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Vasudeo sitaram Bendrey (18941986 historian, credited for discovering the "true portrait of Shivaji". . and creating records called "Bendrey's indices". He won the maharashtra state award for his biography on Sambhaji. 66 67 Surendranath Tipnis, social reformer and the chairman of the mahad Municipality in the early 1900's. Helped Ambedkar during the mahad Satyagraha by declaring its public spaces open to untouchables. Awarded the titles 'dalitmitra friend of the dalits) and 'nanasaheb'.

31 Murarbaji deshpande (?1665 commander of Shivaji's forces who died defending the fort of Purandar against the mughals in 1665 51 sakharam Hari gupte (17351779 a general of Raghunathrao peshwa responsible for conquering Attock on the banks of the Indus and repelling the durrani ruler. Citation needed 52 full citation needed later he was involved in the plot against Peshwa narayanrao 53 lakshman Jagannath vaidya, dewan Bahadur of the princely state of Baroda during British Raj era. Narayan Jagannath vaidya (18xx1874 introduced educational reforms in Mysore and Sindh (now in pakistan. The narayan Jagannath High School (popularly known as njv school in Karachi ) is named after him to acknowledge his contributions to education in the region. Rango bapuji gupte (1800 missing lawyer for Pratapsingh of Satara, tried to organise a rebellion against the British in 1857. 58 Mahadev bhaskar Chaubal (18571933 Indian origin British era Chief Justice of the bombay high court. Member of Executive council of governor of Bombay in 1912 and Member of royal Commission on Public Services in India. 59 Ram Ganesh Gadkari (18851919 playwright and poet who was presented the kalpana kuber and Bhasha Prabhu awards 60 Shankar Abaji Bhise (18671935 scientist and inventor with 200 inventions and 40 patents. The American scientific community referred to him as the "Indian resume Edison". 61 Prabodhankar Thackeray (18851973 anti-dowry, anti-untouchability social activist, politician and author. Father of Bal Thackeray 62 Shankar Ramchandra Bhise (1894-1971 popularly known as "Acharya bhise" or "Bhise guruji was a social reformer, educationalist and novelist devoted to the education and upliftment of the Adivasi community in the early 20th century.

essay on sambhaji maharaj

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46 They worship Ganesh, vishnu and other Hindu gods. Many are devotees of sai baba of Shirdi. Some ckps may also report be devotees of the religious swamis from their own caste - "Ram Maruti maharaj(Deshpande. . and "Gajanan Maharaj (Gupte who took samadhis at Kalyan (in 1919) and Nasik (in 1946) respectively. 1 f 47 Many ckp clans have ekvira temple at Karle as their family deity whereas others worship Vinzai, kadapkarin, janani as their family deity 48 The mother tongue of most of the community is now Marathi, though in Gujarat they also communicate with their. 50 Notable people edit baji Prabhu deshpande (16151660 commander of Shivaji 's forces who along with his brother died defending Vishalgad in 1660 51 Netaji palkar (16201681 senapati under Shivaji, founder of the maratha empire. Was Muslim for a few years.

essay on sambhaji maharaj

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Unlike most upper-caste marathi communities however, the ckps, through their interaction with Muslims and residence in the coastal Konkan region, have adopted a diet which includes meat, writing fish, poultry and eggs. 42 The ckp and the marathi saraswats historically performed three "vedic karmas studying vedas, fire sacrifice, giving alms) as opposed to full Shatkarmi brahmins who performed six vedic duties which also include accepting gifts, teaching Vedas to other and performing vedic rites for others. They have vedic thread ceremonies munja" in marathi) for male children and a death pollution period of 10 days. 25 Educationally and professionally, 20th century research showed that the saraswat, ckp, deshastha and Chitpawan were quite similar. 6 Researcher and professor ela dabir sums it up as follows "In Maharashtra for instance, the family norms among the saraswats and ckps were similar to those of the Brahmins". However, she also criticizes these communities by concluding that until the 20th century, the marathi Brahmin, ckp and Saraswat communities, due to their upper-caste ritualistic norms, traditionally discouraged widow remarriage. This resulted in distress in the lives of widows from these castes as opposed to widows from other marathi hindu castes. 45 Concerning female education, researchers showed that ckps had a progressive attitude compared to others. For example, ristine dobbin's research concludes that the educationally advanced communities in the 1850's - the ckps, pathare Prabhus, saraswats, daivadnya sonars and the parsis were the first communities in the bombay presidency that allowed female education.

Another publication, "kayastha-mitra volume 1,.9. Dec 1930) gives a list of north Indian princely families that belonged to the ckp caste. 38 Rango bapuji gupte, the ckp representative of the deposed Raja Pratapsinh Bhosale of Satara spent 13 years in London in the 1840s and 50s to plead for restoration of the ruler without success. At the time of the Indian rebellion of 1857, rango tried to raise a rebel force to fight the British but the plan was thwarted and most of the conspirators were executed. However, rango bapuji escaped from his captivity and was never found 39 Other communities, at times, tried to contest ckp rights to Upanayana and being twice ey based their opinion on the belief that no true kshatriyas existed in the kali yuga; however the upanayana. In this text, Gramanyachya sadhyant Itihas, he wrote that the ckps "provided the cement" for Shivaji 's swaraj (self-rule) "with their blood". 41 Culture edit The ckps share many common rituals with the upper-caste communities and the study of Vedas and Sanskrit.

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essay on sambhaji maharaj

Shivaji, maharaj history in Hindi

Given their training ckp served both as civilian and military officers. 29 several explain of the maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji 's generals and ministers, such as Murarbaji deshpande and Baji Prabhu deshpande, were ckps. 30 During this period, three notables wallpaper ckps - netaji palkar, pilaji Prabhu deshpande (the son of Baji Prabhu deshpande) and Shamji kulkarni (the son of raoji narao kulkarni) were converted to Islam. The conversion happened after being taken as prisoners in war campaigns in the case of the latter two and after being lured by mirza raja jai singh into the military services of Aurangzeb in the case of Netaji palkar. After their escape, conversions back to hinduism were done using Brahminical rituals performed after authorization by the Brahmins, under the minister "Panditrao". Thus, they were accepted back not only into hinduism but also the ckp community.

31 As the maratha empire/confederacy expanded in the 18th century, and given the nepotism of the peshwa of Pune towards their own Chitpavan Brahmin caste, ckp and other literal castes migrated for administration jobs to the new Maratha ruling states such as the Bhosale. 34 British era edit during the British colonial era, the two literate communities of Maharashtra, namely the Brahmins and the ckp were the first to adopt western education with enthusiasm and prospered with opportunities in the colonial administration. A number of ckp families also served the semi-independent princely states in Maharashtra and other regions of India, such as Baroda. 35 36 full citation needed The British era of the 1800s and 1900s saw the publications dedicated to finding sources of ckp history 37 The book 'prabhu kul deepika' gives the gotras ( rishi name) and pravaras etc. Of the ckp caste.

He also cited documents from Banares and Pune Brahmins ratified by bajirao ii himself that proved their rights over the vedas. 2 d b According to the American Indologist and scholar of Religious Studies and south Asian Studies who is the Professor of International Studies and Comparative religion at the University of Washington, christian lee novetzke in the thirteenth century they might have been considered. Thus they are an intermediate caste between brahmins and Kshatriyas. 27 The ckps, described as a traditionally well-educated and intellectual group, came into conflict with Marathi Brahmins at least 350 years ago over their rights to be teachers and scholars. As such they competed with the Brahmins in the 18th and 19th centuries for government jobs. 23 full citation needed.

They even demanded privileges of the Brahmin order the rights to conduct the vedic rituals(all by themselves) and satkarma(all six karmas of the Brahmin order) for which they were opposed especially by the Chitpawans. 28 10 University of Toronto historians and Professors Emeriti, milton Israel and. K wagle opine about this as follows in their analysis: The ckp could undertake the six functions (satkarma) because they had the expertise to. Aba parasnis the ckpin the early 1800s could easily hold his own and argue intricate points from the vedas, puranas and the dharmasastras in a debate which resulted in his composition of the siddhantavijaya in sanskrit. He prepared the sanskara manual(karmakalpadruma which was published by Pratapsimha. The ckp as an educated elite therefore, were a serious challenge to the Brahman monopoly of Vedokta. 2 e deccan sultanate and Maratha Era edit The ckp community became more prominent during the deccan sultanates and Maratha rule era. During Adilshahi and nizamshahi, ckp, the Brahmins and high status Maratha were part of the elites.

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Engravings from the Shilahara times have been found in Deccan to prove that homework many ckps held high posts and controlled the civilian and military administration. For example, a shilahara inscription around. 1088 mentions the names of a certain Velgi Prabhu. Lakshmana Prabhu is mentioned as a mahaDandanayaka (head of military) and MahaPradhana (prime minister Ananta-Prabhu is mentioned as a mahaPradhana (prime minister kosadhikari (Head of treasury) and Mahasandhivigrahika (charge of foreign department). According to historian and researcher ley, these epigraphs might be the first available evidences of the existence of the ckp in Maharashtra. 21 The ckps have traditionally been placed in the Kshatriya varna and also followed Brahmin rituals, like the sacred thread (Janeu) ceremony 25 1 a as another example of similarity with the Brahmin rituals, the observation of the period of mourning and seclusion by person. 25 26 According to a letter written by the Shankaracharya in the 1800s, who confirmed the 'vedadhikar' of the ckps, the title Prabhu, which means high official, must have been given to the ckps by the Shilahar kings of Konkan. 1 c The Shankaracharya also formally endorsed their Kshatriya status by citing various sanskrit scriptures ; especially one scripture that explicitly called them Chandraseniya kshatriyas.

essay on sambhaji maharaj

16 The ckp followed the Advaita vedanta tradition propounded by Adi Shankara, the first Shankaracharya whereas the pathare Prabhu followed the Smartha tradition. 12 Contents History edit The ckp claim descent from Chandrasen, an ancient reporting kshatriya king of ayodhya and of the haihaya family of the lunar Kshatriya dynasty. 17 18 The name Chandraseniya may be a corruption of the word Chandrashreniya, meaning from the valley of the Chenab river (also known as "Chandra. This theory states that the word kayastha originates from the term kaya desha, an ancient name for the region around ayodhya. 19 During the times of the Shilahara dynasty of Konkan (around the 10th century the silhara kings were known to invite for settlement into their lands, Brahmins and Kshatriyas of the northern Indo-gangetic valley. These are the goud Saraswat Brahmin and the ckp. 20 In fact, epigraphical evidences.

in Maharashtrian History. 8, the ckp also performed three, vedic karmas (duties) which in sanskrit are called: Adhyayan - studying of the vedas, yajna - ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras and dāna alms or charity. 12 Traditionally, in Maharashtra, the caste structure was headed by the Brahmins castes the deshasthas, chitpawans, karhade, saraswats and the ckps. 13 Other than the Brahmins, the Prabhus (CKPs and Pathare Prabhus ) were the communities advanced in education. 14 They are mainly concentrated in Maharashtra. They may be considered part of the broader kayastha community 15 or a sister caste of the other prabhu community in Maharashtra - the pathare Prabhu.

Please tell us if you see something that doesnt look correct in this article a bout Prithviraj Chauhan story, and if you have more history of Prithviraj Chauhan then help for the oliver improvements this article. For the south Korean political party, see. Chandraseniya kayastha Prabhu cKP ) is an ethno-religious clan of south Asia. Traditionally, the ckps have the upanayana (thread ceremony) and have been granted the rights to study the vedas and perform vedic rituals along with the, brahmins. 1 a 2 b, ritually ranked very high, they may be considered socially proximate to the maharashtrian. Brahmin community, although they are not themselves Brahmins. 3 4 5 6, they have traditionally been an elite and literate but a numerically small community.

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Shivaji maharaj, shivaji maharaj, shivaji maharaj / Shivaji maharaj 19, 1630 /, ( ), ( ), shivaji maharaj Rajyabhishek, shivaji maharaj History in Hindi 1) ( ) 2), ( ), ), ) ), ) ), ) ), shivaji maharaj Rajmudra. Shivaji maharaj Rajmudra:, : : The glory of this Mudra of Shahajis son Shivaji (Maharaj) will grow like the first day moon. It will be worshiped by the world it will shine only for well being of people. Shivaji maharaj books : hope you find this post about King Shivaji maharaj in Hindi useful. If you like this information please share on Facebook. Note: we try hard for correctness and accuracy. Please tell us If you see something that essay doesnt look correct in this article about the life history of Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj And if you have more information History of Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj then help for the improvements this article. Prithviraj Chauhan, prithviraj Chauhan, note: , books for more details about Prithviraj Chauhan : Hope you find this post about King Prithviraj Chauhan in Hindi useful. If you like this information please share on Facebook.

essay on sambhaji maharaj
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  3. Chandraseniya kayastha Prabhu (CKP) is an ethno-religious clan of south Asia. Traditionally, the ckps have the upanayana (thread ceremony) and have been granted the rights to study the vedas and perform vedic rituals along with the Brahmins. King Prithviraj Chauhan history in Hindi language with all information about Prithviraj Chauhan biography in Hindi. India general Election Results - 2009 In 2009 the fifteenth general elections of India were held.

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