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Featuring three revolutionary concepts: ice lite composite Exoskeleton, integrated into the In-Molding process, allowing structural performance beyond established standards. With deflectors allowing an "acceleration"of the ventilation. Gel o2 New generation of "morpho gel" pads, allowing the head to stay cool, thanks to the natural capacity of the gel to stay cool when in contact with the head, to dispel the sweat and perfectly fit the shape of the skull. Hcs 20 Internal geometry concept that minimizes at only 20 the head contact with the internal cavity of the helmet, allowing the head to "breathe even when riding at low speed or at complete stop. Full In-Molding Construction, adjustable straps, kevlar, safe-t lite Pro. Rear reflective sticker, buckle side lockable, head Contact Surface:. Weight: 250g / 285g, size: Medium - 54-57cm / Large - 58-61cm. To watch met sine Thesis video click here or for more info, visit:.

So good you're likely to forget you're wearing. The gel tabs inside the for helmet are designed to minimise sweat and direct any nuisance droplets away from your eyes. These are all secured with small pads of Velcro and this could be an issue, as last week i lost the front set of padding (finally found covered with fluff at the bottom of my commuting rucksack) and spent four days developing friction sores. The sine Thesis comes with a 3-year warranty and, although I haven't put it through the ultimate test, as a reformed-bike helmet sceptic I have felt far more comfortable and secure wearing this helmet than any other i've used in the past. It may cost more than my second-hand folding bike, but there is no doubt this an excellent, top-end choice for serious road bikers. Buy from, with the new sine thesis, met is going beyond the established rules and affirms its pure technological supremacy. The new helmet for the cofidis and Liquigas pro teams. We have worked hard to further evolve and and improve our best road helmet. We've gone to the core of the very concept of bicycle road helmet, questioning and scrutinizing it in every detail, striving to avoid prejudices of convention. The result is the most advanced bicycle helmet ever conceived.

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It kind of makes sense. The first thing you notice with the sine Thesis is the superb air-conditioning that it provides. The c hannels in the top of the helmet are designed to direct cool air across your head and inside, met's design team have aimed to minimise the points of contact with your head, by using gel pads to lift the helmet allowing air. There's even a wide exit exhaust at the rear to make sure that the helmet doesn't hinder your aerodynamics. The main structure of the lid is built around dubai an Integrated Composite Exoskeleton (ICE) which is exceptionally light at around 250g for a medium sized model. It is this structure that allows the precise flow of cooling air and on the road it has proved to be very impressive. In fact, it's so good there have even been days over the last few summer months when i've thought about sliding a buff underneath to keep a bit of insulation. I'm going to be using this on a sportive ride in France in a few weeks, where overheating is a real risk and I'm in no doubt that this is going to be a great help. You're able to get a very precise fit with this lid and that along with the kevlar strap makes for excellent riding comfort.

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Recharge, rechargeable via usb micro-b port, cable. Usb micro-b to usb a cable included. Extra features, water resistant, applicable models 2018 range: Grancorso, trenta 3k carbon, Trenta, manta, rivale, roam, lupo, parachute. 2017 range: rivale, manta, lupo, parabellum, parachute. 2016 range: Inferno, rivale, stradivarius, manta, sine Thesis (comes included veleno, lupo, parabellum, parachute. 2015 range: Estro, inferno, stradivarius, sine Thesis, veleno, kaos, parabellum, parachute. As a pathological skinflint I have been wearing this helmet oliver for the last two months totally oblivious to the price tag it commands. So please picture me now with jaw suitably slackened, head twitching like a dim-witted Wimbledon spectator between the helmet in one hand and pricing information in the other. But actually, thinking about.

The lower the hcs, the better the ventilation. As well as gravity, cyclists have to contend with a high level of drag force. Drag slows down any forward movement. The helmet is a key element when considering a cyclists aerodynamics. When moving, a helmet deforms the airflow around it like the wing of an airplane. The shell of the forte has depressions which positively modify drag force and influence the behaviour of the boundary layer (interface between the helmet and the air around it a fundamentally important aspect of fluid mechanics - aerodynamics. This helmet conforms to, or exceeds eu standards only. Buy, met sine Thesis Helmet from Chain reaction Cycles, the worlds Largest Online bike store). Visibility 180 degrees, 500 meters, lED 6 high intensity red led, lumens 25 lumens.

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Positioning them correctly, in other words just under the ears, then blocking them in the chosen position is childs play. Head Contact Surface (hcs 20, cooling Factor (cf 10, certified en 1078. Technologies: mets Air Scale: A real performance indictor of the helmets level of ventilation. When defining ventilation efficiency, a fundamental aspect which directly influences a cyclists performance, most helmet manufacturers simply indicate the number of air intakes for such and such model, implying development that the helmet with the greatest number of air intakes is therefore the best ventilated. However, in reality, this indication alone does not provide any real information about the true capacity of the helmet to keep the head cool. Met, on the other hand, has developed its own protocol to measure the helmets performance in terms of ventilation called Air Scale, which measures two fundamental parameters. The head Contact Surface (HCS) and the cooling Factor (CF).

Cooling Factor (cf the cooling factor is calculated using Fluid Flow Analysis. Through this very high-tech computerized analysis system particle traces are used to visualize and measure the motion of mass-less particles that are placed in a flow field. In our case we measure the velocity and temperature of the air as it goes through the helmet in order to rate each helmet accordingly to its capacity of keeping the head cool. The higher the cooling Factor, the cooler the head. Head Contact Surface (hcs the head Contact Surface indicates in percentage how much of the head is in contact with the helmet. It is easy to understand that where the head is in contact with the helmet there is no room for the air to circulate. The hcs provides a key information to rate a helmet ventilation.

Thanks to the broader and lighter contact area, the pressure on the head is distributed in a homogenous way for added comfort. Reflective rear stickers - being visible is essential to the safety of a cyclist. At night or in tunnels, the reflective sticker placed at the back of the helmet makes the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind. KevlarTM straps - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory. Although improving performance is often at a cost to comfort and vice-versa, this is not the case with our exclusive kevlarTM straps.

Ventilated, with breathability, ever lighter and ultra-resistant they have numerous advantages over traditional straps. Embedded straps - anchoring points which provide dual benefits. In the event of a crash, the tensile stress that the straps place on their anchoring points can be violent. The fact that the sine Thesis Ice lites anchorage points are embedded in the polystyrene and not attached above the shell means that the straps tensile stress is more evenly dissipated. The technical choice to embed the strap anchoring points in the mass creates extra difficulties from a construction perspective, but it improves the aerodynamics of the helmet by leaving the exterior of the shell free from anything which might perturb air flow. Strong-fit lateral dividers - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory. For a helmet to be fully protective it must be adjusted to fit securely. It must also remain secure whilst being used. Met helmets are all fitted with lockable lateral dividers (where the front and back straps meet).

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Gel 02 holds the helmet snugly in place thanks to its natural capacity to adapt its shape to fit the head. With superior hygiene, a much longer lifespan, its thickness remaining stable over time. The gel o2 pads offer so many advantages that they will permanently change your idea of helmet comfort. Instead of absorbing the perspiration, the front pad sends it to the sides of the face and help to keep the head cool, a key factor not only for comfort oliver but also for the cyclists performance. Safe-t smart - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory. Its role is to ensure that the helmet is held firmly on the head. A dial at the back of the helmet for easy one-hand size adjustment. The internal mechanism was designed for precision and reliability. The safe-t smart also includes a vertical adjustment to position precisely essay where the helmet touches the head.

In-mould construction involves fusing together in the same matrix the two parts of the helmet shell (the interior which is generally black or grey polystyrene and the coloured polycarbonate exterior) during the moulding process. This construction technique provides better shock-absorption results than the Twin-Shell at equivalent volume and material density. Thanks to the In-mould Intelligent Fusion process, met goes even further by using different densities of material depending on the characteristics of each model to improve the weight/volume ratio while optimising the shock absorption capacity. Ice lite construction - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory. An exoskeleton of ice lite composite material unifies the three distinct elements which make up the helmets structure. Inspired by animal carapaces, the concept when combined with In-mould construction leads to outstanding structural sale performance. The specific shape of the deflectors (the visible part of the skeleton) directs maximum air flow towards the interior of the shell helping make sine Thesis the most ventilated helmet ever designed according to the german magazine road bike after a comparative performance test. Gel 02 anti-allergenic interior pads - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory. Originating from the medical industry, it is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel.

latest tri kit, head to our. Dont bother looking for an equivalent to sine-Thesis on the market, there isnt one. For the simple reason that only met is able to build such a complex shell. Assembling the exoskeleton in the matrix before the shell moulding process requires 14 different operations carried out by experts. It is a daring innovation worthy of a jules Verne novel transformed into a very real product by our technical wizardry. Read review of this product! Features: In-mould Intelligent Fusion construction - exclusive technology developed by engineers in our Research and development laboratory.

Comfort wasnt great we found we would often catch even short hair in the rear cradle when putting the helmet on, and the silicone brow pad does leave parallel lines on your forehead. It didnt tree feel very comfortable on the bike either, there a few unwelcome internal edges, which were hard to ignore. This article was originally published. Cycling Plus magazine, available on, apple newsstand and, zinio. Take a look inside the sine Thesis and you can see that Met have tried to do something a little different there are gel pads on the various contact points instead of fabric padding. . Its a nice idea, but we found that it gives a slightly harder feel internally, especially on the top of the head, which took a bit of getting used. However, the gel pad on the forehead is really nice and doesnt absorb sweat, which makes it very comfortable on long rides. It does size up small we tested the sine Thesis in l, which meant that it came in at a hefty 290g.

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Met was an early exponent of in-moulding for the outer shell of helmets, and this continues under much of the lower edge of the sine Thesis, although some parts still lack complete protection. Long vents and angular styling with bold colours are unmistakeably Italian. Those long large vents force a lot of air through the helmet, cooling superbly via the deep internal channels. Theres lots of options for sunglass storage when climbing too. The snug overall fit is helped by the minimal silicone pads, but there is one hard rear section behind one of the pads, which rubbed against our head and really wasnt comfortable for testers with larger, more-rounded heads. The large silicone brow pad presses evenly against the skin though, and doesnt heat up as much as a normal pad. The rear cradle has four height adjustment stops and fits quite low, with a rotary dial to adjust the size, which is simple to use, even on the move. The ventilated straps keep the helmets overall weight down, but they unfortunately exit interests the rim of the helmet at the temple at an angle that forces them to twist, and present much of their profile to the wind.

sine thesis helmet
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  4. Buy your met sine Thesis road Helmet - road Helmets from Wiggle. Free worldwide delivery available. The first thing you notice with the sine Thesis is the superb air-conditioning tha t it provides. The c img_1709 hannels in the top of the helmet are designed.

  5. Met usb led light. Increase your visibility in the dark with the met usb led light. It fits tool-free onto met helmets with Safe-t orbital and Safe-t advanced.

  6. Met sine Thesis Helmet - lowest Prices and free shipping available from The world s largest online bike store - chain reaction Cycles. Met s Sine Thesis bike helmet has innovative features and grea t ventilation, says 220 reviewer mike anderson. Sine-thesis hes / stradivarius hes gel pads.

  7. The sine Thesis is the new top of the range helmet from Italian company met. It s comfortable, well ventilated, and feels very well made,. Met was an early exponent of in-moulding for the outer shell of he lmets, and this continues under much of the lower edge of the sine Thesis.

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