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Proceedings of the 5th Inernational conference of Nigerian Society for experimental biology.28th Feb 3rd March. Bmb  013 pg 95-97. Emmanuel iday, olajide joseph  and Omale james (2007 comparison of Nutritional Profiles of selected avian eggs. T 001 pg 51-53 abstracts hassan. A, elijah., gideon a, omale james, lawal A (2008 Antibacterial activity and Phytochemical properties of Terminalia catappa.28th Annual scientific conference  of Nigerian society of  biochemistry and Molecular biology. Abstract phb-62,pp 102, 24-26 november. Musa Achimugu dickson, omale james, Nwodo. Fred, and Ojogbane Eleojo ( 2008 fungal contamination of Parkia filacoidea (okpehe) and toxicity screening of the crude extracts in albino rats ( Rattus novergicus ).

Eteng, james Omale and Joseph. Olajide (2004 effect of payroll Theobromine on serum total protein, albumin, iron and transferring in albino rats. Omale james (2003 investigations on the effects of dietary fibre present in Ugu (Telfairia occidentalis) and Ugbologi (Besella alba linn) on some nutritional parameters in albino rats. Published contributions to academic conferences (proceedings) daikwo moses Alilu, omale james and Musa Achimugu dickson ( 2008) : Variation in Vitamin C and trace element contents of 3 cultivars of garden eggs. Proceedings of the annual conference of Nigerian Institute of food Science and Technology 13-17 October. Pg 96-97 Ojogbane Eleojo, nwodo ofc, and Omale james (2007 potentials of c yphostem a glaucophilla on cardiovascular oceedings of the 5th Inernational conference of Nigerian Society for experimental game biology.28th Feb 3rd March. . CC001 pp 120 -122. Omale a, omale james, and. E Emurotu ( 2007 a comparison of accumulation of heavy metals in Nymphea lotus from Ankpa and river Benue, nigeria. Proceedings of the 5th Inernational conference of Nigerian Society for experimental biology.28th Feb 3rd March. . Omale james, musa Eleojo b, and Omale Aminu (2007 comparison of cis and trans fatty acids: Effects on serum lipids and lipoproteins in Rattus novergicus.

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B (2006 the influence of antioxidants on selected plasma lipids and lipoprotein profiles in albino report rats. Learned journal of Science, agriculture and Engineering. Vol.1 pp 10-11. F Emmanuel and. K Adekunle ( 2005 total cyanogenic glycosides in some selected root crops. Tech, 12(3) Momoh Sanni,. Alabi and James Omale (2005 Effect of repeated administration of Trona on the activities of glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) of selected rat tissues. Musbau, sanni momoh and Omale james (2005 Acetylsalicylic acid and cellular damage in kidney of metabisulphite treated rats. Animal Research International 2(3 388-392 Eleojo.

awaiting reviewer assignment

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Omale james, daikwo moses Alilu and Musa Achimugu dickson ( 2006 phytochemical characterization and biochemical studies of Cissus multistriata extract administered to rattus novergicus. Animal Research International 3(2)481-484. Omale james, Eleojo. Emmanuel, and Joseph. Olajide ( 2006) : cyanogens cassava food products in gpa Anyigba, kogi State, nigeria. Olajide and James Omale ( 2006 Effects of prolonged chloroquine intake on the activities of phosphatases in rats small intestine tissue. Journal of Applied Sciences 9(3 Omale james,Olajide.

6(4).Omale james and okafor Polycarp Nnacheta (2008 comparative antioxidant capacity, membrane stabilization, polyphenol composition and cytotoxicity of the leaf and stem of Cissus multistriata. African journal of biotechnology. Rabiu aliyu umar, sanusi wara hassan, yusuf saidu, and Omale james (2008 Effect of guanidium hydrochloride on the stability of Horse skeletal muscle gerian journal of basic and Applied Sciences 16(2 134-138. A Umar and James Omale (2008 ) :Preliminary investigation on invivo trypanocidal activity of hydroethanol extracts of Calotropis procera and Parkinsonia aculeta. Nigerian journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 16(2 139-144 Abel. Abu, james Omale, and . Boateng ( 2007) : Production and evaluation of soybean milk. Journal of Applied Sciences 10(1 6738-6744.

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awaiting reviewer assignment

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Asian journal of graduating Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol 2, Issue 3 July-september, 2009 pp 66-73 Omale james and okafor Polycarp Nnacheta (2009 cytotoxicity and antioxidant screening of some selected Nigerian medicinal plants. Asian journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research vol.2 Issue 4 October -december, 2009 pp48-53 Omale james, okafor Polycarp Nnacheta, hassan Sanusi wara and Umar Rabiu aliyu ( 2009 Invitro and invivo studies on the anti-oxidative activities, membrane stabilization and cytotoxicity of water spinach ( Ipomoea. Vol.1,No.3,pp 474482 Olajide. A, omale james and Mohammed. O ( 2009 effects of Administration of Acetylsalicylic acid on Phosphatase enzymes in liver of metabisulphite treated rats. African journal of biochemistry research Vol.

3(4 pp 120-124 Omale james, yahaya afenoko kebiru and okafor Polycarp Nnacheta ( 2009 biological activities of stem and leaf extracts of Ocimum gratissimum. Nigerian journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 17(1)13-18 Omale james, okafor Polycarp Nnacheta and Omede Ameh ( 2008) :Polyphenol contents, cytotoxicity and antioxidant activities of selected Nigerian vegetable foods. International journal of chemical Sciences. 6(4) Omale james, olajide joseph Eniola, and okafor Polycarp Nnacheta (2008 comparative evaluation of antioxidant capacity and cytotoxicity of two nigerian Ocimum species. International journal of Chemical Sciences.

Etc Member, full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International 2003- date publications articles in scientific journals omale  James Etubi Achimugu Friday and Ebiloma godwin Unekwuojo (2011 Antihypertensive effect of Methanol Extract of Napoleona imperialis (p. Beauv) in Adrenaline Induced Hypertensive albino rats. International journal of biochemistry research review. Vol 1 (2) pp 47-57 Omale  James and Omajali jacob B ( 2010 evaluation of bio-safety and antioxidant activity  of the fruit and leaf of Saba florida (Benth) from Ibaji forest. International journal of medicine and medical sciences. Vol 2 (3) pp 100-105 Omale james, okafor  Polycarp nnacheta  and  Ijeh Ifeoma Irene ( 2010 partial purification and antioxidant activity of the partially  purified cissus multistriata leaf extract fractions.

International journal of Pharm Tech Research. 2, no 1,pp 216-221 Omale james and Omajali j b ( 2010 studies on some nutritional characteristics of the fruit and leaf of Saba florida (Benth) from Ibaji forest. International journal of Nutrition and metabolism. Vol 2 (1)pp 011-026 Omale james, okafor Polycarp Nnacheta and Irene Ifeoma Ijeh ( 2010) :Assessment of bioactivity and membrane stabilizing potential of Cissus multistriata fruit extracts. International journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology vol.2 issue 4 pp 774-778 Omale james, okafor Polycarp Nnacheta and Irene Ifeoma Ijeh ( 2009) :Chemical Compositions and Effects of aqueous extract of Cissus multistriata on some  biochemical parameters in albino rats. Vol.1,No.3,pp 509-513 Omale james, okafor Polycarp Nnacheta and Ijeh. I ( 2009 studies on the glyconutrients and antimicrobial efficacy of Cissus multistriata extracts.

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Lecturer i, Kogi State University, Anyigba 2005-date. Senior lecturer, kogi State University, anyigba (Promoted 2007/2008 awaiting council approval) special assignment/community service/membership of professional bodies reviewer for International Research journal dissertation of Agricultural Science, 2010 reviewer for African journal of Pharmacy needed and Pharmacology, 2009 reviewer for African journal of food science, 2009 Member, nigerian. Acting head, department of biochemistry, kogi State University, anyigba 2007. Member of senate, kogi State University, anyigba 2007 Chairman, departmental nuc accreditation committee 2007 Chairman, departmental committee on practical manual production 2008. Music director, Chapel of Restoration. Prayer Secretary, chapel of Restoration. Financial Secretary, chapel of Restoration.

awaiting reviewer assignment

D) in biochemistry : 2009 achievements and activities 25 Publications in peer-reviewed journals 5 published contributions to academic conferences (proceedings) 5 Abstracts msu job experience assistant Principal Education Officer, kano State ministry of Education 1990. Industrial training in the quality assurance laboratory nbc, plc kaduna 1992. Senior Chemistry teacher (nysc government technical college, hadejia. Audit supervisor for Info quest data services, Ibadan 1997. Part-time lecturer, the federal Polytechnic, Idah 2002. Assistant lecturer, kogi State University, Anyigba. Lecturer ii, kogi State University, anyigba.

down Whitmore once and for all. Watch it now, cast, critic reviews for. Give 'em Hell Malone, view All Critic reviews (1 audience reviews for. Give 'em Hell Malone, view All Audience reviews, give 'em Hell Malone. International journal of Pharmaceutical and biological Research - editorial board Member. Surname : omale, other name(s) : James, qualifications : nce, dip. Place of birth : ayeke-ibaji, date of birth : 19th Dec, 1971, sex : Male, nationality : Nigerian, town /State of origin : ayeke/Kogi. Contact Address : Department of biochemistry, faculty of Natural Sciences, kogi State University, Anyigba, tel : /, email : field of interest : Ethnopharmacolgy and Toxicology, academic qualifications obtained with dates. First School leaving Certificate : 1981, west African School Certificate/gce : 1986, nigeria certificate in Education : 1990, bachelor of Science in biochemistry : 1994 Master of Science in biochemistry : 1997 Diploma in Computer Techniques and Application : 1996 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

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Tomatometer, tomatometer Not available. —, tomatometer Not available. —, audience score, average rating:.9/5, user Ratings: 2,029. Critic Consensus: no consensus yet. Movie info, a legendary gunman discovers why sometimes the simplest-sounding missions can also be the most dangerous when he attempts to recover a briefcase containing "the meaning of love" from a five-star hotel. Even reviews the worst criminals tremble with fear upon hearing the name malone (Thomas Jane). If only half of the rumors surrounding the tough-as-nails triggerman are true, then he's still the meanest guy ever to walk these unforgiving streets.

awaiting reviewer assignment
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Yummy list of issues that are waiting for a peer reviewer. Senior lecturer, kogi State University, anyigba (Promoted 2007/2008 awaiting council approval).

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  1. and each newly added paper receives a unique number and a registration paper with the references of the reviewer before being submitted. dozen CDs awaiting my attention, many sent by publicists who likely have long since given up on me some have been waiting for more. he discovers that the man who contracted him for the perilous assignment was none other than powerful local mob boss Whitmore. You can elect to either go ahead and review hard on additional areas or even possess a rest youre awaiting such a very long time!

  2. another, and reviewer for a third) will always have the same user experience in the administrative interface — it will always look the. the same time we witness firsthand, albeit briefly, the devastation of Pipers death which we will return. I can't wait for the next book to come out. sandra labella, amazon reviewer.

  3. Awaiting, reviewer, assignment, awaiting, reviewer, assignment. This new process eliminates the bin time when complete plan submittals sat idle while awaiting assignment to a dsa plan reviewer. Managers can be alerted that a new case is awaiting assignment, prompting them to go in and assign responsibility. christmas party pro legalization essay paper writing sites business dissertation awaiting reviewer assignment my posse dont do homework.

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