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Strong motivational and leadership skills. Ability to produce best result in pressure situation. Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both. Ability to work as individual as well as in group. Academia, bachelor of engineering from asd institute of Technology with. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from akl institute with. Technical qualification 2D Drafting Package: Autocad. 3D Drafting Package: Solid Edge, analysis Package: Femap, project, leaf spring by using Natural fibres.

Interrupt latency is the time required for an isr responds to an interrupt. 10) How to reduce interrupt latency? Interrupt latency can be minimized by writing short isr routine and by not delaying interrupts for more time. Freshers Resume sample - 1, dev sharma, email ID:. Contact., career Objective, to work for an organization which provides me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge to growth along with the organization objective. Profile summary, an enthusiastic fresher with highly motivated and leadership skills having bachelors of engineering degree in Mechanical farm Engineering. Expert in implementation of each step of project. Eager to learn new technologies and methodologies. Always willing to innovate the new things which can improve the existing technology. Highly motivated and eager to learn new things.

embedded systems freshers resume

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We can pass any kind of pointer and reference it as a essay void pointer. But to dereference it, we have to type the void pointer to correct data type. 7) What is isr? An isr(Interrupt Service routine) is an interrupt handler, a callback subroutine which is called when a interrupt is encountered. 8) What is return type of isr? Isr does not return anything. An isr returns nothing because there is no caller in the code to read the returned values. 9) What is interrupt latency?

embedded systems freshers resume

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Size of integer pointer and character is 8 bytes on 64 bit machine and 4 bytes on 32 bit machine. 5) What is null pointer and what is its use? The null is a macro defined. Null pointer actually means a pointer that does not point to any plan valid location. We define a pointer to be null when we want to make sure that the pointer does not point to any valid location and not to use that pointer to change anything. If we don't use null pointer, then we can't verify whether this pointer points to any valid location or not. 6) What is void pointer and what is its use? The void pointer means that it points to a variable that can be of any type. Other pointers points to a specific type of variable while void pointer is a somewhat generic pointer and can be pointed to any data type, be it standard data type(int, char etc) or user define data type (structure, union etc.).

So, the use of const with volatile keyword makes perfect sense. 3) Can a pointer be volatile? If we see the declaration volatile int *p, it means that the pointer itself is not volatile and points to an integer that is volatile. This is to inform the compiler that pointer p is pointing to an integer and the value of that integer may change unexpectedly even if there is no code indicating so in the program. 4) What is size of character, integer, integer pointer, character pointer? The sizeof character is 1 byte. Size of integer is 4 bytes.

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embedded systems freshers resume

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Top Embedded C programming Interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced on embedded system concepts like rtos, isr, processors etc. 1) What is the use of volatile keyword? The c's volatile keyword is a qualifier that tells the compiler not to optimize when applied to a variable. By declaring a variable volatile, we can tell the compiler that the value of the variable may change any moment from outside of the scope of the program. A variable should be declared volatile whenever about its value could change unexpectedly and beyond the comprehension of the compiler. In those cases it is required not to optimize the code, doing so may lead to erroneous result and load the variable every time it is used in the program.

Volatile keyword is useful for memory-mapped peripheral registers, global variables modified by an interrupt service routine, global variables accessed by multiple tasks within a multi-threaded application. 2) Can a variable be both const and volatile? The const keyword make sure that the value of the variable declared as const can't be changed. This statement holds true in the scope of the program. The value can still be changed by outside intervention.

From Sept-2009 to till date. working as on Site Accountant with Administration in Sarth Engineering construction Pvt Ltd, at Harduaganj Thermal Power Project, kasimpur Power house, aligarh (UP) from Jan-2008 to sept-2009. as an office Assistant cum accounts assistant in Mana Group for the period. About me : - - i am commerce Graduate working with computerized accounting with Mana Group, civil Lines, nagpur, M/s Sarth Engineering construction Pvt. Ltd Nagpur (Site Office kasimpur Power house Aligarh (UP) currently working.

Mumbai (Site office : - dtcpl camp, purna barrage-2, ner-Dhamna, via. Gandhigram, akola.) - i am their field commerce last 5 years. I am earning 20000/- per month with facility at site. I have knowledge of computer of master level. I have exposer windows, ms office tally and Internet etc. Hobbies : Listening Music, old songs play a cricket. Hence, i request your kind honor to please consider my application and give me a chance to serve under your kind control and oblige Thanking you date : Place : Nagpur Raju kale.

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Maintaining total accounting of Site, cash bank book, sales Tax, tds, vat, day to day cash bank payment, cash imprest of employee, cash budget, handling cash at site, etc work related to accounts office. m/s Sarth Engineering construction Pvt. Ltd Harduaganj Thermal Power Project, kasimpur Power house, aligarh (UP) maintaining total accounting of Site, cash bank book, sales Tax, Income tax, tds, vat, form-38, cash indent, cash flow, cash imprest, cash budget, handling cash at Site, handling Administration etc. maintaining cost centers, cost categories, budget, budget controls, stock and inventory etc in world the organization of Mana Group. Experience : - - currently working as. Site Accountant in d thakkar Construction Pvt. Ltd., at dtcpl camp, purna barrage 2, ner-Dhamna, akola.

embedded systems freshers resume

(Mana construction, mana realtors, mana builders tara Enterprises. worked as an Accountant Assistant with Mana Group having their 3 unit viz. Which in nurse the business of Construction builders, Trading of Institutional products maintenance services. They are also authorized distributors of diverse lever (division of hll) for Vidarbha chhatisgarh Area. Job description is of overall accounting of all units, banking work, sales tax income tax. worked as a computer Operator cum Clerk in a reputed organization M/s. Mana construction, nagpur for 3 years. Skill : - m/s d thakkar Construction Pvt Ltd. Purna barrage 2, ner-Dhamna, akola.

manual Accounting, cash flow, cash budget, cash material Indent, cash bank book, labour, labour License, labour Gate pass, statutory register etc. worked as a computerized Accountant with M/s. Sarth Engineering construction Pvt. Ltd based at Nagpur (Site Office :- harduaganj Thermal Power Project, kasimpur Power house, aligarh (UP) from Jan - 2008 to sept-2009 Job description was maintaining daily cash bank scroll, handling day to day cash, sales tax, form 38 preparation accounting of vouchers, banking functions. working as an Accounting with Administration of complete site of Sarth Engineering construction Pvt. Harduaganj Thermal Power Project, kasimpur Power house, aligarh (UP). Work Experience Organization : Mana Group:- mana construction; Mana realtors; Tara Enterprises mana builders Designation : Assistant Accountant Period : Knowledge of work - working as an Accounts Assistant of Mana Group. Looking after the accounting of 4 difference branches in the organization of Mana Group.

Site Accountant, period : writing Sept-2009 to till date, knowledge of work : - currently working as. Site Accountant of d thakkar Construction Pvt. Ltd, dtcpl camp, purna barrage-2, via gandhigram, ner-Dhamna, akola. (MH) - a computerized manual Accounting, cash flow, daily bank payment report, cash budget, cash bank book, monthly purchase details, Tds details send to ngp office mumbai office, monthly cash account 15 days bank account in specified format send to nagpur office regularly. d thakkar Construction Pvt. Ltd based at Mumbai (Site Office : - dtcpl camp, purna barrrage-2, ner-Dhamna, akola) from Sept-2009 to till date. Job description was maintaining daily cash bank scroll, handling day to day cash, preparation accounting of vouchers, banking functions, various office works, preparation disbursement of salary, maintaining attendance, leave records etc. Work Experience, organization : Sarth Engineering construction Pvt.

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Curriculum vitae, raju kale, email : - rajukale83 at m ; kaleraju83. Objective :-, utilize and implementing the skills, knowledge and my potential towards achieving the goal of the organization. Strengths :- - dedication towards work and ability to work within deadlines. ability to interface with a diverse resume group of people and levels. a good team Member and desire towards gaining new skills. Computer skills :-, mscit six Month course, tally.2;9 Version Three month course. Educational qualifications :- - m passed out in summer 2005 from Nagpur University with aggregate. Work Experience, organization : d thakkar Construction Pvt.

embedded systems freshers resume
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  3. Top Embedded C programming Interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced on embedded system concepts like rtos, isr, processors etc. 159 Responses to "cover Letter for Resume with Sample cover Letter & Format for Freshers". Welcome to Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd., we appreciate your Interest in Exploring Career Opportunities with.

  4. Emertxe certified Embedded Professional (ecep) is one of the best embedded systems training in Bangalore, india. This freshers training course is a combination of practical training, rigorous evaluation and industry coaching. Best freshers resume samples and examples - you can download easily - career Objective- to work for an organization which provides me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge.

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