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There are four concentrations: 1) Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies; 2) Literary and Cultural Studies; 3) Technology and Media studies; and 4) Student-created concentration (must be approved by the graduate program director). This program prepares students for academic careers, as well as other careers in which reading and writing figure prominently; the program also helps students professionalize within their current careers. Admission Information Applications are accepted for entrance in fall semester only and must be submitted no later than February. Late applicants not applying for financial assistance may be considered until March 15, but only if openings remain after the first round of decisions. Applications submitted after March 15 will not be considered. Applicants residing in other countries should mail materials well in advance of those dates.

Students choose courses based upon their genre of study, and should consult the graduate program director or their advisor when selecting a schedule. Students must take at least 12 credit hours of engl essay 650 (creative writing workshop most of these in the genre area of concentration, to count toward core requirements for the degree. 12 engl 650 Creative writing engl 660 Craft of Narrative or engl 661 Craft of poetry literature (select four of the following * 12 engl 507 Chaucer's Canterbury tales engl 516 English Renaissance Drama engl 521 British Literature engl 523 The romantic movement in Britain engl 533 Victorian Literature engl 538 The Twentieth-Century British. In creative writing must complete a thesis manuscript of publishable quality in their chosen genre (poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction). Each student will select an advisor from the graduate faculty and work with that advisor and a committee of readers to prepare the manuscript. At the completion of the thesis, students will schedule an oral defense with the advisor and the committee, at which point the thesis will be adjudged as to its readiness for final acceptance, printing, and binding. Doctor of Philosophy - english Delores Phillips, Graduate Program Director The. In English is an innovative program that integrates writing, rhetoric, discourse, technology, literary, and textual studies. Offering opportunities for creative reinterpretation of these fields within the discipline of English, the program emphasizes research that examines texts in a variety of overlapping and sometimes competing language-based worlds. Our focus defending is on how the creation and reception of texts and media are affected by form, purpose, technology of composition, audience, cultural location, social practices, and communities of discourse. . Students may pursue full- or part-time study through a combination of on-campus and distance learning courses.

writing internships london

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P.A., including a minimum of 24 credit hours homework in English with at least a b average. The Graduate record Examination (gre general Test, is required of all applicants. Candidates must also submit writing samples in the genre for which they wish to be considered (candidates should note genre on title page of submission final admission will depend on faculty evaluation of those writing samples. Students who have not completed 24 undergraduate credit hours in English may be admitted provisionally and make up the required undergraduate courses. Requirements Students in the. Program must complete 54 total credit hours (39 hours of required courses and 15 hours of approved electives). In addition, students must also maintain.00 gpa overall, satisfy a mid-program review at the end of the third semester in the program, and complete all work within three years (full-time students) or six years (part-time students).

writing internships london

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Students who fail a movie second time will no longer be eligible to receive the master of Arts degree in applied linguistics from Old Dominion University. One week before the oral examination, students must submit a portfolio that will include all course syllabi, major assigned papers and a reflection about the entire. Master of Fine Arts - creative writing John McManus, Graduate Program Director Website: The master of Fine Arts in creative writing is widely regarded as a terminal degree. It is designed to prepare students for careers as published writers in fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction. A secondary goal is to emphasize not only preparation for college-level teaching (the practical vocational goal of most. Programs in creative writing but also includes preparation of graduates for careers in literary editing and publishing, or as free-lance writers (magazines, newspapers, reviews, and features). Admission Applicants must have completed a bachelors degree from an accredited institution with at least.0.

Exit In order to graduate from the program, students must complete the required course of study for a total of  at least 33 credit hours of course work. . Credit hours with grades below B- and courses taken pass/fail are not included in the 33 credit hour total; complete the language requirement by having 12 credits or the equivalent in a single foreign language; this can be at the undergraduate level; international students may meet the. Curriculum - tesol concentration engl 540 General Linguistics 3 engl 670 Methods and Materials in tesol 3 engl 671 Phonology 3 engl 672 Syntax 3 engl 675 Practicum in tesol 3 engl 679 First and Second Language Acquisition 3 Select three of the following: 9 engl 542 English Grammar engl 543 southern and. Under the guidance of a member of the graduate faculty, a student may earn six hours of credit for a completed approved thesis. Students who write a thesis will defend the thesis early in their final semester and complete their oral exam in a separate examination. Master of Arts - applied Linguistics, Oral Comprehensive examination At the end of the program, all students must complete an oral comprehensive examination that covers each students program of study and, where applicable, the thesis. Students who fail the oral comprehensive examination may take the test one more time in a different semester.

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writing internships london

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The Graduate record Examination (gre general Test, is optional. Applicants must also submit a sample of scholarly writing, statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation. International students must submit scores from the toefl ibt, (88 for regular admission and 80 for provisional admission from the toefl pbt (570 for regular admission and 550 for provisional admission or from ielts academic Module (6.5 or higher sample of scholarly writing, statement. After 12 hours of graduate work, international students must meet the toefl requirement for regular admission if admitted provisionally. Applications submitted after the deadlines may be considered for review but admission is not guaranteed. Degree requirements The.

In Applied Linguistics requires 33 credit hours, and the passing of an oral comprehensive examination, and the completion of a language requirement (12 credits or the equivalent in khan a single foreign language; international students may meet the requirement based on English proficiency as measured. No more than 12 hours may be taken on the 500 level. Courses taken pass/fail are not included in the 33 credit hours. Continuance Students must:. meet all university and program requirements;. maintain.0 grade point average or better;. retake any core course in which grades below for b- are earned.

Portfolios are a collection of individual texts with a meta-narrative that explains the connection between these texts and the portfolios intellectual underpinnings. The entire portfolio should range between 10,000 and 15,000 words. Portfolios can be, but are not limited to, a collection of extensively revised course work, a collection of teaching materials, or a collection of new media texts. Portfolios can be submitted in a notebook or electronically. To help prepare the portfolio, students will be encouraged to take an independent study for up to 3 credits as one of their electives; the students committee chair should direct this independent study.

Rhetoric and Composition Concentration kevin Moberly, coordinator Designed to prepare students to teach and administer writing in language arts, community college, or university contexts, and to prepare students for doctoral work in composition and/or rhetoric. Engl 539 Writing in Digital Spaces 3 engl 664 teaching College composition 3 engl 685 Writing Research 3 Select one of the following: 3 engl 686 Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies engl 760 Classical Rhetoric and Theory building engl 765 Modern Rhetoric and Theory building Select one of the following. Teaching of English Concentration Michelle fowler-Amato, coordinator This concentration requires: engl 600 Introduction to research and Criticism 3 engl 555 The teaching of Composition, Grades 6-12 3 or engl 664 teaching College composition engl 687 Colloquium for teachers of English 3 engl 760 Classical Rhetoric and Theory building. The master of Arts in Applied Linguistics prepares students to pursue advanced graduate study or to teach in colleges, adult education programs, businesses, private schools, or institutions in the. The programs two concentrations are teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (tesol) and Sociolinguistics. Students in the program may also earn a certificate in tesol and/or use appropriate courses in the program as requirements toward obtaining the commonwealth of Virginia endorsement for English as a second Language. Admission Information In addition to general University admission requirements, applicants must have a grade point average.0 or better, and must have taken at least 9 hours of upper-level English, linguistics, or foreign language courses.

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Engl 596, topics in English (when topic is approved by the literature coordinator). Engl 695, topics (when topic is appropriate as approved by the literature coordinator). Engl 790, seminar in Textual Studies (Seminar in Textual Studies when topic is appropriate as approved by the literature coordinator). Engl 791, seminar in Literary Studies (Seminar in Literary Studies when topic is appropriate as approved by the literature coordinator). Engl 795, topics (when topic is appropriate as approved by the literature coordinator). British Literature after 1800 : One course from: 3 engl 523 The romantic movement in Britain engl 533 Victorian Literature engl 538 The Twentieth-Century British novel engl 559 New Literatures in English engl 641 19th Century add British Literature engl 642 Nineteenth-Century British novel engl 645 20th Century British Literature engl 735 Postcolonial Literature. Professional Writing Concentration Julia romberger, coordinator Designed to prepare students to expand and theorize their practices of workplace writing and to prepare students for doctoral work in the field. This concentration requires: engl 539 Writing in Digital Spaces 3 engl 685 Writing Research 3 engl 706 Visual Rhetoric and Document Design 3 engl 715 Professional Writing Theories and Practices 3 Select one of the following: 3 engl 686 Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies engl 760 Classical Rhetoric and Theory. Students choosing the portfolio will propose the scope of their individual projects to the graduate program director and the committee chair.

writing internships london

It also prepares students for advanced literary and cultural studies at the. For students in other programs this concentration offers as well a certificate in Literature, which helps to qualify them for secondary school teaching. Edward Jacobs, coordinator, this concentration requires: engl 600, introduction to research and Criticism. Controlled Electives (18 hours british Literature before 1800: One course from: eid 3, engl 507, chaucer's Canterbury tales, engl 516. English Renaissance Drama, engl 521, british Literature, engl 532. Origins and Early development of the British novel to 1800. Engl 615, shakespeare, engl 632 18th Century British Literature, engl 595. Topics in English (when topic is appropriate as approved by the literature coordinator).

which they intend to graduate, students must contact the graduate program director in English to schedule their comprehensive examination. The oral comprehensive examination covers each students particular program of study. Based on the courses taken by the student, the examination tests the students mastery of materials and concepts, interpretive skills, and ability to make critical distinctions and connections. The examination of a thesis student will also cover the thesis and its related areas. Students who fail the oral comprehensive examination may retake the test only once in a different semester. Students who fail a second time will no longer be eligible to receive the master of Arts in English from Old Dominion University. Literature concentration, this concentration, which offers a comprehensive grounding in literary and cultural studies and critical theory, prepares students for careers in community college and four year university teaching, public media, and a variety of jobs in the public sphere.

All students in the English graduate program must demonstrate a high level of skill in written expression. International students must submit scores from the toefl examination, a sample of scholarly writing, and three twist recommendations, at least one of which evaluates ability in English. For regular admission, students must score 230 on the computer-based toefl (the equivalent of 570 in the older, paper-based score scale or 80 on the toefl ibt). Students may be admitted provisionally with a toefl score of 213 (550 in the paper-based scale but must attain the scores required for regular admission after 12 hours of graduate work. Degree requirements, the master of Arts degree in English requires 30 credit hours and the passing of a comprehensive oral examination. No more than 12 credit hours on the 500 level may be counted toward a degree. An identifiable unifying principle is required for each students program. Master of Arts Thesis Option, the opportunity to undertake a long research project or other appropriate project is available to students in the master of Arts in English. Writing a thesis may be of particular benefit to those who contemplate further graduate work or who have a strong desire to pursue a single topic in great depth.

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Master of Arts - english, drew Lopenzina, graduate Program Director, the master of Arts program in English develops professional competency in literary and textual analysis and in writing. The program offers concentrations in literature, the teaching of English, rhetoric and composition, and professional writing. The program prepares students for further graduate study in English; for professional writing and editing; for teaching in secondary schools and colleges; for further study in such fields as anthropology, law, psychology, and philosophy; for careers in government and industry; and for other professions requiring. The student must initially meet all general University admission requirements. Scores from the Graduate record Examination general test are required. For regular admission, students must generally have at least 24 undergraduate hours in English, or a closely related needed field, with a grade point average.0 or better. However, students applying to the professional writing concentration (see professional writing concentration) may have little or no undergraduate course work relating to English, provided that they have an average.0 or better in their undergraduate major. Students applying to all concentrations must also, in addition to other admissions materials, provide a writing sample, preferably of previous professional or academic work, that demonstrates their preparation for graduate-level writing.

writing internships london
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