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Especially in the first year of operation, owners of bars will need to be managing staff and closing down until 4 or. Every night, and then heading straight back at 11 in the morning. This can take a toll on family life; talk with your family about how owning a bar will affect them. 3, look for a liquor license. Every watering hole depends on being well-stocked with liquor; if you can't sell liquor to your patrons because you don't have a liquor license, your little oasis is going to dry up pretty quickly. Liquor licenses can be prohibitively expensive.

Author dave lavinsky is the cofounder of Growthink, a consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and business owners identify and pursue new opportunities, develop new business plans, raise capital, and build growth strategies. Image: Flickr user Max Sang. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using network our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, starting Off 1, know that being working in the bar business entails stiff competition. You'll be competing with other bars in the area, as well as other entertainment and retail options. It used to be that when people wanted a drink, they had to go to a bar to get. Nowadays, people can easily pick up alcohol at the local corner store or neighborhood grocery store without much hassle. So being in the bar business is no piece of cake. By some estimates, 3 out of 4 bars fail in their first year. 1 2, be prepared for a different sort of work schedule.

growthink business plan

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Fire people when needed. The final technique for motivating your team is to fire people when needed. Underperformers can kill an organization; they can become cancers. When other employees see these individuals getting away with underperformance, then they start to underperform. Therefore, firingas long as you explain to your team why people were firedcan actually motivate your employees. Related: Find more tips to motivate your employees by subscribing to the fast Company newsletter. Excerpted with permission of the publisher, wiley, from Start at the End: How Companies Can Grow Bigger and Faster by reversing Their Business Plan by david lavinsky. Copyright (c) essay 2012 by david lavinsky. This book is available at all bookstores and online booksellers.

growthink business plan

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The easiest way to do this is to set up an initial meeting for the team, refer to them as a team, and give them enough autonomy so they act like a team. Modify your management approach for different types of employees. Great leaders let the employees theyre managing dictate the management approaches they use. Some employees may need or desire more handholding and coaching, whereas others will want or require less. Its important to think about each key employee and determine the best way to lead him or her. Give employees opportunities for personal growth. Because people who get the chance to grow their skills and expertise take more pride in their jobs, you want to encourage will employees in your organization to gain new skills. You can do this in many ways, such as providing on-the-job training and other opportunities to teach your employees new skills.

Employees do not like to be micromanaged. Its therefore important to distinguish the difference between checking in and checking up on your employees. Likewise, when managing, dont dictate every detail of how to complete a project. Remember, employees cant grow and gain new skills if youre telling them exactly what to do for every project they work. They need a sense of autonomy to feel that theyre succeeding. Most projects you complete will require input from several employees within your organization. Encourage these employees to work as a team rather than a collection of individuals to complete these projects.

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growthink business plan

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They come from the people who are manufacturing your products or designing your services, who are interfacing with customers, and who are solving problems summary on a daily basis. As such, innovation must be encouraged. Establish fair company policies that support the companys goals. Developing fair company policies that adequately support the companys goals will motivate your employees even more. For example, you cannot treat attending a seminar as a personal day if you want to encourage continuous learning. Rather, ensure your policies and practices encourage employee feedback, collaboration, decision-making, and. Get ongoing input from employees.

You want to invite your employees to help set goals so that they really buy into them. Seek employee input on key decisions and plans on an ongoing basis. Understand that as the leader, you will make the ultimate decisions and plans. Even if you dont follow your employees advice or take their suggestions verbatim, however, the very act of soliciting their feedback will give you more information and ideas and will make them feel involved. Manage, but dont micromanage.

Asking questions of your team will get them to participate; dictating the answers will cause them to tune out. Provide recognition to worthy employees. Recognition is an amazing motivator. Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton authored a book called. The carrot Principle in which they discuss a study of more than 200,000 employees that they conducted over a 10-year period. The study showed that the most successful managers provided their employees with frequent and effective recognition.

In fact, they found that managers realized significantly better business results when they offered employees recognition in the form of constructive praise rather than monetary rewards. Provide fair compensation and pay for the performance you seek. First, you must pay a wage that employees believe is fair compensation. Second, you must pay for performance whenever possible. This does not mean 100 percent contingent compensation. It means that you set expectations for base pay while also providing bonuses and clearly defining success. This will compel employees to strive to achieve the goals you have outlined. Managers must realize that the vast majority of innovations come from frontline employees.

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You must have faith in them. You cant just say paperless you have faith: you need to write show you do to enhance their confidence in their ability. To achieve this, give your employees some autonomy to make decisions. Let them take ownership of challenging projects and decide how to complete them. Although it can be a challenge for almost any manager, you must let them fail sometimes and not get angry about. Listen to, focus on, and respect your employees needs. Youve likely heard this before, but its worth repeating that in leadership, listening is more important than speaking. I love this": questions unite.

growthink business plan

Give and receive ongoing performance feedback. When things do go wrong, dont blame. You want to replace who questions with how questions. For example, rather than saying, Who screwed this up? Say, how could we improve this process or avoid this in the future? Haveand showfaith and trust in your team. Most humans have relatively fragile self-esteem. If you thesis dont believe your employees can do something, they wont believe they can either, and they wont.

kpi results monthly will allow you to achieve this. Give employees clear job descriptions and accountability. It is critical that you give each of your employees clear job descriptions and accountability. Its not enough to just state each roles responsibilities; rather, you must specify the expected results and tasks. For example, the customer service managers described role might be to handle all inbound customer service calls. Their expected results, however, might be to answer all calls within 15 seconds or less, resulting in 90 percent customer satisfaction in telephone follow-up service. Only by specifying roles and expected results and accountability can you get what you want from each employee.

Twenty nine percent of respondents said that doing something meaningful was the most motivating thing about work. Money motivated 25 percent, and homework recognition 17 percent. Therefore, the number one way to motivate your employees is to make them feel that they are doing something meaningful. Now, if your vision is to alleviate poverty, as kivas is, getting your employees to feel like they are doing something meaningful is pretty easy. This might not seem quite as simple for the typical for-profit company. But this, too, is relatively straightforward. Establishing your companys vision and goalsparticularly involving your employees in creating themwill motivate them to achieve these objectives and help them feel that they are doing something meaningful.

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By dave lavinsky6 minute read, great leaders make all the difference. In business, we see the impact of great leaders such as Tony Hsieh, who took the helm of online shoe retailer m from founder Nick Swinmurn. Under Hsiehs leadership, the company grew from.6 million in sales in 2000 to more than 1 billion in sales in 2009. Through many years of research, trial and error, and working with companies of all sizes in numerous industries, i have identified 16 critical ways to motivate your employees. Learn these techniques and adapt as many as possible in your business. Make employees feel they are doing something meaningful. A recent survey by bnet (which paperless is now part of cbs moneywatch) asked the question, What motivates you at work? The results showed that doing something meaningful is more important than money or recognition to your employees.

growthink business plan
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A reblog on Molly penn, president of Penn Consulting has given us a little insight on strategic management and planning. Hi, this is dave lavinsky, and in this brief presentation, Im going to tell you about the single biggest new development in raising money for your business since 1957.

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  1. Unfortunately, this rarely works. Over the past 15 years, my company, growthink, has developed thousands of business plans for entrepreneurs seeking funding. But i always tell people not to send the plans. Business Plans Writing a business Plan may not be your Idea of Fun, but It Forces you to build These 4 Crucial Habits.

  2. It even includes several examples of how other. Create a high-quality business Plan in 8 hours or less Watch this free video presentation to find out how Please wait up to 10 seconds for the video to load & make sure your sound is turned on! Alphabetized list of free business plan templates to help start a business, service of us small Business Administration & Small Business development Center. Most entrepreneurs think they can get funding simply by sending out their business plan.

  3. Growthinks Ultimate Strategic Plan Template forced us to look at reality, and see some of the potential pitfalls our business faces (even though we didnt want to see them). Do you want customers to pay more each time they buy from you? If so, youre in luck since Growthinks Ultimate marketing Plan Template succinctly describes the core ways you can maximize transaction prices.

  4. Business planning, strategy consulting, and investment banking services. Call to learn how Growthink can help grow your business today. Please click the button below which best describes your situation.

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