If i had aladdin's lamp essay

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The only difference would be that their physical world would be simulated in our simulation machine, at another level of existence. How far can this go on? Our physical reality could be, in turn, simulated by a still higher-level interpretative machine, and. A simulation of our universe, running at real-time speed or faster would be impossible since the simulation would have to include the computer running the simulation, since it's part of the universe. It would take all of the computer's power (and probably more) just to simulate itself, with none left over for simulating the rest of the universe. This problem would be avoided if the simulation ran slower than real-time; this also avoids the paradoxes of time travel into the future.

The operators of the game, running the simulations nature of our universe, would be gods in their own right. They would be omnipotent, able to change anything in their universes, even the rules of the game, at any time. They could create and destroy, punish and reward the beings in their simulations. They would be omniscient in the sense that the whole simulated universe, with all its space and time, matter and energy, would be open for their inspection. They would be omniscient in this sense, though they wouldn't know any more than you. Humans or other beings in these simulated universes would believe in God if the operators were constantly and heavy-handedly interfering. Rational beings in universes without interference would not. There would be no way they could detect us or our world. These simulated beings would be as real as we are. Their world would look the same to them as our does. They would behave as we do, feel as we do, live, die, learn, love, go to war.

if i had aladdin's lamp essay

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I don't believe in Gods or spirits or life forces or ghosts or anything else that doesn't follow the laws of physics, whatever they are. I believe that human beings are complicated mechanisms that have developed out of billions of years of evolution. I am a materialist because it is the simplest plausible explanation of the observed facts.). Could we, in principle, simulate our own universe on some future souped-up computer? The simulation would start with the universe's initial condition, and follow every subatomic particle, every ray of light, every stray electromagnetic dissertation field in minute detail, instant by instant, in all their interactions with one another. It would require a tremendous amount of computation, many orders of magnitude more than we get from our present-day machines. If the universe is deterministic, and if the initial condition was simple and well enough defined, a complete and perfect universe simulator running faster than real-time would be like a time machine, with all its paradoxes. It would allow us to simulate the past and the future, to make changes and see the consequences — how the French revolution would have sorted itself out without Napoleon, or what life would be like now if Germany had beat us to the finish. This simulator would be an Aladdin's lamp, allowing us to alter our universe at will and see the results.

if i had aladdin's lamp essay

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Maybe so, or maybe the universe simply is, a direct implementation of those physical laws. There is no way we can ever know the answer to this question. Imagine that we are playing strange a game like the game of Life on a very large playing surface with a very fast computer, and that we selected just the right rules and initial condition so that, after the game had been running a long time. Imagine that these beings conducted scientific research and figured out the rules of their game, the size of the playing surface, and the initial configuration that gave rise to their universe. As part of their research, they might have constructed their own games of life, running at a slower speed, with smaller playing surfaces, simulating their own universe and its physical laws. They would know essentially everything there is to know about themselves in low-level physical terms; they would have the recipe for their own creation. They might ask the question that we just asked: is there an interpretive mechanism that is the substratum for their physical universe? The answer, of course, would be yes, and there is no way they could ever know. (If this analogy seems impossibly far-fetched to you, it may be that you're not a materialist, as.

Applying these rules to every square of the first generation gives the second generation. Applying them to the second gives the third generation, and. Generations are usually calculated by computer, with the playing surface displayed on the computer screen, several generations per second. The game produces amazingly complex and lifelike phenomena, starting from very simple initial patterns. I picture our universe as like this game. The laws of physics are the rules of the game. There was an initial state at the moment of creation of the universe, 10 to 20 billion years ago. It's open to conjecture whether there is an interpretive mechanism for the universe, analogous to the computer and the game-of-life program.

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if i had aladdin's lamp essay

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Are there rules for universe design? Is it difficult to invent a consistent set of laws of physics? It certainly is difficult to envision the effect a change in physics would have on the world around. What we need is a way to simulate the universe, another sort of Aladdin's lamp. There is a game called Life, which has simple rules and state yet produces complex and life-like phenomena. A flat playing surface is divided by a grid into small squares, each of which may contain a cell or be empty.


The player selects an initial pattern of cells, the first generation, and the rules take over from there, deriving the second-generation pattern from the first generation. If a square has empty spaces all around, or just one neighbor cell, it will be empty in the new generation. If it has 2 neighbors, it stays as. If it has 3 neighbors, it will contain a cell, even if it was empty in the first generation. If a square has cells in 4 or more neighboring squares, it will be empty. These rules may be interpreted in a life-like way: cells die from isolation or overcrowding, cells are born and flourish with moderate population density.

Or material prosperity for all? Or that everyone could lead a full and rich life of the mind and the spirit? It may be overstepping the bounds of politeness to ask so much of the genie of the lamp. My curiosity is such that, given three lamp-wishes, i'd be tempted to spend at least one of them on a physics experiment. What would our world be like if the gravitational constant, which specifies how strongly each bit of matter is attracted to each other, were ten percent less?

Apparently, in this case, our universe would be destined for infinite expansion. Would it be very much different? There are a number of physical constants that seem fine-tuned for life: if they were changed a little either way, life (at least on earth) wouldn't have come about. In my Aladdin's-lamp physics experiments, i wouldn't limit myself to changing constants in existing physical laws. I could enact new laws of physics and repeal old ones. What would it be like if I repealed relativity and quantum mechanics and returned to a universe governed by newton's laws? Would the people be friendlier?

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(And/or all cancers.) An alternative wish would be to essay keep my essay (whole) family heathy. The third wish is a wild card. If the genie wanted to be free or something, i'm totally wishing that. Otherwise, it would have something to do with my friends. Paying their loans or keeping their families healthy. The most incomprehensible thing about this world is that it is comprehensible. — albert Einstein, given three wishes from Aladdin's lamp or some other magical device, the hero always makes a disappointing choice: a pile of gold, a castle, a princess. Why not wish for universal health care (or universal good health)?

if i had aladdin's lamp essay

The first reason I would wish for remote a million dollars, Is so i can buy a machine for my family. The second reason I would wish for a million dollars, Is so i can pay the bills and we won't have to pay the bills anymore. The third reason I would wish for a million dollars, Is so i can buy my mom a mustang. In conclusion, if I had a magic lamp, i would wish for a million dollars. Jason Fuller, the following essay was written by kyra samuel, another student in kozinn's class, for a different assignment. My first time as a clown! Money to pay for college tuition for whole (extended) family and all of our mortgages, with no taxes or questions asked. To cure my aunt's cancer.

Marci kozinn's class. One involved an essay of what they would wish for if they found a magic lamp. If I had a magic lamp, i would rub it and wish for a cat. The first reason I would wish for a cat, Is because my fish died And I don't have a pet. The second reason I would wish for a cat, Is they are nice and furry. The third reason I wish for a cat, Is I like the colors on them and they are soft. In conclusion, If I had a magic lamp I would wish for a cat. Dorothy lejeantus, if I had a magic lamp, i would wish for a million dollars.

In the end, he decided to go to sleep. But in the middle of the night. Daniel suddenly woke up with a start, jumped out of bed and picked up the magic lamp that he had dissertation left on his bedside table. He had thought of something and was very intrigued to know if the magic lamp would grant it But what could this exciting wish be? You will soon find out! Daniel shut his eyes tightly and rubbed the magic lamp three times, then put it on the floor. After a few minutes, his wish still hadnt been granted so he had decided to wait a little longer. He sat in front of the magic lamp, getting more and more impatient.

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Many years ago there was once a wizard who had a very valuable treasure, for it made any dream come true. It was a magic lamp, which had passed from generation to generation until finally it was coming into the hands of the latest descendent, daniel. Daniel was about to turn twelve, and he received the magic lamp as a birthday present from his parents. The instructions were very simple, as his father explained: daniel, the magic lamp will make any wish come true, but it will only grant wishes that are truly good for you. And all you paper need to do is rub the magic lamp several times. That day, daniel did not dare to pick up the magic lamp. He was a little nervous about it, for he still didnt know what to ask or what was truly good for him.

if i had aladdin's lamp essay
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This remote is conveniently. If I give you a 400 page manuscript of an unpublished novel something that I consider to be badly written.

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  2. Aladdin s mother, terrified at the sight of the genie, fainted; when Aladdin, who had seen such a phantom in the cavern, snatched the lamp out of his mother.

  3. He had thought of something and was very intrigued to know if the magic lamp would grant it But what could this exciting wish be? One day, when Aladdin was walking outside the town, an old man came up to him, and looking very hard in his face, said he was his father s brother, and had. When the stranger heard this, he embraced Aladdin saying: my boy i am your. Now this was the magic lamp, which Aladdin had left there, as he could not.

  4. One involved an essay of what they would wish for if they found a magic lamp. If I had a magic lamp, i would rub it and wish for a cat. Aladdin was afraid that if he gave the lamp to the merchant, he wo uld leave him. Aladdin had not told the princess about the magic lamp.

  5. When I was a child I was fascinated with the Aladdin story where he rubs the lamp. But as I got on in years I began to reconsider what I would really wish for. And if a genie ever did pop out of a lamp and offer me three wishes I wanted.

  6. For my papa to finally get a kidney and be off the transplant list. I would wish for there to be one without anyone having to die in order to save. Given three wishes from Aladdin s lamp or some other magical device, the hero. Or what life would be like now if Germany had beat us to the finish line in the.

  7. If I had 3 wishes to ask for, it would be as follows : Strength to accept. I wo uld wish for a lot of Aladdin Lamps then you can think what I might. If I sell them.

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