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I loved Eat, Pray, love, it was a witty, enjoyable and insightful read, and I recommend it highly. Transcript: Will it inspire you to travel? Find your spiritual self? Or reach your goals? Whats up with this book anyway? According to m: New York times bestseller for over 200 weeks. American booksellers Association Acclaimed Bestseller 1 on the booksense paperback nonfiction List for over a year. Over 10 million copies in print.

It was like that! I cant speak for others, but her recount of the inner difficulties she went through in meditation was pretty much the same for. In the last leg of her journey, elizabeth travels to bali, where a local medicine man has promised to teach her everything he knows. Its interesting to see how differently Elizabeth deals with people and situations now that shes been through the pleasures of Italy and the trials of India. I wont spoil it for you, but this is a chapter where things manage to round up nicely for her. Funny, imperfect essay and Utterly human, im surprised to see so many negative reviews of her book on Amazon (the average score still turns out a high 4 out of 5 stars). Some accuse her of being utterly self-centered and selfish, but I never thought that while reading leaders her. Instead, i got a sense of a flawed but honest person, and its this honesty in her writing that endears me to her book. She doesnt gloss over the ugly bits she had to go through nor the mistakes shes made, but her imperfections makes you root for her more. The book may sound like a dreary, sombre soul-searching sojourn, but Eat, Pray, love is actually pretty hilarious. Elizabeth spares no account poking fun at herself and never loses her sense of humor while going through the worse bits.

eat pray love book summary

Eat, Pray, love: One woman s search for everything

Eating through Italy, she first travels to Italy, where she learns Italian and gains twenty-five pounds from plan pampering herself with the delicious local food. I lived voraciously through her delicious accounts of Italian pasta, cappuccinos, pizzas, and her wanton exploration of the local delights inspired me to try out as many eats as I could while in Japan. Being a wordie myself, i also enjoyed learning a tad of Italian through her (her translation of a football fans rambling curses on page 72 is hilarious especially her favorite Italian word: attraversiamo (lets cross over). I imagined rolling my tongue around the words as she did and I gained a deeper appreciation of this beautiful language through her. Praying in India, after four months enjoying a life of leisure, learning and eating, Elizabeth hits the other extreme by traveling to an ashram located far away from Mumbai, on a dirt road in a rural river valley near a pretty and scrappy little village. Its here, i think, that Elizabeth faces her inner demons for the first time. Theres something about meditation, as I found out doing my own meditation retreat in Thailand, that forces you to look at yourself starkly, not in a metaphorical way, but in a right-smack-in-your-face way as you deal with the negative stuff that comes. While i was reading her experience of meditation for the first time, i wanted to jump up in the middle of the shinkansen (Japans bullet train) and shout yes!

eat pray love book summary

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Another thing to note is that the picturesque narratives also lose their hold in the last two segments. Eat Pray love also highlights the being of a woman, but from a very narrow view by the author. However when she juxtaposes the newly revealed facts about her mother with her own life, gilbert's view turns wide and accommodating. Eat Pray love is a book which deserves the fame it receives, because of the daring the author upholds, in confessing the subtle facets of her life. While on my recent 2-week journey across Japan, i had the chance to read Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, love: One womans search for everything Across Italy, india and Indonesia. And because i underestimated how much time Id have on the trains, i ended up reading it not just once, but twice. And yet, i enjoyed it as much the second time round as the first. Eat, Pray, love is the story of Elizabeths strange travels through Italy, india and Bali as she struggles out of a recent divorce and turbulent love affair, in search of the three things she has been missing in her life: pleasure, devotion and balance.

The ability to use language at her will is one of the greatest wealth of her. Yet there are some elements which may appear strange to the readers. Though Gilbert divides her life and even the chapters of her book in utmost precision, she fails miserably when it comes to allocating space to each segment. Readers may doubt that food is her passion much more than prayer and love are. Much of the book is dedicated to the appetite quenching in Italy. India gets mentioned the least, may be because gilbert concentrated much on exploring the inner alleys of her yogic mind than sightseeing in India. In the segment of love as well, her personal life takes over the qualities of the book as a travelogue-memoir.

Summary of Eat, Pray, love: by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat pray love book summary

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Gilbert has done an appreciable job in this fine memoir. Her perfectionism as both an author as well as an organised mind is lucid in her work. She likes to organise everything. From the report name of her book to the 108 reporting chapters that corresponds to the 108 beads of a japmala, gilbert is as perfect and planned as she can. She even plans how to spend her life for one year with the equal precision she may use to slice a cake into four equal parts. The book blurs the line between ration and faith too many a times. Eat Pray love is strictly not a book for atheists.

The spontaneous writing of the author commands faith, the same faith that helped her to surf over the tides of gloom that roared to swallow her life once. The instances of God accepting the petition and of the most delirious moments of Yogic contemplation may raise doubts in the minds that have learned to perceive only science. But there is that vivid force of magnificent description in Gilbert's writing that calls for faith even from the most dubious souls. Another fine quality to be pinpointed is the preciseness of Gilbert's lively descriptions. It takes no longer than a moment to comprehend that food is her passion. The empathetic vigour with which she describes supple texture of even the pizza she eats beats the reader.

Posted Date: Updated: 29-Oct-2011 Category: Entertainments, author: m, member level: Gold, points: 20, in this article, i am reviewing the eat Pray love written by Elizabeth Gilbert, in an objective manner. Eat Pray love was released in 2006. It contains the experiences of the author during her travel in Italy, india and Indonesia. Elizabeth Gilbert is a recognised writer from United States. Eat Pray love is a confession.

It is a ray of hope. It is the story of how a woman who has lost the faintest ray of hope to achieve happiness in her life unearths a goldmine of happiness. It is the story of the ultimate ascendance through unwavering faith in god. The memoir is too true to the heart of the author and it calls for a typical biographical approach. Elizabeth Gilbert portrays her real life experiences in a poignant and sincere manner in this book. In the beginning of the book, the life is as bad as it can. We see a depressed Elizabeth who lost faith in life because of a ruined marriage, a broken heart and a failed relationship. The story manifests the quest of a woman for unavoidable yet hard-to-achieve nuances of life like pleasure, prayer and of course, true love.

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And check here for more of Nicoles reviews. Cannonball read good / Nicole, books, november 25, 2008, dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here or follow him. year Long Disaster review, dvd releases 11/25/08. 2006 by elizabeth gilbert, this beautifully written, heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers. Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings of modern American success (marriage, house in the country, career) and find, instead, what she truly wanted from life. Setting out for a year to study three different aspects of her nature amid three different cultures, gilbert explored the art of pleasure in Italy and the art of devotion in India, and then a balance between the two on the Indonesian island of Bali. By turns rapturous and rueful, this wise and funny author (whom booklist calls Anne lamotts hip, yoga- practicing, footloose younger sister) is poised to garner yet more adoring fans. Back to biography of Elizabeth Gilbert, the book you searced for could not be found.

eat pray love book summary

I would have to admit that this phase of Gilberts journey is the most interesting to me in the entire book, but it also took the most time for me to get through because there is far more action than in the previous two. Besides developing a friendship with the medicine man, she finds a close friend in a healer named wayan, wayans children, and finds a small group of expats like herself, one of whom spoiler she takes as a lover — how Carrie bradshaw of her —. I dont want to give away too much of this last leg of Gilberts journey, but I feel that I should point out that it is in Indonesia that she truly discovers the kind of woman, and person, that she truly is, and I believe. When I really thought about it, i was actually a little jealous because i wish I could devote just a small amount of time in my life traveling writing and discovering who i really. I joke with friends and family about what I want to be when I grow up, but the truth of the matter is that Im looking down the barrel of 30 and Im not sure who or what i am now. Im not getting all emo about it since i can figure it out right here at home, if I truly commit to it, but who wouldnt like to visit interesting and exotic places while discovering just who we truly are inside? (ok, maybe a little emo.). This review is part of the cannonball read series. Details are here and the growing number of participants and their blogs are here.

At the end of her sojourn, she sets off for India with a newfound sense of pride in herself as she realizes that she is beginning to become her own person, stepping out of the shadow in which she spent so many years. (Yeah, i just got a *little* self-helpy/new-ageish on you.). Next up is India, where gilbert throws herself into furthering her basic Yogic training. I have to admit that this section bored me a bit because ive never really seen the point of meditation and chanting in Sanskrit and the thought of sitting in a cross-legged position for hours on end kind of makes my brain fall asleep. However, gilbert embraces the lifestyle, which includes scrubbing floors and working as the Ashram cruise director, of sorts, while continuing with her meditation and chanting and searching for God. She describes a few moments of succeeding in finding herself at one with the universe and admits to making out with a tree (I know how that sounds; but its something I might do while completely drunk so i cant really judge and if she. Who am I to say? She leaves the Ashram with equal parts hope, insight, and sadness, and heads for Bali to study with a famous healer and further her spiritual education.

Its not a suicide type Oh God, i wish I could just drink a bleach cocktail and check out for good; its more of a this is not my life and I need to figure out what it is supposed. The divorce is ugly, messy, and brutal, while her subsequent romance with a younger man meant to be a rebound develops into a co-dependent struggle as she finds herself disappearing into him. Gilbert decides to grab onto her life with both hands, no matter how much it hurts, and get away from all of it until she figures out who she. I found this to be very touching because, as Americans, we tend to define ourselves by our careers and the people with whom we surround ourselves, by the movies we like and the takeout places we frequent and the sports teams we cheer on with. But who are you? In my opinion, this accounts for not only the stereotypical midlife crisis but also the recent emergence of what the pop psychologists have named the quarterlife crisis. No one seems to be comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, i have a certain admiration for the few among restaurant us who actually put in the effort to become comfortable and banish the boogeymen who live under the bed. Gilberts first stop is Italy, where she stays for four months learning the language, sampling (or rather inhaling) the food, traveling to the notable and not-so-notable Italian cities and towns.

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November 25, 2008, when I first noticed this book floating around my house, about a twist year and a half ago, i groaned inwardly that someone had paid money for some new-agey crap about a woman on a spiritual journey and blahdeblah. I finally gave in and read for two reasons: everyone i know kept raving about it and I was bored. I started the book while hungover, and took this as a bad omen that I was about to subject myself to 108 chapters of woo-woo nonsense. I finished it with a feeling of admiration and introspection. Sure, i cant spend a year living in three countries (Italy, india and Indonesia) in a quest to find myself, but the author treats the experience with an open, frank and funny tone as she takes the reader through innumerable plates of pasta, days spent. Gilbert begins at the beginning, which I find refreshing, since so many of these types of books begin in media res and leave me with an initial sense of confusion. One night, while lying sobbing on the bathroom floor with her husband sleeping in the other room, the author finds herself mired in a pit of despair because she hates her marriage and her perfect life as a respected and published travel writer living. She knows just one thing — she wants out of her marriage and out of her life.

eat pray love book summary
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And for the love of god (no pun intended i hate chick-lit and books on how to find yourself. Book review : Screw It, lets.

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  1. Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert my rating: 4 of 5 stars I have to start by saying that I really did enjoy this book. I had heard it was good, and i added it to my list for that reason alone. Eat, pray, love is the story of Elizabeths travels through Italy, india and Bali as she struggles out of a recent divorce and turbulent love affair, in search of the three things she has been missing in her life: pleasure, devotion and balance.

  2. And what is it about anyways? but whats it about? Amazon summary: Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings.

  3. The book you searced for could not be found. Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert has a huge following. Why is this book so influential? Is it really that great?

  4. Book summary : Eat, pray, love. 2006 by elizabeth gilbert. Back to biography of Elizabeth Gilbert. Shop for this title - in association with.

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