Professional summary of a resume

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Nurse Practitioner Resume, resume search. Aviation Jobs, by Chris vika and Jen Meli. Download Sample resume, download Sample resume, having a strong resume is the key to getting the job you want. Remember that the person who receives your resume will only look at it for an average of 15 seconds. It is therefore very important that you are able to emphasize the skills that make you stand out from your peers. A resume is a summary of your experience and qualifications. Your resume cannot be strong without the proper qualifications. At the same time your qualifications cannot be strong without a proper resume.

Resume search: Resume resume samples » Nurse Practitioner Resume, this nurse practitioner resume catches attention primarily for its neat and professional essay presentation. This resume talks of the career of kaitlynn. The resume begins with a summary of qualifications of kaitlynn. This section is for all the readers who wish to get a general idea about the candidate's career. Below this summary, we find details report about the qualifications, licensures and certifications of the candidate. These details sufficiently prove the knowledge and abilities of kaitlynn. Next, find a list of the areas of expertise of the candidate in various nursing capacities. The recent and relevant experience is explained in detail whereas the past experiences are listed later as additional experiences. The resume ends with the details of the professional affiliations of the candidate with various medical organizations. Job seekers are free to represent their career information in similar methods as represented in this resume template and strengthen their job application. Nurse Practitioner Resume sample, nurse Practitioner Resume.

professional summary of a resume

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Neat, well-organized, and evernote easy to read. Consistent in formatting, font, and content. Checked for proper grammar and punctuation. Appealing to the eye, printed on quality, neutral-colored paper, uses strong action verbs and power words. Free of spelling errors, updated and current, avoids high school information (after your first year in college). Avoids Duties included and Responsible for. Uses numbers, such as percentages or amounts of money. Has been proofread by at least 3 people (one of them should be your Career Consultant!). Avoids personal pronouns like i.

professional summary of a resume

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Overall all classes taken anywhere. Major classes within your college. Include gpa if it is over.0. Experience, this can include work experience, internship experience, leadership experience, etc. Start pdf all sentences with strong action verbs (A list is available later in this section). Use numbers, percentages, and amounts of money to describe job duties. Go beyond the job description—what made you stand out? Include experiences that line up with the skills and abilities desired in the job description. Resume Checklist, one page in length, tailored to the position for which you are applying.

An objective statement is most effective if it provides clarification for the reader. For example, if you have a broad major (such as sociology or management you are seeking an internship, or you are seeking a position that is not closely related to your major, you may consider using an objective. A good objective statement answers the following: What type of positions you are seeking (internship or entry-level). What type of company/industry/job you are seeking (human resources, operational management, sales). What qualities you bring to the job (your strengths). Education, make sure you know the official name of your degree! The full title of all degrees can be found. Cumulative classes taken at uga.

Summary, statement (Examples Included)

professional summary of a resume

Professional, summary for Receptionist, resume

All of the experiences that you have had in college are important. These include part-time jobs, student organizations, leadership experience, relevant class projects, and more! Make it your own. There is no exact formula for resume the perfect resume—include sections that highlight your individual experience. Put the most relevant and recent information first. Personal Information, you want to present a professional image. Email addresses such as or may have personal meaning to you, but to employers, they represent someone who lacks professionalism.

The phone number is another chance to present a professional image. Make sure that the greeting on your cell phone is professional and business-like. If you provide a home phone and have roommates, make sure that you have a system for getting your messages. Do not include information such as marriage status, gender, etc. If you only have one address, there is no need for both the present and permanent to be listed.

Resume guidelines, general Tips, highlight skills, achievements, and what you learned. Do not create a duty list (Example: mopped floors). Use this space to discuss things that are relevant to the job. Keep it to one page. In most cases, your resume should not exceed one page in length.

Exceptions are if you are applying for a teaching position, have a masters degree, or at least 10 years of full-time experience. Only use one font type and size. Except for your name (16-18pt. Font font size should be 10-12 point and easy to read. Margins should be between.5 in—1. Make things stand out by using bold, italics, all caps or small caps, and underlining. Print your final version on quality white or ivory paper.

How to Write a, professional, summary on a, resume?

What Is a resume? A resume is a tailored document highlighting a persons education, work experience, and skills. It is a summary of qualifications for a job, internship, scholarship, or other opportunity, and should be considered a marketing tool! The top half of your resume could either make or break you. By the time recruiters have read the first few lines, you have either caught their essay interest, or your resume has failed. Please note: If you are applying for positions with the federal government, a federal resume uses the same information from a typical resume, but goes into more depth about your skills, past duties and accomplishments. For more detailed information on writing a federal resume, check out the. Uga federal Resume guide.

professional summary of a resume

Trained new employees and monitored their performance during probationary period. Education, certificate: Welding and Blueprint reading, minneapolis Community industrial and Technical College minneapolis,. Diploma: Central High School saint paul,. Source: Creative job search, a publication of the minnesota department of Employment and Economic development. Your resume will be quickly scanned, rather than read. Ten to 20 seconds is all the time you have to persuade a prospective employer to keep reading. A quick screening of your resume should impress the reader and convince him or her of your qualifications and hopefully result in an interview!

of forklifts. . skilled in the use of a variety of power tools and metal fabrication equipment including: drills, drill press, edge planer, end mill, benders, power saws, sanders, and grinders. Performed general maintenance on welding equipment and production machinery. . maintained high production levels through onsite machine repairs and preventive maintenance. Building maintenance—, acquired experience in general construction including basic electrical repairs, carpentry, concrete, glass, spray and roller painting, plumbing, patching, and sheetrock. Summary of experience, lead Welder, maintained strict performance, quality, and production standards.

Cv and Resume Writing Aids, a good resume is the doorway to a potential job, and regardless of how high the skill set or proficient the applicant, a resume that is not well-presented can cost one an interview opportunity. For candidates who are good at what they do but not great at presenting their skills well, there are professional resume writers, several websites and books that can help create custom-resumes tailored to suit the potential job. References, share this comparison: If you read this far, you should follow us: "cv vs gpa Resume.". You may download and save the following resume sample (doc, 42 KB). Charles Lopez 1234 Circle Drive, minneapolis, minnesota 55404 (612) 555-5555, objective, dependable, enthusiastic worker with more than 10 years of experience seeking a welding or building maintenance position. . Self-starter, dedicated to achieving high-quality results. Welding—, developed extensive experience in a wide variety of welding styles and positions including: mig, tig, arc, heliarc, oxyacetylene, air arc. Cutting and gouging, automatic seam, plasma cutting, underwater.

The Art of Writing a great

Content, a essay resume is more focused on previous relevant work experience - employment history and key achievements in prior jobs. A cv, on the other hand, includes a summary of academic background as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details. Both cv and resume include the person's name, contact information, education, work experience and relevant work-related skills. Length, a resume is typically shorter than a cv - it is one or at most two pages long and needs to be concise enough to highlight the key aspects of your career. A curriculum vitae is longer since it has more information. But nowadays, unless it's the norm in a specific country or a specific requirement for a job, cvs longer than two pages are also being frowned upon. When to use a. A cv is used primarily when applying for international, academic, education, scientific or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants. For most other jobs, a resume is the convention.

professional summary of a resume
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  1. Your cv is the summary of your professional life. It is not appropriate for a professional document.

  2. Free sample nurse practitioner resume picture to create your own nurse practitioner resume. This nurse practitioner resume catches attention primarily for its neat and professional presentation. For candidates who are good at what they do but not great at presenting their skills well, there are professional resume writers, several websites and books that can help create. Position Desired: Cashier, cover Letter: Angelica laury 14330 Cerise ave hawthrone ca 90250 M: Professional Summary Especially committed to a child s moral development.

  3. A sample to use when writing a functional resume. Six steps to a resume that will showcase how good you really are. With these basic concepts in mind, let s summarize several other elements that your contemporary resume must include.

  4. If you still cannot fit everything - see if there is anything you can exclude from your resume. It is possible that you may have to develop several versions of your resume for an effective, targeted job search. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about developing your resume! You may download and save the following resume sample (doc, 42 KB).

  5. When it comes to creating a resume that gets results, these tips can help you be your own best customer service provider.considered for the best opportunities, pay your resume. For more detailed information on writing a fedral resume, check out the uga federal. There is no exact formula for the perfect resume —include sections that highlight your individual experience. A resume should only be one page long, so it is important that you include only the most appropriate information.

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