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Khorsun ( core-2300 ) The second evaluation of substring would throw an unexpected arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation error. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2289 ) The wrong name was being reported for the referenced primary key when a foreign key violation occurred during foreign key creation. Khorsun (core-2242) The engine was incorrectly populating integer containers in the blob parameter buffer (BPB) with integers in machine-local format, causing errors on Big Endian platforms. Peshkov (core-2241) If an alter table alter column. Operation was performed on a table in the course of a bulk insert operation, minor index corruption could occur causing subsequent queries to return the wrong number of records. The bug was traced to legacy code in btrcompress_root.

Peshkov ( core-1971 ) Set the fixed and documented evaluation order (always left to right) for the where clause and other predicates. Yemanov ( core-1346 ) lpad and rpad functions hit implementation restrictions when applied to more than one column in a statement. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2356 ) On Windows the listener process of Classic Server was unable to create tense the necessary resources after restart if any worker process was present. Khorsun ( core-2355 ) Incorrect handling of lower/upper when result string shrinks in terms of byte length. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2351 ) It was not possible to create a database whose file specification was an alias, even though the alias existed. Peshkov ( core-2349 ) The Invalid sqlda error was being falsely thrown. Khorsun ( core-2348 ) More database corruption problems showed up resulting from transaction numbers overflowing 32-bit signed integer. Khorsun ( core-2340 ) Bugcheck 258 (page slot not empty) could occur under high concurrent load. Khorsun ( core-2320 ) A complex recursive query did not always return all rows. Khorsun ( core-2313 ) inf functions could invalidate the whole output buffer with isc_info_truncated at the beginning, due to a boundary condition. Valderrama ( core-2311 ) a with recursive query could cause memory leakage.

sigint resume

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Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2416 ) Preparing a query with aggregation over a derived table would cause an access violation. Khorsun ( core-2411 ) The optimizer would choose a slower plan for certain types report of query than it would in versions.0.4 and.1.1. (The bug affected versions.0.5 and.1.2 as well.) fixed. Yemanov ( core-2397 ) Dropping more than one index on a table within the same transaction could cause corruption. Khorsun ( core-2359 ) Logical multibyte maximum string length was not respected when assigning numbers. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2331 ) alter domain would result in an invalid rdbfield_SUB_type value being stored. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2272 ) The server would start returning garbage when killing an events connection attempt.

sigint resume

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Valderrama ( core-2501 ) Binary shift functions would give wrong results with negative shift values. Valderrama ( core-2499 ) The implementation limit of distinct items was not being enforced, causing incorrect blr to be generated. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2482 ) Monitoring tables data collection was unstable when the database was accepting attachments or detachments. Peshkov ( core-2475 ) External table data was not visible to Classic sessions other than the first to access the table. Khorsun ( core-2449 ) An unexpected lock conflict error could be thrown in lieu of the expected exception. Yemanov ( core-2444 ) The engine could hang when multiple attachments registered way their interest in events simultaneously and free space in the events table became exhausted. Khorsun ( core-2426 ) alter table was not respecting collations.

Sibiryakov ( core-1781 ) The engine would throw a consistency check error when a subquery was ordered by an aggregate function from another context. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2564 ) Bus errors would be thrown when working with the monitoring tables on risc machines. Peshkov ( core-2550 ) Bus errors would be thrown when working with DB_key on big-Endian machines. Peshkov ( core-2538 ) psql would not allow use of a singleton query result as an input parameter to a stored procedure if the procedure was called using execute procedure. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2532 ) Volume sizes in a multi-volume database were being assigned incorrectly. Khorsun ( core-2526 ) The server could be shut down without regard to connections to services. Yemanov ( core-2505 ) built-in trigonometric functions could produce nan and Infinity.

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sigint resume

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Valderrama ( core-2578 ) Selecting rdbdbkey from a view with more than one table joined would return a conversion error. Dos Santos Fernandes, a peshkov ( core-2514 ) An error concerning CreateFile was essay being reported when space on the your 'temp' drive was insufficient. Yemanov ( core-2422 and core-2321 ) The server was not switching between multiple locations configured in TempDirectories. Instead, the sorting would fail when the first configured temporary directory had insufficient free space. Typically, the user would see a sorted or other query that required a large amount of temp space fail with an error like 'operating system directive write failed.

Invalid argument.' fixed. Yemanov ( core-2315 ) Firebird float support did not conform to the original InterBase specification. According to the ib documentation, a float value should have a range from.175E-38.402E38. Cross-platform tests proved that the largest value that would not overflow was.4E38. Oliver ( core-1991 ) When a udf was declared with blob parameters, the engine was storing null in This was causing a run-time 'message length error'.

Yemanov ( core-2640 ) Under some conditions, the lock manager could fail to detect a regular deadlock and cause the server to hang. Yemanov ( core-2635 ) a unique index could be corrupted at level 1 if it contained a lot of null keys. Khorsun ( core-2632 ) Unexpected Invalid blob id errors could occur when working with the monitoring tables. Khorsun ( core-2616 ) Error page n is of wrong type (expected 7, found 5) could occur under load, giving the impression that something had corrupted the database. On restart, there would be no evidence of corruption. Khorsun ( core-2608 ) On latter versions of Windows (64-bit xp or later, 32-bit Vista or later when Firebird is working with large databases, the operating system dedicates all ram to the filesystem cache and stops responding.

Windows may also crash. It is a documented issue. For Firebird, it has been addressed by implementing a new parameter, fileSystemCachesize in nf to control the amount of ram used for filesystem caching. Samofatov ( core-2602 ) Attachments using character set none could fail to read from the monitoring tables. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2591 ) High mutex wait ratio and degraded performance would start to show up after a period of normal performance. Yemanov ( core-2581 and core-2582 ) Infinity and nan results from any expressions, including internal and external function calls, were not trapped by the engine as exceptions in some circumstances.

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Its surplus bytes were causing an immediate transliteration error instead of being deferred for inclusion in the subsequent chunk, as they should have been. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2783 ) mba An access violation would occur when a recursive query was used as a subquery in the select list and its result was specified as an order by criterion. Khorsun ( core-2730 ) A bus error could occur when working with DB_key on risc machines: when casting from a literal (which has no alignment requirements) to db_key, alignment is necessary at the qword boundary and should have been enforced. Peshkov ( core-2722 ) Storage of a malformed blob was being allowed when copying from a blob with none/octets character set. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2660 ) count would incorrectly return 0 when a match was not found for an outer join condition. Now it correctly returns null. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2659 ) The query plan for an outer join involving complex views could be sub-optimal, by not making use of an available index.

sigint resume

Yemanov ( core-2826 ) join condition would fail for utf-8 databases. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-1089 ) Selecting from a view that used distinct and left join returned records in the wrong order if the order by clause did not include columns from the right-side (non-mandatory) table. Yemanov ( core-195 ) Regression of an old bug, previously fixed.1.5.1, whereby a bugcheck 291 (cannnot find back record version) would occur when updating the same record that had already fired an action in a before update trigger. The regression that was reintroduced.2.0 was less destructive, insofar as it affected only the record that was physically first in the table. Peshkov ( core-2822 ) The error no current row for fetch operation was being thrown when a subquery included a non-trivial derived table. Yemanov ( core-2820 ) queries with plan order were exhibiting small memory leaks as a side effect of an earlier, major fix. Khorsun ( core-2815 ) Tidy-up of a logic condition that could cause the page inventory page to be marked for change after it was already changed. Khorsun ( core-2785 ) An improperly handled blob transliteration problem showed up under specific conditions, viz., where an input argument string in single-byte cyrillic text, for storing as comment with an object definition, overstepped the maximum 64 kb size of a non-initial austin blob segment when.

( core-2893 ) An expression within a subquery could be treated as invariant and produce incorrect results. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2879 ) Sweep could raise the error page 0 is of wrong type (expected 6, found 1). Khorsun ( core-2876 ) Unintelligent error handling when using alter database add difference file could cause the engine to get confused about the backup mode of a database. Peshkov ( core-2875 ) Comparing a char column longer than 4096 bytes with a string constant would cause a string right truncation error. Dos Santos Fernandes ( core-2871 ) If a derived table or a view contained both a left/right join and an order by clause and the outer query also contained an order by clause, the outer order by clause would have no effect. Yemanov ( core-2858 ) Memory trashing was possible when raising some exceptions to signal failed security checks. Valderrama ( core-2856 ) A non-null key in a unique index could not be found when the key was removed fixed. Khorsun ( core-2833 ) Changing data that affected an expression index would fail if that data contained references to null date fields.

Khorsun core-2993 on a highly loaded system, the fatal lock manager error Invalid lock id (NNN) could occur pdf while working with monitoring tables. Using a request containing an aggregated distinct could cause regular but random memory access violations. Dos Santos Fernandes core-2977 the server was working incorrectly with indexed fields of type in databases with ods lower than. Khorsun core-2965 the value returned after a subquery involving a predicate was inconsistent with the rules, viz., is meant to count rows affected by an update or delete and should not return non-zero value from subqueries. Yemanov core-2956 problems with requests processing procedure parameters. Khorsun ( core-2943 ) An error would occur during parsing of a recursive query with two recursive parts. Khorsun ( core-2936 ) If two consecutive leaf index pages were removed (garbage collected) from an index simultaneously by two different connections, the linked list of sibling pages could be broken, with the sibling pointer at another index page left pointing to the freed index.

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Core Engine/api core-3034 if a request was cancelled for some review reason, such as database shutdown or by a user request, while inserting key into an expression index, it could lead to bugcheck 300 (can't find shared latch). Khorsun core-3016 on disconnect a fatal lock manager error: invalid lock id (0 errno: 0 could show up in firebird. Khorsun core-3015 various Cannot initialize the shared memory region errors were reported. Khorsun core-3003 new checks for the existence of a suspend statement in a procedure being called via select statement were working properly: if the procedure was called via a select statement and suspend was not present, an error would be thrown,. Is not selectable (it does not contain a suspend statement). However, if the same error condition occurred during a restore, it could cause the restore to fail. Yemanov core-2995 a single error in the status vector was being reported twice.

sigint resume
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Fb_shutrsn_signal, applies only to posix:. Sigint or sigterm signal was caught. Users are expected to use positive values when calling fb_shutdown themselves.

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  2. VShell now performs a normal sigint exit. Get the latest updates concerning def con and the next def con conference! Skip to main content.

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