at the ministry of Education in Mexico city. Although she did not know him personally, she admired him and his work enormously…so much that she wanted his opinion of her own work. She bundled up four of her paintings, boarded a bus and set out for the ministry building. When Frida arrived she recalls: ". I was bold enough to call him so that he would come down from the scaffolding to see my paintings and to tell me sincerely whether or not they were worth anything ". One of the paintings she brought to show was her first self-portrait "Self-Portrait in a velvet Dress". After viewing the paintings, rivera remarked that he was most interested in the self-portrait ".

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a person that i admire essay

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One example where this element was used is "Portrait of eva frederick" (1931) where she identifies the portrait sitter and then herself as the artist. In another 1931 double tourism portrait, "Frieda and diego rivera", she uses the banderole to proclaim that the portrait was painted " for our friend. In the unfinished painting "Portrait of a woman in White" (1930 the banderole was included but not inscribed. Leaving the sitter or inspiration for this portrait unknown to this day. Also borrowed from the 19th Century mexican Portrait painters was the use of a background of tied back drapes.

Frida used this motif in several of her paintings, first in "Self-Portrait - time files" (1929 and later in "Portrait of a woman in White" (1930 "Self-Portrait Dedicated to leon Trotsky" (1937) and others as well. Diego rivera: diego rivera was a well known muralist in Mexico. While Frida was attending classes at the Escuela nacional Preparatoria school, diego was painting his mural ". Creation " at the school's Amphitheatre. Frida would often go there to watch him paint and admire his work.

It was he who first sparked Frida's interest in art. Frida would often accompany her father on his painting excursions into the nearby country side. He also taught her how to use the camera and how to retouch and color photographs. While Frida was recovering from the bus accident, guillermo gave frida his box of paints and brushes and encouraged her to paint. Fernando fernández: Fernando fernandez, a friend of Frida's father, was a well known and respected commercial printmaker. He hired Frida to work with him after school and taught her how to draw and copy prints by the Swedish Impressionist Anders Zorn.

Fernández was surprised at her talent. 19th Century mexican Portrait painters: Early on in her newly found artistic career, Frida had no style of her own and her early paintings reflected the motifs and styles of other artists that she admired. Frida's first self-portrait was "Self-Portrait in a velvet Dress" in 1926. It was painted in the style of the 19th Century mexican portrait painters who were greatly influenced by the european Renaissance masters. This self-portrait was Frida's interpretation of Botticelli's "Venus". Frida used this style in other portraits that followed: "Portrait of Alicia galant" (1927) and a portrait of her older sister; "Portrait of Adriana" (1927). Another characteristic that Frida borrowed from the 19th Century mexican Portraits is the inscribed banderole across the top or bottom of a painting. These inscriptions served to identify the sitter for the portrait or to describe the purpose or meaning of the painting.

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i felt I still had enough energy to do something other than studying to become a doctor. Without giving it strange any particular thought, i started painting. " It was the beginning of a life-long career for Frida. Aside from a few art classes in high school and browsing through art books from her father's collection, Frida had no formal training in the arts. As Frida developed her artistic skills, her paintings evolved into her own unique style, heavily influenced by other people, artists, cultures and life itself. She experimented with different styles and motifs and shocked the art world with her "surrealist" style works and paintings with sexual references. Wilhelm (Guillermo) Kahlo, her Father: Frida's father, a professional photographer by trade, was also an amateur painter.

a person that i admire essay

Org, wasc senior College and University commission, retrieved may 15, 2016 "Fielding Graduate University". fielding Graduate University Press Release (January 13, 2015 "Fielding Graduate University Awarded the carnegie foundation Advancement of teaching for Community Engagement Classification", santa barbara Independent, m, retrieved may 15, 2016 "Top 100 Degree producers: Graduate and Professional". Diverse Issues in Higher Education. External links edit coordinates : 34263.68N 1194250.19W /.4343556N 119.7139417W /.4343556; -119.7139417 Retrieved from " "). As a young woman, becoming a painter was not a part of Frida's career goals. Her goal in life was to become a doctor but a tragic accident at age 18 left her mentally and physically scared for life. It changed the course of her life forever. It was during her months of convalescence that Frida began to take painting seriously storage "to combat the boredom and pain" she said.

edit fielding Graduate University was selected as a member of the carnegie project on the Education Doctorate (cped a collaboration of 87 institutions focused on redesigning doctorate in education (EdD) programs. 6 It also was one of 240 schools selected for the 2015 Community Engagement Classification from the carnegie foundation for the Advancement of teaching. 7 better source needed The university has been named one of the top 100 Graduate degree producers for Minorities by diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine. 8 References edit fielding quick facts "Fielding Graduate University history". "Fielding Graduate University news". wasc, "Statement of Accreditation Status: fielding Graduate University", wascsenior.

It offers degree and certificate programs through the School of Psychology and School of leadership Studies. The programs include online learning, individual faculty-student mentoring and assessment, and in-person events of various types in many locations throughout the year. The professions targeted include clinical psychology, media psychology, educational leadership, organizational leadership, and human development, within the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors. Fielding dissertation was the first university to offer. D program in media psychology. Citation needed, fielding's learning model implements a student learning plan, contract-based learning, competency-based assessment, student-to-student peer feedback, project and portfolio reviews, and final thesis or dissertation. Fielding Graduate University is a 501(c 3) nonprofit organization accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the western Association of Schools and Colleges (wasc). 4 fieldings School of Psychology offers the only accredited clinical psychology doctoral program using a distributed delivery model. The program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (apa commission on Accreditation, 750 First.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Fielding Graduate University (previously, fielding Graduate Institute and, the fielding Institute ) is a university in, santa barbara, california. It offers postgraduate and doctoral studies mainly in psychology, education and organizational studies, primarily through distance education programs. Fielding Graduate University was founded in 1974. Hudson, hallock hoffman, and Renata tesch. 2, they designed fielding as a graduate program for using mid-career professionals who were not being served by traditional universities. Contents, academics edit, the university offers graduate programs for adult professionals seeking master's and doctoral degrees.

a person that i admire essay
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  7. From our readers; Essay contest: Who do you admire? Our essay contest winners wrote about a brother who is gay, a mom who works hard and an inspiring wife. Fielding Graduate University (previously fielding Graduate Institute and The fielding Institute) is a university in Santa barbara, offers postgraduate and doctoral studies mainly in psychology, education and organizational studies, primarily through distance education programs. A huge collection.

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