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The definition and Purpose of Tax. Types of systems of taxation. The definition of Tax on Profit (TOP). Resident and non-resident taxpayer,. Other key terms,. The scope of the real regime.

Beginning with ms-dos (disk operating system and culminating with Windows 95/98, microsoft has become an integral part of society. Its software not only includes the windows operating systems, but spreadsheets, word-processing programs, databases, and reference works. Microsoft programs run on a great percentage of all the computers in the world. We rely upon them to sort, send, and receive information in school, business, and even our personal lives. The microsoft Network provides online content, and it's Internet Explorer browser battled Netscape's for market share. It also provides free e-mail and other room services. The fact is inevitable; our lives have come to rely upon the computers that we use every day. The article i have chosen talks about the microsoft Corporation monopoly case. The federal appeals court recently overturned the court ordered break up of Microsoft. Next essays Related to profit, got a writing question? Ask our professional writer!

essay on profit

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Through the control of the market, a monopoly restricts production, raises prices above fair market value, and prevents markets from efficient use of resources. This is accomplished towards the goal of maximizing profits. Certain characteristics identify a monopoly. First, no close substitutes in the goods market, such as electricity or local phone access. Secondly, barriers to entry prohibit potential competitors from entering the market, for example, legal trunk barriers, natural barriers, and resources. Thirdly, a monopoly is able to economically manipulate the market with respect to its products, to the intent of prohibiting competition. Since the 1980's, microsoft has held a virtual stronghold on the operating system market.

essay on profit

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Therefore under perfect competition output will always tend towards this long run equilibrium. Long run equilibrium is therefore where ar mr mc ac shut Down point we can find the short run break even price and the short run shut down price by comparing the price with average variable total costs. Profit maximization occurs write where. Since the average total costs (ATC) includes all the relevant opportunity costs, this equilibrium is the short run break even point where normal profits (zero economic profits are being made). As the price falls the firm will carry on producing but be making below normal profit. However, if the price falls below the average variable costs then it will not be worth the firm producing any longer as they will be making a loss larger than their fixed costs. The shut down point therefore comes when average revenue is equal to average variable cost. Free profit Essay, webster's dictionary defines monopoly as "exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action; exclusive possession or control; a commodity controlled by one party." In other words, through a variety of means, a producer may obtain sole or near sole.

At the point known as the long-run competitive equilibrium, each firms profits are exactly enough. Implications in the short run and the long run at the industry level. In the short run each of the firms will increase their labor. Against low-priced, mass-produced brands manufactured by such industry giants as Hershey foods and Borden. This will be where the demand curve for the firm touches the lowest point of its average cost curve. This can be seen in the diagram below. In the long run if the price falls below the average cost of producing the good (P 2 then firms will make a loss and will leave the industry. If firms leave the industry supply will decrease and the price will rise until firms are just making normal profit that is where the demand curve touches the lowest point of the average cost curve.

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essay on profit

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Output the firm is making a profit over the output range 4 to 12 (tr tc). Profits will be maximized where marginal cost equals marginal revenue, this occurs at output. Whilst mr is greater than mc total revenue is increasing at a faster rate than total cost, thus profits will be increasing. After output 9 where marginal cost is greater than marginal revenue, total cost is increasing more quickly than total revenue and therefore profits are paper declining. Profit at the profit maximizing output average cost (which includes normal profit) is below average revenue and therefore the firm is making supernormal profits equal to the shaded area in the diagram.

The firms used short run supply curve will be its (short run) marginal cost curve. A supply curve relates quantity to marginal cost. Long Run Equilibrium of the firm In the long run if typical firms are making economic profits, new firms will be attracted into the industry or existing firms will increase the scale of their operations. The industry supply curve will shift to the right, leading to a fall in price. Supply will go on increasing and price falling until firms are only making normal profits. 2 pages, 941 words, the Essay on Micro Economics Short Run Versus Long Run. And where price equals marginal cost.

According to economists, the dead weight. The short run and the long run. The short run under perfect competition is the period during which there is too little time for new firms to enter the industry. O in the short run the number of firms are fixed. Firms could be making large or small profits, breaking even or making a loss. The long run under perfect competition is the period of time which is long enough for new firms to enter the industry.

O in the long run the level of profit will affect the entry or exit of firms. O normal profit is the level of profit just sufficient to persuade firms to stay in the industry, but not high enough to attract new firms. This level of normal profit will vary from one industry to another. O supernormal profit is any profit above normal profit. If economic profits are being made new firms will be attracted into the industry in the long run. This will have the effect of increasing supply and reducing price and profit for those firms already in the industry. Economic profits will be completed away.

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The structure of a market determines the behaviour dissertation and performance of firms that sell in the market. A real life example could be that fishermen and farmers often operate in perfectly competitive markets. Main theories Assumptions of Perfect Competition o there are many firms each selling an identical product o there are many buyers o there are no restrictions on entry to the industry o firms in the industry have no advantage over potential new entrants o firms. They are price takers. words, the Essay on Besting Market failure with Perfect Competition., on the contrary, essay is the only firm in a particular market. The market price in the industry is determined by the supply and demand for. Demand and supply curves, that is, the quantity produced in a state of perfect competition (Microsoft).

essay on profit

The consumer determines what to produce. An increase in consumer demand will lead to a rise in price and producers will respond to higher price by raising production- to make more profits. Competition between producers determines how to produce- if they portable do not want to produce as cheaply as possible they will go out of business. For whom to produce is decided by prices in factor markets. Some people have high incomes because there skills are scarce and they can afford more resources. Perfect competition (sometimes known as pure competition) is a theoretical type of market structure. It is primarily used as a benchmark in comparison with other market structures.

credit sales are paid for. Managers must be capable to manage the cash flows efficiently so as to be capable to pay the employee salaries and settle other daily or monthly payments on time without depending on the goods sold on credit. Whats more, there is no point in making high profits from credit sale if the company cant uphold itself before the credit sale payments are settled. Business owners should, however, also guarantee there is no excess cash than required. This could be reinvested in the business to obtain more profits for the company. Cash is, therefore, more important of the two. 2 pages, 874 words, the market system determines what, how and for whom goods and services are produced.

Profit making is an important aim towards business evolvement and growth. Without profits, a company may go to a point of stagnation. Moreover, profits assist in ensuring the lasting survival of a company by being capable to meet various expenditures and going smooth during times of economic downturn. Profit is also important in meeting social strange and personal requirements of the trader. It assists the company in offering better services to clients and personnel. Profit also serves as a business success indicator. Conclusion, in conclusion, though the key objective of starting a business is to get profits, its vital to realize that without cash operations are bound to come to the standstill.

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Profit is described as the positive dissimilarity between sales revenues and costs. Profits are assessed after a certain trading time period which could be monthly or yearly review depending on the sort of business and the policies. It should not be lost that the main aim of a business is to make huge profits at the end of trading period. During the trading period it may, however, be acknowledged the business faces hardships in carrying out business transactions due to shortage of cash. Profits are a perfect indicator of business work. It may be so disappointing for a businessman to invest money just to realize losses at the end of the trading period. People wouldnt bother investing in some business, which doesnt yield profits at all.

essay on profit
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  1. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. The Essay on Besting Market failure with Perfect Competition. This level of normal profit will vary from one industry to another. O supernormal profit is any profit above normal profit.

  2. Non Profit Organization Essay organization which means that the organization was not made to gain profit, it was made to help others. Posted on may 4th, 2014, by essay. Profit is described as the positive dissimilarity between sales revenues and costs. This example Profit -Sharing Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

  3. Essay on the determinations of Net Profits. Profit has been defined as the difference between total revenue (value of output) and total cost (value of inputs). Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages.

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