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Small fees you can get registration very fast. You can do it yourself or can hire a consultant. If you take the registration you have to pay taxes every quaterly and this has to be collected from the customer, further you get the amount deducted if you pay any service tax for services you take. More info here 4) Open a current bank account. Well a small investment.10000 is required to start with. You will require to give all the above docs to start bank account. Normally these days procedure are extremely fast you should be getting most stuff in few days.

Below is the list of most popular bo structures in India. We recommend you check and find suitable structure then start working on the same. A sole Proprietor or homework Individual, no deed Required, no ca or Legal Cosultant Required. No waiting, no seperate pan card required b partnership, deed Required, cA or Legal Cosultant Required 3-7 days to form Partnership. New pan card is required c huf or Hindu Undivided Family, deed Required, cA or Legal Cosultant Required, small investment required 3-7 days to form huf, new pan card is required d). Pvt Ltd or Ltd, deeds Required / Other formalities, cA or Legal Cosultant Required. Investment required 15-25 days or more to form Pvt Ltd or Ltd. New pan card is required 2) Local Business Registration, once you have decided on bo structure of your business next important stuff is local registration of your business, this norm is dependent upon local or state or municipal laws. In smaller cities there could be no such requirement, some cities may require municipal requirement you are required to pay yearly small fee as well in some cities of India. 3) Service tax Registration, well starting small you do not need it but if the fees generated would cross 7 lakhs limit in single year you need Service tax registration.

business plan for marriage bureau

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How to maximize the potential of growing your business. In next article we talk plan about the easy steps to branding the matrimonial website and customizing the business offering to users. subscribe to our rss keep tuned. Today we will discuss starting of matrimonial website or marriage bureau in India not in terms of setting up a website or website requirement, but an legal angle. Most entrepreneurs are tempted to go into matrimonial website looking at the scope of matrimonial business in India but thinking it is complicated to start they back-off their matrimonial business idea. Well answer to all this is every thing is easy you need to put in some efforts. Step one is to finalize the name of the company, once you have done this finalize on communication address. 1) Decide on Business Organization Structure.

business plan for marriage bureau

M: The marriage bureau for Rich people

Feature rich matrimonial script from makeyourSoftware. MakeyourSoftware a leading brand in Online web based software, it provides solution to this unique opportunity. Software comes with pre plan loaded easy to manage features may it be for integrating banners or packages or api. It offers back end Invoice creation facility. To know more about our matrimonial script please free to visit our section. Do ask about free matrimonial website demo. Coming Up Branding The matrimonial Website.

Our website script has been designed to accommodate easy integration of banners may it be third party networks like google ad-sense or rich media banners all can be integrated. Our matrimonial website script already has pre determined placements that have been determined based on research reports by our website designer so that high ctr ( Click Thru rates ) could be achieved. D) Wedding Services Directory, again a non traditional medium of revenues, our software comes with free wedding directory software inbuilt in the software. Software has ability to offer free / paid directory listing. This being an extension of the current software it helps existing customer further engages service providers to advertise on the website. D) Article directory revenues, you can use article section for writing articles as well as creating revenues by providing pr to wedding service providers. You can charge in 4-5 figures based on your niche.

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business plan for marriage bureau

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Our Matrimonial Script provides complete dissertation flexible and automated business solution to gain from this business opportunity. We also talked about the franchise model that is fast gaining from this fast growing environment. Our software other than providing the standard features related matrimonial website application provides unique opportunity to generate revenues from traditional and non traditional means of revenues. Not only that our software streamlines the business operation helping new start ups or existing business to maximize on the low are list of few possibilities or options of revenues with Matrimonial website continue - a) Membership revenues, membership revenues are traditional form of revenues. It is still major revenue source fund it leads the list. Our software helps to create membership packages based number of days number of contacts need to be offered.

Packages ideally sell between.5000.35000. Certain niche business models offer it at a higher rates as well, but those packages are limited to an extent. B) Enhancement revenues, this is non traditional form of revenue is available in online website model only. This offered an enhancement or differentiation when people are making search in the matrimonial website. Sponsored, bold, color enhancement, verified profile are few of them. This is non traditional medium of generating revenue with matrimonial website.

Additional feature to offer other new walk- in clients. Finestjodi enterprises private limited 8 post 6 months (From Sep-17) crm login access rs 999/month for Adding New Profiles- Rs 151 per profile. For the first 6 months (till Aug -17) crm login access free! for Adding Profiles on website free! Premium for these services :. Thank you finestjodi enterprises private limited 9 Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. In our last post we talked about how age old marriage bureau business is changing in Indian Environment. We at makeyourSoftware are helping business to gain from this transformation.

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vast Database to Explore and Shortlist. daily recommendation as per Partner Preference set. zero expense to create crm and Website. Tremendous Increase in Database. 24by7 oliver access to bureaus Clients. Open access to all genuine profiles belonging to other Bureaus. Immediate response to their Clients Requests. features to contact other Bureaus.

business plan for marriage bureau

Excessive manual Work countable database. no crm difficulty in finding Matches. a seamless Personal crm. a dashboard to homework Track database. tools to Upload Bulk database. tools to add / delete profiles. tools to contact other Marriage bureaus.

nonetheless appreciate your kindly signing and returning one copy of this agreement which will constitute our agreement with respect to the subject matter hereof. dated: - signature: - name: -. Finestjodi enterprises private limited. Registration, partner Preference, bureau starts looking for suitable match. Finestjodi enterprises private limited 3, how Marriage bureaus work. books / dairies website excel Whats App word of mouth crm finestjodi enterprises private limited 4 How do marriage bureaus maintain their Database? difficulty in managing Database.

By your acceptance and as a connection hereof, you agree to treat all information concerning the company which is furnished to you by or on behalf of the company, whether furnished before or after the date of this letter and regardless of the manner. Evaluation Material in accordance with the provision of this agreement. you hereby agree that the evaluation Material will be used solely for purpose in connection with a possible transaction with the company, and that such information will be kept permanently confidential by you and your Representatives and you will not distribute this evaluation Material. You agree to restrain your Representatives from prohibited or unauthorized disclosure or the use of evaluation Material and shall be responsible for any such breach hereof. This evaluation Material is being delivered for informational purpose and upon the express understanding that will be used only for the purpose set forth above. In the event that the possible transaction which is subject of this agreement is not completed or at the companys request, you shall promptly return to the company all written material containing or reflecting any information contained in evaluation Material and will not retain any. It is understood and agreed that money damages would not be sufficient remedy for any breach of this agreement and Company shall be entitled to specific performance and injunctive or other equitable relief as a remedy for such any breach. In the event of litigation relating to this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive reasonable legal fees and costs incurred in connection with such litigation. Indian law will govern the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Business Proposal for Marriage bureau, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. M, finestjodi enterprises private limited, designed for :- marriage bureau. Designed By:-finestjodi, ind twist : / / usa. you are being furnished with confidential information that has been prepared by finestjodi Enterprises Private limited and you may be supplied with additional information by the company or by its representative or agents in connection with evaluating a possible transaction with the company.

business plan for marriage bureau
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  4. How to start marriage beuro in hindi? Since it is network based business the setup cost is least. Yes income depends on your target customers and what additional services you.

  5. Business startups are confused when drafting a business plan. 3 set up profitable business venture online marriage bureau. Business Mantram, business Tips, business Plan, business Project.

  6. M has partnered with Marriage bureau to revolutionize d matchmaking experience for single adults looking for a match. In our last post we talked about how age old marriage bureau busin ess is changing in Indian Environment. We at makeyourSoftware are.

  7. Here are some tips on how to run a successful marriage bureau. if you consider your marriage bureau a social service and not a business. The international marriage broker business earned a bad reputation in the early 20 00s, forcing Congress to clamp down on American men. Today we will discuss starting of matrimonial website or marriage bureau in India not in terms of setting up a website or website requirement, but an legal angle.

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