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He pondered this question for several years. Finally in 1905 came the insight that removed the puzzle. It is possible if one gives up the galileian law of addition of relative velocities! A reanalysis of the concept of time showed that the proof of this law depended on the existence of an absolute time, which implies that one can always say whether two events are simultaneous, however far apart. But careful analysis of the concept of simultaneity showed that one must define when two events occurring at some distance from each other are simultaneous. He showed that one could adopt definition that made the velocity of light the same in all inertial frames—but this definition gives a different answer in each inertial frame and results in a new law for addition of relative velocities. Einsteins new definition of frame-dependent time is closely related to lorentzs concept of local time, as Balazs points out Although Lorentz appears to have viewed local time as a mathematical artifice, it represented in embryo a concept of time that Einstein would later justify adopting.

320 the thesis conductor-magnet example suggested to einstein that the relativity principle must be extended from mechanics to electromagnetic theory. He then attempted to reconcile the relativity principle with well-known optical phenomena, in particular the constancy of the velocity of light. Two main alternatives presented themselves: (1) The velocity of light is independent of that of its source, constant relative to the ether; or (2) The velocity of light is constant relative to its source (ballistic theory of light—light behaves like a bullet). Lorentzs version of Maxwells theory, based on the first alternative, was able to explain the result of fizeaus experiment and the phenomenon of aberration, but did not seem to be compatible with the relativity principle— the ether frame of reference is special. So einstein explored the second alternative, where the situation was just the reverse: The relativity principle presented no problem if one assumed that a moving medium dragged the ether along and within. But fizeaus experiment on the velocity of light in moving water, interpreted within the framework of an ether theory, seemed to preclude the idea that ether was totally dragged along by matter. Rather, it confirmed Fresnels formula, which had been developed to account for aberration and predicted a partial dragging of the ether (see stachel, 2005a). Attempts to explain fizeaus experiment using the second alternative led to more and more complications, so einstein returned to the first, but with a crucial difference: he dropped the ether. He realized that the relativity principle then requires the velocity of light to be a universal constant, the same in all inertial frames of reference. But how is this possible?

write about albert einstein

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(Einstein to leon cooper,"d from Stachel, 1986,. 375) Since then the homework formulation of Bells inequality and its experimental testing by Clauser, horne, and Shimony, and by Aspect, have convinced most physicists that quantum entanglement is not the result of an incompleteness due to neglected statistical correlations, as Einstein suggested. Whatever the ultimate fate of contemporary quantum mechanics, entanglement seems destined to remain a fundamental feature of any future physical theory (for a review of this topic, with references to the original literature, see shimony, 2006). Origin of Special Relativity. Balazs points out: by einstein's own testimony the failure of the ether-drift experiments did not play a determinative role in his thinking but merely provided additional evidence in favor of his belief that inasmuch as the phenomena of electrodynamics were relativistic, the theory would have. In fact, the phenomena of the optics of moving bodies also played a major role in the development of his ideas. In 1952 he wrote: my direct path to the special theory of relativity was mainly determined by the conviction that the electromotive force induced in a conductor moving in a magnetic field is nothing other than an electric field. But the result of fizeaus experiment and the phenomenon of aberration also guided me "d from Stachel, 1989,. As Balazs explains (p.

write about albert einstein

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Does it make sense to say that two parts. A and b of a system do exist independently of each other if they are (in ordinary language) located in different parts of space at a certain restaurant time, if there are no considerable interactions between those parts at the considered time? i mean by independent of each other that an action on A has no immediate influence on the part. In this sense i express a principle a) independent existence of the spatially separated. This has to be considered with the other thesis b) the ψ-function is the complete description of the individual physical situation. My thesis is that a) and b) cannot be true together. The majority of quantum theorists discard a) tacitly to be able to conserve b). I, however, have strong confidence in a so i feel compelled to relinquish b).

Actually, einstein believed that, if one adopted the statistical ensemble interpretation of quantum mechanics (which he referred to as the born interpretation, but had actually adumbrated; see stachel, 1986, sections 5 and 7 there was no problem with the theory. For him, the problem came when the theory was applied to an individual system: it was here that the issue arose of completeness of the quantum mechanical description. A careful reading of his comments on this topic (see stachel, 1986) shows that the issue of non-separability was the most fundamental cause of his. As, wolfgang pauli explained: Einstein does not consider the concept of determinism to be as fundamental as it is frequently held. he disputes that he uses as a criterion for the admissibility of a theory the question Is it rigorously deterministic? Max Born,"d from Stachel, 1991,. Once they interact, two quantum systems remain entangled, no matter how far apart in time and space they may have traveled. To einstein, this seemed to contradict his expectation, based on the role of space-time in his relativity theories, that two systems, sufficiently separated in space-time, should not exert any physical influence on each other.

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It was only in 1915 that other considerations led him to attribute momentum to a light quantum (see. 317 and only a decade later, after Boses work (see. 317318) had shown that elementary particles need not be statistically independent, did he describe them as particles (see stachel, 2000). Speaking of Einsteins first paper on mass-energy equivalence, balazs writes: Einstein observed that the exchange of radiation between bodies should involve an exchange of mass; light quanta have mass exactly as do ordinary molecules (p. But in his related derivation of this result, einstein speaks about a light complex, an entirely classical concept, rather than about a light quantum. In his early works, einstein never mixed concepts from his quantum papers with those from his relativity papers. And when, after Boses work, he did attribute corpuscular properties to light quanta, he distinguished clearly between photons (a word he did not use zero rest mass bosons (another word introduced later) whose number need not be conserved; and massive bosons, whose number must.

His prediction of a condensed state for massive bosons (see einstein, 1925 now called a bose-einstein condensate, offered the first theoretical explanation of a transition between two phases of a system. The prediction was spectacularly confirmed some seventy years later, winning its discoverers the 2001 Nobel prize in physics. Discontent, unbehagen with quantum Mechanics. Speaking of Einsteins Discontent with quantum Mechanics, Klein cites (p. 318) its basically statistical nature and presumed incompleteness as the reasons.

Alberts move to berlin in 1914 as a newly-elected member of Prussian Academy of Sciences precipitated a crisis in the marriage and Mileva returned to zurich with their two sons, where she remained for the rest of her life. After Alberts divorce from Mileva and marriage to Elsa in 1919, he continued to have numerous affairs. In Berlin, the women included Betty neumann, his secretary; Tony mendel; and Margarete lebach; after his move to Princeton in 1933 they included Margarita konenkova, a russian citizen living in the. United States who has been accused of being a spy (see pogrebin, 1998, for excerpts from his letters to konenkova after her return to russia in 1945; and Schneir, 1998, for contradictions in the spy story). His last close companion was Princeton librarian Johanna fantova, an old friend from Europe (see calaprice, 2005 for Fantovas diary of her conversations with Einstein).

Einsteins Light quantum Hypothesis. In 1905 Einstein characterized only one of his papers as very revolutionary, the one that deals with radiation and the energetic properties of light. Klein comments: Einstein leaped to the conclusion that the radiation must consist of independent particle of energy (p. 315 but a reading of the 1905 light quantum paper shows that he did not. He characterizes his demonstration that, in a certain limit, black body radiation behaves as if it were composed of energy quanta, as a heuristic viewpoint; and in 1909 warned against just this misunderstanding: In fact, i am not at all of the opinion that light. This would indeed be the most convenient explanation of the wien region of the radiation spectrum. But just the division of a light ray at the surface of a refracting medium completely forbids this outlook. A light ray divides itself, but a light quantum cannot divide without a change of frequency (Einstein. Lorentz, collected Papers, vol.

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But they lived apart until his job at the Swiss Patent Office (19021909) enabled their marriage in 1903. During these years Einstein did much of his research during working hours, and later stated, The work on the final formulation of technical patents was a true blessing and also provided important inspiration for physical ideas (Einstein, 1956,. His first biographer reports: he recognizes a definite connection between the knowledge acquired at the patent office and the theoretical results which, at that same time, improve emerged as examples of the acuteness of his thinking (Moszkowski, 1921,. In 1909 Einstein obtained his first academic post in theoretical physics at the University of Zurich, and his career slowly began to prosper, with successive posts in Prague and the zurich Poly. He drifted away from Marić, later attributing his alienation to her taciturnity, jealousy, and depressive personality. By 1912 he was having an affair with Elsa löwenthal (18761936 his cousin and childhood friend. She was a divorcee living in Berlin with her parents—her father Rudolf had been his fathers chief creditor.

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His sister later married paul (18821952 one of the winteler sons, and he had a brief love affair with their phd daughter Marie (18771957 which she later described as innig deep but durchaus ideal completely ideal. It ended when he moved to zurich in 1896 to attend the zurich Poly (18961900 where he met Mileva marić (18751948 the only other physics student to enter the program for teachers of mathematics and physics. The two began to study physics together and became intensely involved emotionally during their last years at the poly. His letters to her from this period (see einstein, 1992) are the major contemporary source of information on his scientific interests before his first published paper (1901). There is no evidence in his letters or in hers to support claims that she played more than a supporting role in his early research activities (for discussions of their relationship, see stachel, 2002c; Stachel, 1996; and Martinez, 2005 she was the first. After he graduated (she failed the final examinations twice due to poor grades in mathematics they had a daughter out of wedlock, lieserl (b. 1902 whose fate is unknown.

attendant stress on the family contributed to an aversion to commercial activities for profit that ultimately led to his critique of capitalism and espousal of socialism (for Alberts early development, see. The collected Papers, vol. 1, passim; and John Stachel, new Introduction to einstein, 2005). I was also originally supposed to be a technical worker. But the thought of having to expend my inventive power on things, which would only make workaday life more complicated with the goal of dreary oppression by capital, was unbearable to me (translation from Stachel, 2005, new Introduction,. Xxxiii; see einstein, 1949, for his later condemnation of the profit system). The plaster saint image of Einstein, carefully cultivated by his executors, has been shaken by the disclosure of his many love affairs before, during, and after his two marriages. There is now a danger that the myth of the white-haired saint will be replaced by that of a devil incarnate (father of the atom bomb, plagiarist, thief of his wifes ideas but what is starting to emerge is something much more interesting than saint. While a student at the aargau kantonsschule (a realschule, not a gymnasium) in Aarau (18951896 einstein boarded with the family of Jost (Papa, 18461929) Winteler, a teacher at the school and his wife pauline (Momma, 18451906 with whom he developed close and lasting relationships.

The dynamo division alone employed some fifty people. The firm was initially rather successful, and total employment at its height has been estimated at 150200 (for the family business in Munich, see hettler, 1996). But after an acrimonious dispute with its larger German rivals, the firm lost the lighting contract for the city of Munich in 1893. The brothers decided to move to northern Italy, where they had already installed several power plants, and in 1895 they built a large factory in pavia. Their efforts to secure a contract to supply the city with electrical power failed due to various local intrigues, and they again had to liquidate their firm in 1896, losing almost everything in the process (for the Italian firm, see winteler-Einstein, 1924). Uncle jakob went to work for another firm but, despite Alberts warnings, his father opened a small electrical firm in Milan. Albert helped out from time to time during school vacations, but was able to finish his education only with financial help from his mothers mom wealthy family. Prematurely aged by his financial troubles, hermann died in 1902 deeply in debt to rudolf Einstein (18431928 his cousin and brother-in-law. Young Albert had just started work at the Swiss Patent Office and was unable to support his mother or sister Maja (18811951).

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Complete dictionary of Scientific biography, copyright 2008 Charles Scribner's Sons (. Ulm, germany, ;. Princeton, new Jersey, ) physics. For the original article on Einstein see. This essay extends and corrects the original entries by martin. Klein and Nandor. Balazs, drawing on recent work in a variety of areas: experimental tests of general relativity and the role of the cosmological constant; new topics based on recently available information, such as the einstein family business and its influence on young Einstein; his love affairs, first. The einstein brothers Munich electrical engineering firm built and installed dynamos, power plants, and electric lighting systems, largely invented and patented by Alberts uncle jakob (1850 1912 an engineer. The new, enlarged factory, started in 1885 with financial help from his mother paulines (18581920) wealthy father, was managed by his father Hermann japanese (18471902 a businessman.

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