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"Finger pointing isn't suitable for a company trying to operate with minimal it staff says main. "Our backups seldom worked because i simply didn't have six to eight hours to spend on the phone." "All three companies seemed more interested in directing me to a 'self-service web site' for the solution instead of helping me fix the problem he says. "And when it did work correctly, a full backup took more than 72 hours because the tapes were so slow.". After a thirty-day trial, main purchased a unitrend dpu 3000 unit and appropriate licensing for about 25,000. In comparison, veritas software licensing came to almost 40K. Due to the speed gain, he reports that he can now do a full-backup daily instead of monthly.

If you lose the database, you can recover it from the dpu. If a server crashes, it can be fully restored in about 30 minutes. And if there's a site failure (flood, fire, etc. the appliance recovers the data that's needed to be up and presentation running in several hours instead of personal days or weeks. Dpu in Action, jay henges Enterprises, Inc., based in saint louis, missouri, is a privately-owned company with two main divisions: Henges Interiors is the flooring and insulation sub-contractor of choice for all but a few new home builders in the metropolitan saint louis area; Porta-king. Its it environment consists of approximately 110 desktops and 10 servers with a data volume of approximately 800. The diverse nature of the company requires many applications ranging from the windows, linux and unix operating systems to server products such as e-mail, database and file servers. One system administrator, bill main, writes and maintains proprietary applications and looks after the entire site. Before Unitrends, jay henges Enterprises operated Veritas software running on Windows 2000 backing up to an overland tape library. Why did that setup prove inadequate? He tells of an endless merry-go-round with the backup software vendor blaming the tape hardware vendor, who in turn blamed Microsoft and the backup software.

monthly reports for small business

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Whether it is Windows, linux, unix or something else, the os also has to be installed, complete with the passwords, permissions and settings that individualize every company's system. "Restoring one of mom three or two of three, just doesn't cut it, and recovery has to be done within minutes." says Mark Phillippi, director of product management at Columbia, south Carolina-based. "Companies no longer have the luxury of waiting while someone retrieves tapes from an offsite location and then mounts and scans them.". The rapid recovery approach that Unitrends offers small businesses involves backing up multiple servers to an onsite data Protection Unit (dpu an integrated hardware and software appliance that provides disk-to-disk business continuity, data protection and disaster recovery. The entry price is around 8,000. The dpu arrives pre-configured with the company's proprietary bare metal Plus software that provides file-level backup and recovery, which also restores a full operating system along with passwords and permissions. System backups, in the form of snapshots, can be performed as often as desired.

monthly reports for small business

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The smaller hippie players, however, generally try to make do with tape or online backups. But in the event of a disaster, this rarely proves to be enough protection. Whenever servers or sites crash, you need to rapidly recover "the three legs of the stool the application data, the applications themselves and the operating system. If you've taken precautions, chances are you can restore the data from the last backup. But if the entire system has crashed or the servers have been destroyed, the applications have to be loaded from scratch. And so begins a mad scramble to find the cds, contact the vendors and attempt to reassemble. But it also takes more than the applications. They sit on top of an operating system (OS).

The magazine owned by rogers Media, featuring financial news, personal finance advice, small business help, business tips, workplace issues, investors, and more. Related Articles, business continuity is relatively easy for large enterprises. They have the it staff and the deep pockets to be able to spend millions of dollars implementing redundant data centers, instantaneous mirroring of all information and a host of other disaster recovery (DR) technologies. On September 11th, for example, several financial services firms situated in and around the world Trade center didn't lose a single transaction. Many had expensive servers running the. Openvms operating system with identical gear available at a remote data center. As soon as the systems went down, their powerful networks switched to the alternate sites.

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monthly reports for small business

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Reproduction Equipment Supplies, safety supplies, signs, telecommunication Products. Toner Cartridges, services Utilized, business Management Consultant, construction. Courier, court Reporting, data/Voice cabling, document Copying, electrical. Information Technology consultant, legal Support, machine maintenance and Repair media relations Miscellaneous moving Office furniture essay reconfiguration Printing Telecommunication * as needed *certain items Our partners in the delivery of Small Business/dvbe programs within California state essay government California department of General Services If you are. For certification assistance, contact the dgs office of Small Business and dvbe services at (916) 375-4940. California governors Office of Economic development (gobiz) Our partners in the delivery of Small Business/dvbe programs within Federal government. Small Business Administration.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance, the magazine contains articles about investments, insurance, taxes, money management, planning for retirement, home ownership, major purchases including cars and homes and other personal finance topics. Forbes, featuring information on business, economy, financial news, personal financial advice, entrepreneur, financial markets coverage, markets news, financial investments, business, financial market analysis, and stock market analysis. Bloomberg Businessweek, leading business magazine published by Bloomberg. The magazine contains articles about national international business news, small business management, small business financing, business loan, investing, personal finances, stock investing, stock markets, mutual funds, real estate investing, and retirement investing. Money, personal finance magazine published by time Inc covering protecting finances, money management, saving, home improvement, planning for retirement, investment strategies, life insurance and more. Canadian Business, leading business magazine published in Toronto, canada.

we look forward to doing business with you. How to contact the Small Business Advocate/liaison and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (dvbe) Advocate. California department of Business oversight, small Business Advocate/liaison and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (dvbe) Advocate 1515 k street, suite 200, sacramento,. Phone (916) 323-1624, fax (916) 323-0525, small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Advocate. The Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Advocate is responsible for promoting small business and disabled veteran business enterprise contracting within the department and to assist them in the contract and procurement process. Small Business liaison, the Small Business liaison is responsible for receiving and responding to complaints received by the department from small businesses; providing technical advice and assisting small businesses in resolving problems and questions; and reporting small business concerns and recommendations to the commissioner.

For more information visit the, advocate/liaison roles. The regulations coordinator is responsible for coordinating regulations as they relate to and impact small businesses. The regulations coordinator can be reached by calling (916) or e-mailing. The california department of Business oversight purchases the following: goods (Commodities) Purchased, audio-visual Equipment badges computer Equipment. Computer Supplies digital Camera supplies first Aid Kits, office furniture. Office supplies office machines paper, printer Cartridges, publications.

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Sbdcnet National Information summary Clearinghouse, helpful information including a planning checklist, naming your business, business plans and more. The sbdc national Information Clearinghouse is funded by the. Small Business Administration and the University of Texas at San Antonio. Small Business Marketing - wall Street journal. News for small businesses from the wall Street journal. Includes a search engine for business opportunities for sale. The department of Business oversight hopes you find the following information helpful. Small businesses make great partner. .

monthly reports for small business

Jan: Entrepreneurship, from the Office of submit Disability Employment Policy (odep this is a directory of resources for the small business owner. Jan stands for "Job Accommodation Network.". Jim Blasingame: The Small Business Advocate. Host and creator of the Small Business Advocate a weekday radio talk show devoted to small business, jim Blasingame provides fundamentals and inspiration to entrepreneurs on his website as well. Sba learning Center, from the. Small Business Administration (SBA). Over sixty different thirty minute courses on topics in financing, government contracting, business management, marketing, and starting a business.

their yearly publication include Starting a business, getting Credit, Protecting Investors, and paying Taxes. Ecommerce, websites in our Consumer Information guide. Entrepreneurship "The Ewing Marion kauffman foundation and the. Commerce department's International Trade Administration (ITA) have formed a new public-private partnership focused on leveraging best practices in entrepreneurial leadership to advance economic growth around the world.". International Franchise Association, information and links to 1,250 franchises as well as general information about franchising. Govsites: Small Business Resources, a directory of information available from the. How Stuff Works: Starting a business Library. Topics include franchising, venture capital, legal structures, office space, online business, and marketing plans.

The aafd believes balance can be achieved through a review process of education combined with the encouragement and support for trademark specific franchisee associations seeking to achieve total quality Franchise relationships." Topics include market Support, legal and Financial Support, and Legislative support. Business Insights: Essentials (formerly business and Company resource center) Home users: login using your library card barcode number. BusinessDictionary, twenty thousand business terms defined. Business Statistics - m, instant access to useful financial ratios, business statistics and benchmarks. Effective and understandable analysis of businesses and industries. Gov, the official business link to the. Government, is managed by the. Small Business Administration (SBA) in a partnership with 21 other federal agencies. This partnership, known as Business Gateway, is a presidential E-government initiative that provides a single access point to government services and information to help the nation's businesses with their operations.".

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Featured Resources, business Plan Handbooks, available to members of plan Thrall. "For those looking for examples of how to approach, structure and compose their own business plans, the handbooks present sample plans taken from businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service industries. Typical business plans include type of business; statement of purpose; executive summary; business/industry description; market; product and production; management/personnel; and financial specifics. Also featured is a listing of organizations, agencies, and consultants; a glossary of small business terms; and an updated bibliography.". Reference usa, search a database of millions. Businesses (updated monthly) or a residential listing database of over 100 Million. Web Resources, the American Association of Franshises and dealers "The American Association of Franchisees and dealers (aafd) came into existence to provide a counter balance in the franchising industry. The aafd acts to educate the public regarding fair franchise practices, quality franchise opportunities, and to expose the unethical practices that have too long existed in the franchising community.

monthly reports for small business
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Your personal information will not be shared or used for solicitation in any way. Monthly magazine published by consumers Union since 1936. The magazine featuring small business, business news, entrepreneur resources, and more.

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  1. the bureau of Labor Statistics puts out monthly unemployment reports for. If the overall economy is improving in 2011, small business owners aren t feeling. The monthly barometer of economic confidence dropped.5 in March, down from.2 in February. Subscribe to receive reports monthly via email or rss: small, business, report.

  2. Small, business, lending and Hiring.rsquo;s points. Unemployment rate foster claimed: Unemployment in the city. Petersburg is below the state average.

  3. National Federation of Independent. Business (nfib monthly, survey. Uniform Bank performance, reports (ubpr) Recent Financial Regulatory measures and Other Policy Initiatives to Address Problems.

  4. Division of Financial Institutions. Monthly, summary of Pending Applications. Our partners in the delivery. Small, business /dvbe programs within California state government.

  5. While most financial budget processes are completed on an annual basis, tracking budget variances typically is done monthly. A monthly spending variance review helps small businesses understand where money was. Due to the speed gain, he reports that he can now do a full-backup daily instead of monthly. Do you have a comment or question about this article or other small business topics in general?

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