Essentials of a good resume

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Example: i organized a paintball day out for junior staffers and the top executives, in order to create a sense of belonging for the newbies. 10) Community service: everyone claims to have a big heart but only a few can actually quantify what their charitable accomplishments are. This is about you making a difference and being able to tell the world how you did. Example i organized a muffin bake off in my team and we raised over 2,000 for the local homeless shelter. There we go, 10 features that you have to include somewhere on your resume. I hope this gives you some ideas and that your resume is better off with these tips. What is your experience of these 10 features on a resume? Do you think they help and if so why or why not?

Example: Working with this team was a fantastic experience, i still keep in touch with all of the great members and i am glad they have all got promoted and wish them all the best. 6) Commitment: This is your chance to show how you get involved in the corporate culture and really try to live and breathe what your company is all about. Example: I have carefully studied the companys vision statement and refer to it almost daily when I need guidance on daily and longer term tasks. 7) Enthusiasm: This is all about what lengths you go to in order to further your career. Extra-curricular activities can benefit your potential new graduating employer. Example: I joined the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce networking Group in order to build up my network of industry peers. 8) Integrity: you would think it should hopefully go without saying that you have the integrity required for customers and co-workers to trust and work successfully with you. In order to reiterate this point you could write what others experiences of you have been. Example: When my manager needed someone trustworthy to look after the new office, she picked me out of 8 internal candidates. 9) team spirit: we can assume that you are a team player, everyone that works in an office is required to be or they would get the axe sooner than a frenchman can spell esprit de corps. Team spirit is more than simply playing, its actually taking the initiative and activating a group of people and creating closer bonds.

essentials of a good resume

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Example: I spotted an opportunity and developed a new order process and reduced lead times by 20 across my department. 4) Cultural Experience: Denotes what experiences you have had with people from other countries and cultures. You will want to include any language you speak, any time you have spent in a foreign country, any connections you have abroad etc. This can come in handy when a company wallpaper needs to deal with and even negotiate with international partners. Example: I lived in Germany for 2 years and speak fluent business German. 5) Positivity: everyone wants a force of positivity on their team. Its difficult to include this on a resume but you can do your best by using upbeat language and dropping hints of what a happy camper you are in the office.

essentials of a good resume

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Your ability to communicate is the number one factor for you career progression so you need to show initiative here. Example: I joined toastmasters 2 years ago and i am currently working towards my advanced speaker certification. 2) Openness: This means openness to new ideas, new processes, new people and. As corporations are ever changing entities, your ability to change with it is crucial. You will have to demonstrate how you adapted in the past and how you can do it again. Example: I tested the new email system quickly learned how to use it, then helped to roll it out across the business and taught it to others across the company 3) Creativity: This is your ability to engage in non-linear thinking or thinking outside the. An employer needs people that not only point out what is wrong in a process for instance, but can also come up with a better way of doing things.

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essentials of a good resume

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Dont get hung up on the things thesis in your resume that are really important to you, but wont mean that much to an outsider. Bring attention to your most relevant skills for the job youre applying for. Remember, recruiters are rooting for you. It means they fill requisitions and receive high-fives and praise from hiring managers. Help them to help you get in front of the right people so you can land that dream job. Ragini parmar is the vp of Talent Operations. Credit Karma, an online consumer finance platform with over 35 million members that offers truly free credit scores and reports alongside a suite of financial management tools.

Since joining Credit Karma in January 2013, shes overseen the companys growth from a headcount of 40 employees, to 300. Stay up on Credit Karma job news at the company careers page or by following Ragini on Twitter at @ragini_parmar. Have you ever considered what a hiring manager or an hr representative is really looking for when trawling through and screening hundreds of resumes daily? It will be a combination of things but some of them recur for every position they recruit for. Its easy to miss the basics so here is a list of the top 10 traits that will get you on the radar of the reader. 1) Communication skills: Communication skills are hugely important for anyone dealing with people on a daily basis. Speaking to it guys can be drastically different to speaking with.

Whatever exists online that you think exemplifies who you are as a professional, include. If youre active on GitHub, put a link to your profile. If you have a lot of recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn, link. If you have any sort of professional portfolio, put it on there. Your resume may be one page, but it isnt static. Recruiters are click-happy, so if you include a bunch of links theyre going to start looking, because theyd rather look than read.

Your resume, if done well, can serve as a jumping off point to anywhere you want to direct a recruiter. Or think of it this way you only have one page to tell the story of your life. Shouldnt you use every tool at your disposal? Cater your resume to each job you apply for. Its good to have a resume on hand that you can send out immediately when needed. But if youre applying for jobs that youre particularly enthusiastic about, take some time to tailor your resume to the position. You dont need 10 bullet points under your last position. Instead, look through the job description and highlight your experience that speaks directly to what a company is looking for.

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You dont have to include links add to everything youve published in your life, provide a few key examples instead, or better yet, a link that will take someone to a library of your work. Utilize all of the space at your disposal, even if it means playing with margins and fonts. Delete needless repetition of skills. In other words, do everything you can to keep it one page. Period. Think of your resume as a multimedia resource. Your resume should act as a resource center.

essentials of a good resume

Every recruiter has a different formula, but you want to optimize the space on your resume so that the parts of it recruiters will look at straight away say as much about you as possible. Keep your resume one page long. Few (if any) circumstances justify a two-page resume. If you have decades of experience and youre timetable applying for a senior-level position, maybe you get to go into a second page. If youre in doubt, keep it at one. I have over a decade of experience in talent operations but my resume is only one page. If you think that you should go into a second page because youve had so many positions in your career, youre only going to come off looking like a job-hopper.

looked at most. When I look at a resume, my eyes go first to an applicants most recent experience. I check what industry theyre working in, how long theyve been there and whether its relevant experience, before ive even looked at their name. It doesnt register with me how many jobs someone has had, or where they went to school. I then look at the name, to give the person an identity, before bouncing down to the bottom of the page, which is a great place for a jobseeker to put interesting facts about themself. Recruiters do look at your resume, but theyre not reading it for long.

At Credit Karma we look at every single resume. To me, thats the cardinal rule of recruiting. Its the recruiters job to evaluate each one. So as a jobseeker, you dont have to turn will to crazy tricks to get your resume read. Dont drop it off in person. Dont send it in with a gift. Dont mail it in an envelope filled with confetti (an actual thing that has happened to me). It oversteps the boundary.

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Trying to write a resume can be panic-inducing for jobseekers. Depending on who youre listening to, there is a fear that recruiters either arent reading them, or theyre spending such little time reading that they may as well not look at all. On top of this, everyone has their own theory on how to write a perfect resume. It all promotes a sense of confusion that leaves too many resume people writing their resumes in line with what they think companies want to see, not what they think is meaningful about themselves. As with so many things in job seeking, the perfect resume involves you tapping into what you believe is most meaningful about yourself. The following are five over-looked essentials to writing a resume that will give you the best shot of getting that dream job. Dont try too hard to be quirky.

essentials of a good resume
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But no matter what your. Writing a good one can improve your chances of getting a position in your chosen pursuit.

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  1. The following are five over-looked essentials to writing a resume t hat will give you. It s good to have a resume on hand that you can send out. Resumes will certainly vary depending on whether you re a recent graduate, cha nging careers, or looking to move up in leadership.

  2. There is no single document in a person s life that is more obsessed over than the resumé. Follow these 5 key essentials and get your cv noticed. And one to state what you are looking for / why you would be a good fit for the role.

  3. When writing your resume, your goal is to showcase your accomplishments and demons trate your fit for the position. Here are some things to think about as you. By joe konop, next avenue contributor.

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