Writing about my room

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There is a standard lamp near. I love reading in this comfortable arm-chair. In the left corner of the room there is my desk. There are shelves above the desk. I keep my books, text-books, note-books, cds, dvds there. As for pens, pencils and other necessary things, i keep them in table drawers. On the table there is a computer, a printer and a scanner.

My room is a bedroom and a study at the same time. But it oedipus is a very nice, comfortable and cozy. There isn't much furniture in it, only the things that I burglary need most of all. The furniture is built-in. So it doesnt take much space. There is a small window in my room but it faces the park, so the view is really wonderful! The walls of my room are papered in a white colour and the white and green curtains on the window match the wallpaper perfectly. Besides, there are a lot of flowers in my room. I love taking care of the flowers and water them regularly. On the right there is my bed and a built-in wardrobe. In the right corner there is a comfortable armchair.

writing about my room

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How many resume windows are there in the bedroom? What is on the bedside-table? What colour curtains are there on the window? What room is very cosy? Is there much furniture in the study? What is there in the right-hand corner of the study? What is standing in the left-hand corner? My favourite place in the flat is my room. My room is not very big.

writing about my room

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But the warmest place in our flat is the kitchen, i think - the place where the whole family gathers every evening not only to have supper together, but also to speak and rest. I like the English proverb: "My home is my castle" because my flat is, indeed, my castle. Have you a house or a flat? How many rooms are there in your flat? Has your flat all modern conveniences? What room is the largest in your flat? What is there in the middle of the room? Is there a piano in the living-room? What is there near the tv set?

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writing about my room

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In this room we have a built-in wardrobe with coat-hangers to hang clothes. There is wallpaper a thick carpet on the floor and plain light-brown curtains on the window. The third room is my study. It is not large but very cosy. There isn't much furniture in it, only the most necessary.

It has a writing-table and an armchair before. In the right-hand corner there is a bookcase full of books, magazines and newspapers. A small table with a radio is standing in the left-hand corner. Near it there is a sofa with some cushions. In my opinion, the study is the best room in our flat. My friends used to come to my place to have a chat or to play chess in the evening, and they say my room is very comfortable. I share their opinion.

In the middle of the room we have a square-table with six chairs round. To the right of the dinner-table there is a wall-unit which has several sections: a sideboard, a wardrobe and some shelves. At the opposite wall there is a piano and stool before. Between the two large windows there is a little table with a colour tv set. Near the tv set there are two cosy armchairs.

A small round table, a divan-bed and a standard lamp are in the left-hand corner. This small table is for newspapers and magazines. My father is used to having a rest sitting on this divan-bed reading books, newspapers, magazines or watching. The bedroom is smaller than the living-room and not so light as there is only one window. In this room there are two beds with a bedside-table between them. An alarm-clock and a small lamp are on the table. In the left-hand corner there is a dressing-table with a big mirror.

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We read books in dubai the. We wash face and trunk hands in the. We take off our overcoats in the. We keep old things in the. We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fourth floor. It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water, a lift and a chute to carry rubbish down. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat. The living-room is the largest and most comfortable room in the flat.

writing about my room

Are there two tables in my bedroom? yes, there are. no, there arent. Two tables are in my bedrooms. Read and guess what it is: A place we live in _ A place where we cook food_ A place where we take a a place where we wash the a place where we wash our face and hands_ A place where we can sit. We sleep in the. We watch tv in the. We eat health in the.

is a kitchen and three rooms in our flat. There are three rooms and a kitchen in our flat. (There is no table in my bedroom. yes, there. no, there isnt.

Beside my bed there is a stylish lamp and a comfortable armchair with some stuffed animals. When its rainy weather outside, i like to turn on my lamp, sit in the armchair and read interesting books. As for the desk, it contains numerous drawers where i can keep my pens, pencils, markers, text-books, exercise books, notes, diaries and else. There twist are also some shelves with books in my room. I have a large collection of Russian and English books. There are some posters with my favourite"tions and music bands on the walls. They set a special atmosphere in my room. I like my room a lot.

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The first room is my parents bedroom, the second is a hall for guests, and the third is my bedroom. My favourite room is, of course, my bedroom. I spend most of my time there as its not only a bedroom but also a study. My room is very nice and cozy. I cant say its spacious enough but I have everything I need there. There isnt much furniture, only necessary things. For more mom convenience its built-in. My bed is situated in the left corner of the room, and my desk is in the right.

writing about my room
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It isn't very big. Nevertheless my room was far from the image of my ideal room.

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  1. Fortunately, i have a large amount of living space. I had to live there with another family member (my sister but several years ago she moved to novosibirsk. "my room " - 8th in this writing series - for Upper Elementary and Lower Intermediate Students level: elementary Age: 11-12 Downloads: 855. My favourite room in the house is my bedroom.

  2. The house has seven rooms. In fact, choosing something to write about has been difficult enough, partially because there aren't many things left in my room, and partially because i feel like as the last one, this post should be the most meaningful. I want to tell you something about my room.

  3. We live in a new flat in one of the largest newly built residential areas. We moved into this flat 7 years ago. There is a single-bed, a writing table, a bookcase and a wardrobe in my room. There is a little rug on the floor.

  4. Its probably the favourite room in the house where i live or at least its the place where i spend most of my time. We have three rooms : a large living-room, my parents bedroom and my room. Ive got everything necessary here: a writing table to work at, a sofa to sleep on, a wardrobe for clothes, a wall unit with books and magazines I need, and a number of pictures and posters on the walls. I would like to tell you about my home.

  5. My room is a nice place for both rest and work. Read my model answer. Im going to talk to you about my bedroom.

  6. The room I like best in our flat is mine. I use my room as a study and a bedroom. I like my room very much. When my friends come to visit me, i invite them into my room.

  7. My room is white, with a tv, a radio, a soft cozy bed with pink spreadsheets, messy, and has blue curtains. I could also make up some things, it doesnt really matter. How to write descriptive essay on my bedroom?/?

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