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The other students (some of whom are from India) ask saroo where he's from and he says Calcutta. All the students are having a good time and then Saroo goes in the kitchen and notes the same "jalebis" he told his brother he wanted at the beginning of the film, which causes him to have a flashback. He becomes upset and when he rejoins the group, he admits he isn't really from Calcutta but had got lost and couldn't remember the village where his family was. He says that he often thinks of his mother, brother, and sister and wishes he could find them. Someone suggests he research how fast trains go and estimate how many hours he was on the train to figure out how many miles he traveled. That can limit the train stations around Calcutta that he searches but someone else notes it would take a lifetime to search all the train stations in India. Another girl tells Saroo about google earth, a new site at the time which allows users to search the world through satellite images.

Saroo now speaks English fluently and has an Australian accent. The family has invited Mantosh (divian Ladwa) to the restaurant but he doesn't show up, which is typical for him. Saroo stops by mantosh's home and tells him not to avoid their parents. They have a brotherly bond despite mantosh being troubled and smoking dope and using drugs. He teases gre Saroo about his upcoming college course in Melbourne on hotel management. Saroo attends that course and notices Lucy (Rooney mara a fellow student from the usa who seems similarly taken with him. She explains, in another class, that she is studying hotel management to provide people with service that makes them happy. Saroo tells the class he's trying to secure a profit for himself and everyone laughs. After class, saroo and Lucy notice each other when they both walk to a party, on opposite sides of the street. She does a silly dance and the two end up arriving to the event together.

plot summary girl on the train

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At dinner, he happily identifies pepper which charms them. Sue gives him a bath and he plays with bath toys for the first time. The three of them play cricket on the nearby beach. Two years go by and now they adopt a second boy from India, named Mantosh. But the young essay Mantosh is very standoffish and requires a lot more patience than Saroo. We now flash forward to 2008, 22 years after the story began. An adult Saroo (dev patel) swims in the ocean and then joins his adopted parents at dinner.

plot summary girl on the train

The girl on the Train (2016 film) - wikipedia

They are not confident he will ever be reunited with his family so a nice australian couple is going to adopt him. Saroo and other children that will be adopted are taught English, focusing on items that they'll encounter at the dinner table. They learn the words fork, spoon, and knife. Saroo cheerfully identifies pepper. He is given a shirt that says tasmania, where he'll be moving to, and is put on an airplane. When he arrives in Australia, he meets his adopted parents, john Brierley (david Wenham) and his wife, sue (Nicole kidman). Saroo is a bit shy at first but very open to living with the Brierleys. He is fascinated by the refrigerator filled with food.

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plot summary girl on the train

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Saroo copies his mannerisms which amuses the man, who goes outside and approaches Saroo. In the next scene, saroo is being questioned by the police after the young man brings him to a local police station. They ask if Saroo knows the name of his village but they don't recognize the name ganestalay. They ask if he knows the name of his mother and he says her name is 'mum'. They can't fathom how far he traveled so they assume he lives near Calcutta despite not speaking the local language. A picture of him is taken and circulated around. Meanwhile, saroo is sent to an orphanage to live with other children.

He attends school on site. One boy is troubled and begins hitting his head against the wall and at night, they pull him from his bed and punish him outside, while the rest are supposed to be sleeping. To comfort themselves, all the children begin singing a song to themselves. Skipping forward a few months later, it is March 1987. A social worker named wallpaper Mrs. Sood comes to the orphanage and tells Saroo they've circulated his photo in the calcutta newspapers which reaches 15 million people, but no one has been able to identify him. (They don't realize he's so far from home).

A woman named noor sees him and quickly learns he doesn't speak bengali but Hindi, which she speaks as her second language. She takes him to her home and gives him some food and some soda pop, which he's seemingly never had before. He goes to bed and she tells him a friend named Rawa wants to meet him. Rawa visits and he cuddles next to saroo, telling him hes going to take him to some friends. Before he exits, he asks Saroo to stand up and looks him over.

He tells noor that Saroo is the exact type of boy that they are looking for. The next morning, noor tries to feed Saroo again but he no longer trusts her (it is implied that noor and her accomplice plan to sell Saroo into sexual slavery). He runs out of her home before rawa can return to claim him. Saroo continues to wander the streets of Calcutta. He finds a large spoon in a pile of debris and keeps. Saroo sits across from a café where a young man can be seen through the window, eating soup.

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Saroo is swarmed by people boarding the train as he steps off and calls out for his brother. He waits in line to speak to the sales agents report at the ticket booths, telling them he is trying to get back to ganestalay. They don't know where that is and they only speak bengali so saroo is pushed out of line by the other passengers. Now stranded in Calcutta, saroo tries to sleep in the train station tunnel with some other homeless report children. But in the middle of the night, officers come and chase them. Only saroo escapes because he's small enough to fit through a gap in the gate. He wanders through the city, alone, with a piece of cardboard to sleep.

plot summary girl on the train

Saroo walks the train yard calling out for his brother. He looks around a train. The next morning, we see saroo has crawled onto the train and fallen asleep. It barrels through India. He calls out for Guddu, assuming he must be on the train, but no one is there with him. Saroo quickly learns there are bars on the window and no way to exit in the compartment he's. The train passes through a city and he screams at someone to help him get thesis out; an Indian child just stares at him, unmoving. An announcement is made at train stations that the train is out of operation and not carrying passengers so the train will not stop. When the train finally does stop, it's in calcutta, 1600 kilometers (1,000 miles) away from Saroo's home.

the next city. They get to the nearby train station late at night, which becomes vacant after the last train of the night arrives. Saroo says he's tired and wants to sleep so he lays down on a bench. Guddu comments that Saroo is too young to be able to endure night work and he shouldn't have brought him. He tells Saroo he's going to check on the work site and says he'll be back for him. Guddu steps down into the now empty train tracks, with a giant water tower in the distance, while saroo goes back to sleep. When he wakes up, his brother isn't there.

At the moment, they are only able to get some milk and some money. They return to their village and find their little sister, Shekila and their mother Kamla. Kamla asks where they got the milk. They don't give her an answer. The next day, kamla leaves to collect rocks which she does for a living. Guddu is going to leave for a week to help lift bales of hay strange and Saroo asks him to take him along. Guddu first points out that Saroo has to stay with Shekila but he tells her their mom will be with her.

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We see various shots of a city in Central India. Five-year-old Saroo (Sunny pawar) is standing on top of a hilltop, looking at a swarm of butterflies. His older 11-year-old brother, guddu, encourages him to come along. Guddu sneaks on top of a coal train and steals coal. An officer yells at them and Saroo jumps off, after the train goes through a tunnel. Guddu applauds Saroo's leap. Saroo and Guddu go into the village to sell the coal. We report are told it is khandwa village in the year 1986. Saroo sees Indian sweet delicacy "jalebi" for sale and notes that he wants some; Guddu tells him he will have some someday.

plot summary girl on the train
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  1. Some time later, the girl is on the train and the door closes right before a man tries to board. The girl on the Train - commuter Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) catches daily glimpses of a seemingly perfect couple, scott and Megan. The girl on the Train : a novel by paula hawkins summary analysis This is a summary analysis of The girl on the Train.

  2. The girl on the Train (2016) Poster Plot Summary trailers. suggests he research how fast trains go and estimate how many hours he was on the train to figure out how many miles he traveled. The crew rests for the night on the snow-covered planet Vandor before their upcoming job. one telling the truth as opposed by lucinda, by accurately predicting exactly how the mark and Lucinda met, by 'accident' on the train.

  3. being hit on by another girl at the party, but it's clear he likes Katie, and they dance, and eventually, he invites her to go for. His Girl Friday (1940) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. and getting on the train with his check; she won't give him the. The girl on the Train (2016) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more.

  4. The, girl on the, train (2016) on, imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more. Murder on the, orient Express (2017) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Arthur befriends daily on the train and the man offers a ride to him to the gifford Arms inn. The girl on the Train is the story of Rachel Watson's life post-divorce.

  5. Vše potřebné pro ploty všech druhů. The, girl on the, train (2016) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. at first of the, girl 's presence on the train but after a few seconds of staring he seems to realise whom it is he sees from behind. Title: The, girl on the, train (2016) and the plot was nicely done, what made me like this book is Emily Blunt and her astonishing.

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